Dream Morning Musume Concert Tour 2011 Spring PB Cover Released

23 07 2011

The cover for the PB release of Dream Morning Musume’s Concert Tour 2011 Haru no Mai ~Sotsugyousei DE Saikessei~ has been released.

I was a bit surprised to see that the cover for the PB release is a bit similar to the one Momusu will have since apart from the info and the color of the bottom bar they have the exact same layout (most likely because BLT seems to overuse the layout with all of it’s releases): black bar at the top, the color of the letters are the same as the Momusu PB, a bar on the bottom with info about the content, as well as a vertical picture of the concert, but despite that it’s still a great cover.

We get to see all 10 members of Dream Morning Musume posing and singing while in concert, and while the picture could have been a bit better I was impressed with the energy coming from some of the members, mainly Rika, Koha, Yuko, as well as Yaguchi, and while we haven’t seen any previews it seems like this PB will be amazing since the bottom right picture does a good job of showing of the intensity of the event.

We should get previews sometime soon, or if not then there will most likely be a few around the beginning of August, but hopefully fans reserve their copy of the PB since it’s the perfect way to enjoy the concert fully.

The release date is set for 8/3.

BLT Site For Dream Morning Musume’s Concert PB

Rika Ishikawa & Okai Chisato- Official Site Opened For “Tokusou Shirei! Aichi Police”

4 07 2011

The official website for Rika Ishikawa and Okai Chisato’s mini drama titled “Tokusou Shirei! Aichi Police” has been opened.

There’s not much right now on the website, except a photo of Rika, Chisato, another co-star and a doll which is probably part of the show. I believe a summary is available but I can’t translate it so I can’t tell you what the drama is about. However judging from the title and outfits it’s most likely Rika, Chisato and the doll solving a crime/catching a criminal which I’m assuming is the 3rd person in the photo there. The doll reminds me of a comedy for some reason so hopefully there’s some funny moments in there.

The episodes are all 4 minutes long and will air every week starting 7/4

Tokusou Shirei! Aichi Police Website

Ishikawa Rika and Nakazawa Yuko To Appear In A Movie Produced By Tsunku

21 06 2011

Ishikawa Rika will be starring in a movie titled Atsushi Hime Number 1 (Eng: Number 1 Kind Princess).

The movie will be produced by Tsunku, this being his first time producing a movie. Nakazawa Yuko will also appear in the movie as supporting actress.

Tsunku has done practically everything: he voiced an anime character, he’s part of a popular band Sharan Q, he’s the producer for most of H!P and writes most of their singles among many, many other things, but it seems like he can finally add another item to the list: a movie producer, and while it’s not clear whether it will be a DVD release or a theater release (most likely theater) I am looking forward to it.

The outfit that Rika was wearing at the announcement event was very interesting since she appeared wearing a cute traditional red kimono along with an interesting hairstyle which made me look forward to seeing the movie even more since it looks like her character will be pretty interesting to see.

Like his music we don’t really have any idea about what to expect, but we will probably see a very interesting movie since it has a more traditional Japanese theme (as we can tell from Rika’s outfit) and along with Rika’s appearance as the main actress and Yuko as supporting actress it should be a great movie to check out once it’s released.

The movie is expect to be released next Spring.

Mantan Site

Ishikawa Rika and Okai Chisato To Appear In a Mini Drama

12 06 2011

Starting this July, Ishikawa Rika and Okai Chisato will appear in a mini drama titled Tokusou Shirei! Aichi Police.

The news was revealed by a blog entry from what appears to be one of the actors (in other words it’s not officially confirmed yet but it’s most likely true). The episodes will be 4 minutes long each and will feature Chisa as the character called “Mai” while Rika will be her boss.

I didn’t expect to see Rika and Chisa appear in a drama together but I am glad that they will since we will be able to find out how good they are at acting, and since the story features a police theme it will be fun to see if they will use comedy or some other kind of theme to act out the story.

So far there aren’t that many details about the actual story but we should find out sometime soon once Rika or Chisa post a blog entry about it or once a site opens up with more info about this interesting police mini drama.

Despite the episodes being somewhat short (really short) this is still a great opportunity for both of them to show of their acting skills for people watching the TV, and since it airs at a great time (at 7 PM) there will most likely be more people watching.

Hopefully we get to see the episodes once they air so we can find out what theme or story it will have, but so far a mini drama with Rika and Chisa is a must see for anyone.

The episodes will air starting 7/4 on Nagoya TV from 18:56 ~ 19:00.

Prima Mai Ameblo Blog Entry

Prima Mai Ameblo Blog Entry 2

Official Hangry & Angry Youtube Channel Opened

1 06 2011

The official Hangry & Angry Youtube Channel has opened.

So far there are only 2 videos uploaded. They’re both of Kill me Kiss me while one is the live version the other is the video clip. Since it just opened I wouldn’t expect too many videos but I’m sure more will be uploaded soon. Also I’m guessing since their Youtube channel opened about a month before the Japan Expo 2011 they may be uploading some footage from there.

Please support Rika Ishikawa and Hitomi Yoshizawa and check out the youtube page!

Hangry & Angry Youtube Channel


Hangry & Angry To Perform In Indonesia

25 04 2011

According to a release post by Clash Cosplay, Hangry & Angry will perform in Indonesia.

I was very surprised, to say the least, when I found out about this next overseas trip for Hangry & Angry since it has been quite some time since we last heard from them, that being Rika appearing at NYAF back in August or their tour around Europe back in March of last year.

Since they haven’t released new songs in quite some time it would be a great chance to do so since the publicity from the trip will most likely help, but they will most likely not release any new material since all news about them has been somewhat quite for the past year, although I still hope that they will since this group has a unique sound that most fans love.

Even though we haven’t gotten an official confirmation about their trip to Indonesia I am very excited to see that they will once again perform overseas since there are most likely many excited fans looking forward to their visit in July, so hopefully we get an official mention about this trip so that we can confirm and fans can begin to prepare for their appearance.

The appearance will be on 7/24 at Balai Kartini in Jakarta.

Clash Cosplay Page About Hangry And Angry’s Appearance

Dream Morning Musume Announces Fall Concert Currently “Untitled”

28 01 2011

Dream Morning Musume announced that they will be holding a Fall concert currently “Untitled

The news is on their official site and the concerts will start somewhere in September 2011.

Other than that announcement nothing else is known. I’m really surprised to hear that they’ve announced another concert before the 1st one even began! Hearing about another concert I’m also excited because the Fall concert could be used to promote the album, so if there are any new songs we’ll be able to hear it performed live, which I find more better than the studio version.

Pre-sale tickets for the concert is currently available and the concert is planned for 9/2011.

Dream Morning Musume’s Official Site