H!P Releases August 10

10 08 2011

A lot of releases today (about 9) so it will be a somewhat longer post with shorter reviews, but nonetheless fans of Buono, Berryz, S/mileage, and HANGRY&ANGRY will be very happy since today there are many releases from them.

Today’s releases include:

  • Berryz Koubou Concert Tour 2011 Spring Berryz Koubou Kessei 7 Shuunen Kinen Concert Tour 2011 Haru ~Shuukan Berryz Times (Blu-ray)
  • Berryz Koubou Aa, Yo ga Akeru (Regular, Limited A, Limited B, Limited C)
  • S/mileage Uchoten LOVE (Single V)
  • Buono! partenza (Mini-album)
  • HANGRY&ANGRY Reconquista (Single)
  • HANGRY&ANGRY LIVE CIRCUIT 2010 “Sadistic Dance” (DVD)

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Updated Tracklist For HANGRY&ANGRY’s “Reconquista” Released

13 07 2011

  1. Reconquista
  2. Renai Revolution 21(H&A NeoAcid Version)
  3. Sadistic Dance (THE LOWBROWS REMIX)
  4. Reconquista (Instrumental)

The official UFA site has posted an updated tracklist for HANGRY&ANGRY’s new single titled Reconquista.

Earlier this month we posted the tracklist for HANGRY&ANGRY’s new single from 7-net, and it seems like it was the basic list since the official release from UFA features many more details, and while there aren’t that many changes I am glad to see that there are a few.

As for new tracks the only addition was the instrumental for Reconquista but the remixes and new versions now have more details, for example the Renia Revolution 21 cover by HANGRY&ANGRY is now titled the H&A NeoAcid Version, which sounds pretty cool but doesn’t really give us an idea about how it will sound.

The main standout seems to be the remix of Sadistic Dance by the electro duo from THE LOWBROWS, and while some fans might not be aware who they are they are a group with a very artistic but rhythmic sound that is certainly unique (I’ve heard them a few times but I’m not that big of a fan), so it will be fun to see how they manage to remix one of HANGRY&ANGRY’s best songs.

For now the tracklist seems perfect since the addition of an instrumental along with more detailed titles for both of the alternate tracks is a perfect way for fans to look forward to a great release, and while we haven’t heard previews for the remixes yet it’s just a matter of time until we do.

The release date is set for 8/10.

Official UFA Profile Page For HANGRY&ANGRY’s New Single

HANGRY&ANGRY – “Reconquista” Tracklist Released

7 07 2011

  1. Reconquista
  2. Renai Revolution 21 (H&A ver.)
  3. Sadistic Dance (Remix ver.)

The tracklist for the CD release of HANGRY&ANGRY’s new single titled Reconquista has been released.

The song has already been released on iTunes along with the PV so info about the CD release was expected to be released soon, and I’m glad to see that it did since the full CD release features a great tracklist with many interesting titles.

Apart from the main track we also get to see yet another cover of an H!P song, this time Renai Revolution 21 and since we already saw The Peace! as an included track in their previous album it will be interesting to see what kind of instrumental the song will have since they did an amazing job with The Peace.

We will also get to see a remix of Sadistic Dance which will most likely be fun to hear since their remixes have been pretty impressive, and since the song already has quite a lot of beat it will be fun to see what kind of other effects they add to the song and how they will arrange it.

Fans who have already bought the main song on iTunes will most likely be very interested in this release so hopefully everyone can reserve their copy as soon as they can, but meanwhile I hope we get to see some previews for the tracks in the following weeks.

The release date is set for 8/10.

7-Net Shopping Page

HANGRY&ANGRY – “Reconquista” PV Released

2 07 2011

The full PV for HANGRY&ANGRY’s new single titled Reconquista has been released.

For the most part HANGRY&ANGRY are known for their heavy rock songs, but this new single seems to lean into the techno rock genre since the guitars are not that heavy and the instrumental has a danceable techno sound, and even though they seemed to have changed their sound a bitI still love the song since it has a catchy rock sound that’s unique to them.

As for the PV it is without a doubt one of the most creative I have seen since it’s full of many different and interesting shots, such as the beginning of the PV which features Yossie and Rika in a net after which we get to see many scenes such as them being held up by red and blue strings as well as the white fence where they both sing with read and blue megaphones covered in “HANGRY&ANGRY”.

The marionette theme they used is pretty unique and one of the main points of the PV, and like their image there are many black and white lights during the scenes which contrast perfectly.

After the bridge of the song we get to see another shot where Yossie and Rika stand underneath white neon lights in complete darkness while the camera circles around them, and to complete the PV we get to see some scissors cut the strings that held them, which go well with the theme of the song since they seem to be “reconquering ” their freedom.

While the song might not be as heavy as many fans would have liked I really enjoyed the song since I really love techno and guitar filled songs, and with a catchy sound as well as Rika and Yossie’s vocals the song is one of the best that I have heard from them.

