This blog was started on January 15, 2009.

Current SNF (SayuNii Fansubs) Youtube Channel
SayuNii Fansubs Status: Hiatus

I started with adode137 but Youtube canceled that account, so now almost all of my accounts in every Morning Musume fansite I’ve been to are under adode136. I usually use the nick adode136 or something similar (although it sounds too technical), but I prefer to be called Ado when I’m talking with other H!P fans, since it’s short and it’s easier to remember.

I currently have accounts in Hello! Online, Morning Musume BBS, H!P University, JPHIP, and Musume Central, and International Wota but I don’t post in the forums, I plan to eventually start sometime later in some (The links in the site names are to my profiles in each of those pages, add me if you want).

I became a fan of Morning Musume and Hello! Project on November 2008, and my current favorite members are Niigaki Risa, Michishige Sayumi, Tsugunaga Momoko, Tokunaga Chinami, Kumai Yurina, Suzuki Airi, Mano Erina, and Mori Saki.

I made this blog to help people get H!P News, and my main reason for starting the blog is to help people get H!P news since not all sites post all of the information. A secondary reason is to give my opinion and as much information as I can about a subject, and  I might be late sometimes, but it’s usually due to school related issues or because I’m not near a computer.

The following sections are currently available:

  • H!P Birthdays – A section with all of the birthday dates for H!P members which is updated constantly. On the birthday of an H!P member (current or former) I upload a picture of them as well as wish them happy birthday
  • Reviews – A section where I review H!P products which I have ordered. I started it since not all fans get a chance to buy many H!P products and some might be curious as to how a CD or a PB look like so I thoroughly show the product as well as give my personal opinion on songs or pictures
  • Upcoming Releases – Available links to buy the latest H!P releases, currently I leave two released products in that section with the RELEASED tag long enough to allow fans to buy them. The links provided are for CDJapan, HMV, and YesAsia all of which count to the Oricon charts
  • H!P Profiles – Wikipedia styled reference section for current and former H!P members as well as current and former groups
  • About – Information about the blog and myself, such as my current rankings and how the blog was started

More sections are planned and will be revealed on the Shuukan Yoro! section, which is a weekly section where I update readers of the blog with site news, poll results, review updates as well as a special H!P video of the week. Shuukan Yoro! is usually updated on a Friday before 21:00 (PDT).

About Me

I am a 19 year old fan who loves everything about Hello! Project – the members, the songs, the performances, etc, and even though I have only been a fan for a couple of years I try my best to learn more about each member and the history of Hello! Project.

I am currently learning Japanese and even though I can’t read Kanji well I can read Hiragana and Katakana, which is useful when I have to translate some titles into Romaji, but despite not being fluent in Japanese I love the songs and I try and help others who are barely starting as fans.

How do you know Hello! Project?

I found out about them on November 2007 when I was watching School Rumble! and found out Tokito Ami (she sings Sentimental Generation) was in a group managed by some guy called Tsunku. So I started searching and found out he was the guy who wrote songs for Hello! Project, I thought it was just a group, but when I found out that it included a lot of groups I was surprised.

I remember I saw Morning Musume as the flagship group so I decided to listen to a song of theirs “Sexy Boy ~Soyokaze ni Yorisotte~” (it got my attention, I was still unfamiliar to Japanese music and wasn’t used to the “~” or the strange names in the song title) and I was instantly hooked, I thought the song was awesome and started listening to others and soon it expanded to almost all of Hello! Project.

Why SayuNii?

I am a big fan of Niigaki Risa and now of Michishige Sayumi so when I had to decide for a blog name I literally thought it over for days. I definitely knew that it had to contain “Hello!” so I decided on that as the first part of the title. The rest of the title was somewhat hard to think of since I didn’t know H!P that well before, so I started mixing up member names of the only H!P group I knew about at the moment, Morning Musume, and after many attempts I simply mixed the names of my favorite member (Niigaki Risa) and the cutest member (Michishige Sayumi) and I came up with SayuNii.


I usually do a ranking of all of the members but since I like everyone from the current H!P (I seriously don’t dislike anyone since they all have different characters as well as something that makes them unique) it was almost useless to try and rank them since I would only say good things about everyone so I decided to write about my current favorites.

Right now I have 8 favorites from most of the current groups, the only group that I still haven’t decided a favorite from is S/mileage since I can’t decide which member is my favorite due to the fact that we haven’t seen them that much (although Kanon stands out for me sometimes).

To summarize my favorite members are:

  • Niigaki Risa
  • Michishige Sayumi
  • Tsugunaga Momoko
  • Tokunaga Chinami
  • Kumai Yurina
  • Suzuki Airi
  • Mano Erina
  • Mori Saki

So now I will explain a bit about what makes them my favorites, starting with Niigaki Risa:

Niigaki Risa Since I became a Momusu fan Gaki-san always stood out for me along with Konno and Kamei because of her energy and great smile either in TV performances, PVs or concerts. She has always had this energy that makes her one of the most interesting members to watch perform since her energy and determination are some of her many perfect qualities.

