Ohtani Masae – “BANGIN'” Cover Released

24 02 2011

The cover for Ohtani’s Masae’s 3rd single titled BANGIN’ has been released.

Ohtani Masae (or Otani Masae A.K.A HIMAWARI) is doing a great job of keeping a steady stream of single releases and the latest is her 3rd single which has an interesting title “BANGIN'”, which doesn’t suggest any particular type of genre and sounds a bit unique compared to her previous two releases.

The cover features a picture of Masae with a few colorful touches added to her hair, lips, and eyes along with the title of the song, her artist name, and an interesting addition on her teeth “Queen of MUG-ROCK” which sounds pretty impressive and a great sign that Ohtani fans are in for a great single.

I really liked the way the cover looked since it’s colorful, unique, and it seems to have a vintage look to it, and since everyone is already used to Masae’s colored hair it’s not that surprising to see that the cover is as colorful as her other previous covers, which adds a personal touch to it and gives fans a nice way to remember her unique style.

I haven’t heard Masae’s songs but from the covers I am impressed so far since they seem to have a unique theme that sets them apart from others, so I strongly suggest Masae fans get a copy of the single since it seems like a great way to support her.

The release date is set for 4/6.

HMV Page For Ohtani Masae’s 3rd Single




One response

25 02 2011

Not exactly a FAN of her, but that looks amazing.

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