Hopefully everyone can buy the single on iTunes since it is a great song to add to any Yossie and Rika fan’s collection.

The song is already available on iTunes but there will be a CD release on 8/10.

Video uploaded by: HANGRYANDANGRY

HANGRY&ANGRY – “Reconquista” Details Released

1 07 2011

Details for HANGRY&ANGRY’s single titled Reconquista have been released on the official H&A site.

The site was updated with many details about the single, most notably their new look as well as the cover for their single:

Information about the release was also announced and the single will have two separate release dates: on iTunes in early July and a CD release in August.

Apart from news about the single they also announced the DVD release for their LIVE CIRCUIT 2010 “Sadistic Dance” tour, which will be released on the same date as their single in August.

I expected to see details for their new single sometime soon but I didn’t expect to see so many details just a few hours after the single was announced, and I’m really impressed by many of the details since we got all the information we needed and with a release of their new single being only a few days away I am sure many fans will be really happy.

Their new look is simply amazing since they changed their dark theme for a new brighter white look which most likely reflects their recent label change. The colors for their outfits are the same but they each have a few details which combine with the color of their character, for example Yossie who has a pink collar, laces, bracelet, and cape which make her look really cool.

Rika in contrast has the same gothic lolita theme she had before but with many blue accessories, like her collar, tie, bracelets, and garter and while she might look a bit too serious I really like her look since it mixes well with her character in a cute and serious way.

As for the cover we get to see Yossie and Rika in cool poses with a fence behind them covered in HANGRY&ANGRY dolls, and along with the black and pink punk logo with HANGRY&ANGRY-F the cover is one of the best I have seen from them since the bright white theme looks amazingly good on the outfits and the cover.

The DVD release for their LIVE CIRCUIT 2010 Sadistic Dance performances will be a great way to enjoy performances from their many appearances, and since it will be released on the same day as their single it is the perfect way for fans to enjoy two H&A releases in the same day.

Everything we got to see, from the covers to their bright white outfits looks amazing, so I hope many fans are planning on buying a copy of their single when it will be released since there is less than a week left for the release on iTunes.

Fans worldwide won’t have to wait long to hear their new song, but I hope many of the fans who buy the song on iTunes also buy a copy of the CD release since it will be a great way to support them on their new label.

The release date for the song on iTunes is set for 7/2, the CD release and the DVD for LIVE CIRCUIT will be released on 8/10.

HANGRY&ANGRY Official Site

New HANGRY&ANGRY Single Announced, Titled “Reconquista”

30 06 2011

It was announced today that HANGRY&ANGRY would release a new single titled Reconquista (Eng: Reconquest).

The single will be released under the Universal label instead of the Zetima label and according to fans it seems that HANGRY&ANGRY announced the news for themselves at the Nico Nico Douga booth at Japan Expo.

I’m really glad to see that a new single has been announced since it has been almost a year and a half since they last released their album Sadistic Dance, and with a pretty unique title in Spanish for their new single and a new label it seems that they will come back with a bang which will most likely make fans of the group really happy.

I love their songs so I’m looking forward to finding out how the song will sound since this group has a great theme that many fans love, and despite not having a release date it is great just knowing that they are planning a new release.

I will update with an official confirmation when it is released along with any other details of the single, although for now I’m glad that they will be releasing a new single.

The release date hasn’t been announced.


HANGRY&ANGRY To Appear At Mainichi’s Japan Festa 2011

16 06 2011

HANGRY&ANGRY have been announced to be the guests at this year’s Japan Festa 2011.

The announcement was done after a vote by fans on the official Japan Festa 2011 Facebook page.

After we found out a few days ago about Yaguchi, HANGRY&ANGRY, and Mano possibly attending the event I was very excited since they haven’t had a chance to appear at the event, and while Yaguchi or Mano weren’t selected I am happy to see that HANGRY&ANGRY were since that means that they will be busy for the next few months and fans in Thailand will be able to enjoy their songs.

As for the announcement video, it starts with some short clips from previous Japan Festa events, such as 2009 when Fujimoto was the guest or 2010 when Yossie appeared but after that HANGRY&ANGRY appear and give a short video message to fans, so hopefully everyone can check out the video.

Since HANGRY&ANGRY haven’t appeared at the event (from what I remember) it should be a great opportunity for HANGRY&ANGRY, Yossie, and Rika fans to attend the event and check out their mini live, but so far HANGRY&ANGRY have quite a busy schedule:

  • Japan Expo 2011 in Paris in late June and early July
  • Indonesia’s CLAS:H Cosplay event for late July (confirmed via a Myspace blog post as well as their official site done back in May)
  • Thailand’s Japan Festa 2011 in August

So hopefully fans in those three areas can go check out HANGRY&ANGRY, but for now I hope fans in Thailand are ready for HANGRY&ANGRY since it seems like it will be a great event for everyone.

Japan Festa 2011 will be on 8/27 ~ 28.

Video uploadeed by: mainichiacademic