H!P Releases September 7

7 09 2011

Back today from a small break with two releases.

Today’s releases include:

  • Tanaka Reina, Shimizu Saki, Sudou Maasa – Gekidan Gekiharo Dai 10 Kai Koen “Taishou Roman Haikara Tantei Aoi Ruby Satsujinjiken” (DVD)
  • C-ute – Sekai Ichi HAPPY na Onna no Ko (Regular, Limited A, Limited B)

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“LIVE NEXT!! Featuring Hello! Project” Event Announced

13 07 2011

Two one day events featuring a selection of members from Berryz Koubou and C-ute along with S/mileage titled LIVE NEXT!! Featuring Hello! Project have been announced.

The selection for members from Berryz Koubou and C-ute include Shimizu Saki, Tokunaga Chinami, Kumai Yurina, Yajima Maimi, and Nakajima Saki.

The clear details about what the members will do at the event have not been revealed but the site mentions that they will appear alongside a member of the Nankai Candies and there will be a live chat with girls and more live fun.

It’s always fun to see events where members from two groups can appear, and with what appears to be a unique theme this event will most likely be very interesting for fans since the focus seems to be not on performing but on a chat with girls and other activities, for example the page mentioned the making of a stage director.

I’m not that clear on what the event will be but I encourage fans in the area to attend one to find out for sure since the appearance of both Berryz and C-ute members in a five member team along with S/mileage the next day will be fun to see.

The events will start at 18:00 (JST) and will feature members from Berryz and C-ute on 9/3 and S/mileage on 9/4 at the Nippon Seinen Kan in Tokyo.

Official H!P Page For LIVE NEXT!! Featuring Hello! Project

Tanaka Reina, Sudou Maasa, Shimizu Saki- “Taishou Roman Haikara Tantei Aoi Ruby Satsujinjiken” On Ustream

30 06 2011

“Taishou Roman Haikara Tantei Aoi Ruby Satsujinjiken”, the stage play featuring Tanaka Reina, Sudou Maasa, Shimisu Saki will be airing on Ustream.

The play will be streaming on the Ustream website however it is only available if you pay for it. It doesn’t say weather it is live or pre-recorded but by streaming it on the internet it let’s fans worldwide take a look at the play instead of waiting until the DVD comes out.

I’m also not too surprised by the announcement because they streamed C-ute concert on youtube and they did something similar to Morning Musume’s fall concert last year. Also the stage play featuring C-ute and Berryz Koubou will be using the ustream pay per view method so it might seem like UFA is trying to reach a out to fans worldwide with their streaming methods.

Hopefully all fans are available to check it out.

The play is to stream from 4-8pm on 7/2.

Ustream Page

“Taishou Roman Haikara Tantei Aoi Ruby Satsujinjiken” Stage Play DVD Announced

25 06 2011

Tanaka Reina, Shimizu Saki and Sudou Maasa’s stage play titled ““Taishou Roman Haikara Tantei Aoi Ruby Satsujinjiken”has been announced on DVD.

I’m glad that they announced a dvd release for this because it will let fans see the play for themselves if they didn’t get a chance to attend. I’m also glad that it’s being released on dvd because some backstage footage will probably be included and I’m curious about the interaction with Reina, Captain and Maasa since it’s an unusual mix and the only time we see them together is probably during H!P concerts.

Hopefully everyone who didn’t get a chance to see the play live will purchase a copy and support our H!P members.

The release date is set for 9/7.

DVD Page


Official Blog For “Taishou Roman Haikara Tantei Aoi Ruby Satsujinjiken” Has Been Opened

1 06 2011

The official blog for the stage play, “Taishou Roman Haikara Tantei Aoi Ruby Satsujinjiken” has been opened.

This stage play features Tanaka Reina, Sudou Maasa and Shimizu Saki and so far on the blog Reina has made a post. Unfortunately I don’t have the translation but seeing as it’s the first blog post she probably writes an introduction about herself to the fans and how practice is going and all.

I’m hoping because this is a blog for the stage play other actors will be able to blog too, specifically Captain and Maasa. I do hope that they get a chance to blog about the play since they seem like important characters judging by the size of their pictures in the blog photo. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Blog Page

Tanaka Reina Starring In Her First Solo Stage Play

28 02 2011

Tanaka Reina announced on her blog that she will be starring in her first solo stage play titled “Taishou Roman Haikara Tantei Aoi Ruby Satsujinjiken.”

The title of the play translates to “Taisho Romance of the Stylish Detective King Blue Ruby Murder Case.” It seems that the play will revolve around some mystery and murder. I’m a fan of this genre so I’m kind of excited to see the what the play is about. Also I’m not sure if Reina will be acting in the lead role but in most plays Reina has been featured in she always took on a secondary role and if she is the lead I’m excited to see what her acting is like.

H!P announced later that  Sudou Maasa and Shizumi Saki are also participating in the play. I’m unsure what parts they are playing but I’m also excited to see how this turns out.

Hopefully all fans attend to support Reina, Saki and Maasa and I wish the best of luck to all three girls.

The play is set to run from 6/29-7/03.

H!P Stage Play Page

Reina’s Blog Page

Shimizu Saki’s Official Blog Opened

14 02 2011

Shimizu Saki’s official Ameba blog has been opened.

I was really surprised to see a blog for Captain being opened since I expected Momo or Risako to get one first, but I am very happy to see that she has a permanent blog since it gives fans a chance to check out more detailed entries about her daily life and what she is doing.

The title of the blog is “Saki Studio” and the banner features the title in a heart with a few diamonds around it and Captain in her amazing outfit for the single, which looks great since the title is cute and the banner is simple but eye catching.

Her first entry seems to be an introduction to everyone with a small list of facts about her (her birthday and other similar bits of info) and I really liked that she did the first post that way since people who stumble upon her blog can check out a few details (in a list) about her and read more about her day and what she has been doing during the concert tour.

Hopefully we get to see more Berryz Koubou blogs being opened soon.

Official Shimizu Saki Blog