Official Mano Erina Twitter Opened

31 03 2010

Mano Erina’s official Twitter account has been opened (the account is confirmed to be official since it links back to the official page). Here is her first and second tweet:

テスト中なう / 真野恵里菜です!今日から始めるまーす♪マイペースにいっぱいつぶやくので,見てください!

I’m glad that we are finally getting a Mano Twitter since it is always interesting to read about what Mano is up to, and even though she has only tweeted two times, (the first being a test, and the second being a more formal greeting where she introduces herself to fans on Twitter) she will most likely use the account more as time goes by.

It’s great to see that she found a user name as well since apparently all other variations of Mano Erina are already taken (mano_erina, manoerina, and also erinamano), so at least fans will find her.

Hopefully more H!P groups follow and get Twitter accounts (apart from Momusu who already have one, although it’s only linked to Sayu’s blog), but for now I’m glad that Mano has another way of interacting with fans.

Official Mano Erina Twitter

Ogawa Saki Is Officially An Ohasuta Girl

31 03 2010

It has just been revealed that Ogawa Saki will be an Ohasuta Girl, which means that she will appear regularly on the show. She appeared for the first time on the show as an Ohasuta Girl on 4/1 (today).

I’m glad to see that Saki finally has a regular appearance on a show since it means that all 4 members of S/mileage have some sort of regular TV appearance (Maeda, Wada and Kanon will voice characters in an anime). As an Ohasuta regular Saki will most likely meet up with Koharu when she appears on Tuesday, so hopefully we see some interaction between them.

Her official profile is also up at the Ohasuta site, and a mention appeared on the S/mileage website mentioning Ogawa’s new regular TV appearance (both links at the end of the post). There is also mention of a blog that the three Ohagirls (Saki, Erika, and Shiori) will share, so I hope we find out more about that soon.

Congratulations on being an Ohasuta Girl and good luck Saki!

She will appear regularly on the show from Monday to Friday (the specific days haven’t been revealed yet) at 6:45~7:30 (JST).

Official Ohasuta Profile Page

S/mileage Site News About Ogawa Being on Ohasuta

“Mano Erina’s Friends “Bus” Party Vol. 1″ 1st FC Bus Tour Event Announced

31 03 2010

Mano Erina’s 1st FC Bus Tour event titled Mano Erina’s Friends “Bus” Party Vol 1 has been announced.

The information was revealed by Mano herself on her blog, and she mentions that they will probably go to Shirakabako in Nagano.

I’m glad that after the success of Morning Musume’s Bus tours we are getting a chance to see another H!P member have an FC event of their own.

Like Morning Musume’s bus tours there will probably be a lot of interaction between Mano and the fans so hopefully many Mano fans get a chance to go, although if it is anything like the Momusu Bus tours then the price will probably mean that not all fans can go (if I remember correctly Morning Musume’s Bus tour cost about 64,800 Yen).

The price and any other information other than the location and the title of the tour hasn’t been revealed so we will have to wait for more information but so far I’m excited to see how this will turn out.

The FC event is scheduled for 6/19 – 6/20.

Mano Erina’s Blog Post About The FC Bus Tour Event

EDIT: The tour has been confirmed, and like expected the prices are in the same range as the Morning Musume Bus tour events:

S/mileage Major Debut Single “Yume Miru 15sai” Announced

31 03 2010

S/mileage’s major debut single titled Yume Miru 15sai has been announced for release.

This isn’t necessarily a guarantee that they will debut since we will have to wait and see what the total result of their 10,000 smile challenge is, but it does give us a possible release date (although the profile on the announcement mentions May as the month in which S/mileage debuts).

The image mentions quite a lot of information about the single, specifically the tracklist and the promotion that is scheduled for the single and from what I can tell they will promote it very well since they have TV, Magazine, Blog, Youtube and Twitter promotion scheduled.

The tracklist doesn’t mention the title of the b-side but it does mention that it will have 3 tracks, the first being Yume Miru 15sai and the third being the instrumental version of that song. It also mentions a Limited A version of the single with a DVD and a video of an event, and that is great news although I’m not sure if they will have only one limited version of the single since the description mentions “A, B” which might mean two limited versions.

Like always we will have to wait for an official confirmation before getting excited (in other words take this with a grain of salt since it may be fake), but it’s great to see that we already have some mention of a release date, the mention of more than one version of the single, as well as the mention of a tracklist with 3 tracks, so hopefully we get a confirmation about the information above sometime soon.

I will update if the information revealed here is confirmed or not.

The release date is set for 5/26.

Ongaku Gatas Spring Live 2010 DVD Announced

31 03 2010

A DVD release for Ongaku Gatas Live Tour 2010 Haru ~Gatas Ryuu~ has been announced.

I’m glad to see that we are getting a DVD release for the concert since it has been some time since we have seen some kind of DVD from them, and I couldn’t think of a better release than a concert DVD.

The setlist for the concert will probably be the same as the one that was released some time ago, so we will most likely see them perform their new single as well as many H!P classics.

Hopefully all Ongaku Gatas fans get a chance to buy the concert DVD since it will be a great way to see them perform again.

The release date is set for 6/23.

E-Lineup Page For Ongaku Gatas Live Tour 2010 Haru ~Gatas Ryuu~

Morning Musume’s 4th Alo Hello DVD Announced

31 03 2010

Morning Musume’s 4th Alo Hello DVD has been announced.

They recently had an FC Hawaii trip so it was somewhat expected that they would use the opportunity to film an Alo Hello, and I have to admit that I was really excited when I read the news since all of their Alo Hello’s are funny and interesting for Momusu fans to enjoy.

Now that the number of members is even we might see more interesting pairings or groups in challenges, so hopefully that means that everyone gets a chance to appear a lot of times throughout the DVD.

More information will be revealed soon so hopefully the challenges are as interesting as the one’s from their 3rd Alo Hello DVD.

The release date is set for 6/16.

E-hon Page For Morning Musume 4th Alo Hello DVD

Morning Musume 43rd Single Announced

31 03 2010

Morning Musume’s 43rd single, currently untitled, has been announced on Neowing. The Single V has also been announced for release a week after.

I’m really glad that we are finally getting a confirmation for the next single, and even though the release date is somewhat far away it is still great that we get a date for the release.

The single will be released a few days before their stage play Fashionable and according to Neowing the single will be the theme song for the play, which is interesting since it might hint at what we can expect to see from the single although it doesn’t tell us that much.

There isn’t that much information available yet so we will have to continue to wonder about the theme and title of the single until we get more information, so hopefully we get some more soon.

The release date for the single is set for 6/9, and the release date for the Single V is set for 6/16.

Neowing Page For Morning Musume’s 43rd Single Regular Version

Neowing Page For Morning Musume’s 43rd Single Limited A

Neowing Page For Morning Musume’s 43rd Single Limited B

Neowing Page For Morning Musume’s 43rd Single Limited C

E-hon Page For Morning Musume’s 43rd Single V