She was usually one of my favorites but she really became my number one favorite after I saw her Alo-Hello! 2 DVD where at the end she speaks about the energy she receives from her fans. Her reasons for performing and un-selfishly helping everyone she talked about during that last segment really made me appreciate her more and from then on she has and always will be my favorite.

Michishige Sayumi Her narcissistic cute character might be a turn-off for many fans who don’t know her but those of us who have given her a chance have come to love her because of how she is. Beneath her TV personality lies an intelligent and beautiful woman and despite being shown as a “poison-tounged” member she is really clever and great at telling stories.

She might not be the most perfect singer (I can admit that) but she makes up for it with her incredible character and her passion for performing, which makes her an incredible Momusu member.

Tsugunaga Momoko – Like Sayu she seems to have a slightly narcissistic cute side, but most of the time she is like Gaki: an incredible and energetic member who is the definition of her groups spirit. When she performs in concerts she is usually the member who is seen jumping around and encouraging everyone to cheer on and sing with them which is great to see from a performer.

Despite being somewhat short she always stands out, for example during Berryz Koubou’s first appearance on Utaban everyone was a bit nervous so they didn’t speak up, everyone except for Momo who talked and talked. As she has grown she has matured into a beautiful woman but she still has that young spirit that makes her Momo.

Tokunaga Chinami – Chii usually doesn’t stand out that much since she is usually in the back row but if you get to know her through performances, PVs and Making Of videos you can tell that she is an incredible Berryz Koubou member with a lot to offer.

Apart from being incredible cute she is usually one of the members who tells jokes and makes everyone feel better, for example when Momo cried since she thought Berryz Koubou had lost a contest because of her (I am not sure when but they mentioned it on their radio show) Chii came up to her and told her “Even when you cry you have your pinky up”, which made Momo laugh.

I really wish that she would get more screen time since she has really matured in the last few years and become a perfect member because of her happy spirit, her bright smile, as well as her caring spirit which makes everyone feel as happy as she is.

Kumai Yurina – She is often mentioned to be the 4th main vocalist of Berryz although she spends most of her time in the back (which might be due to her incredible height of 178 cm) but despite that her incredible cuteness as well as her caring character make her a perfect Berryz Koubou member.

Like most of the Berryz Koubou members she is extremely energetic when performing and tries her best to make their performance – either at a concert or TV show – one of the best. She has a cute soft voice that goes well with her incredibly cute personality which make her one of the best members that Berryz Koubou has.

Suzuki Airi – Suzuki is basically liked by many and disliked by some due to C-ute’s single SHOCK! but if you give her a chance you can easily tell why she is very popular. Apart from her cuteness she, like Chinami, makes jokes and tries to make everyone feel better when they are down.

When she performs she does so by cheering along with everyone and singing with her extremely talented voice, and she is the main highlight of most performances due to those reasons.

Mano Erina – Mano is perfect for many reasons, and I truly say that without exaggerating since she is the definition of a perfect idol. Apart from her incredible voice (which improves with each single) she is an incredibly beautiful woman who is one of the most intelligent and caring idols I have seen in my life.

As many H!P members have revealed she is very intelligent (a news article mentioned that she had a passion for history and attended a strict school) which is definitely one of her best qualities and even helps when she acts since apart from learning her lines and performing them perfectly every time she knows when each prop is used and even helps staff when they don’t know what prop to use in each scene.

Apart from her incredible beauty and talent she is also one of the most caring idols as evidenced of her first appearance on Music Fighter where she brought the audience (which consisted of about 20 people) some food she had made that morning.

It is somewhat disappointing to see that her singles continuously sell less and less and that her fan base is somewhat small (as can be seen from her threads at H!O which barely reach 10 pages or her LA appearance thread which only features about 3-4 people talking about it), but I’m glad that her fan base is solid and supporting her in every one of her many concerts, singles, and dramas.

I could go on and on about her but to sum everything up she is basically one of the most perfect idols I have seen in my life and apart from being one of my many favorite members she is also quickly becoming my 2nd top favorite.

Mori Saki – Many people might be wondering who she is and it isn’t surprising since she is an H!P Egg, and despite not having debuted yet she has had 6 years of experience so far. Apart from performing in many of the H!P Egg concerts she also acts in many plays as well, in fact she is usually the lead of those plays and it wouldn’t surprise me to hear that she is focusing on acting in the near future.

From her appearances of H!P Egg videos it is easy to see how cute and caring her personality is and despite not having a big fan base she is definitely among my favorites. Despite her focus on acting I hope she finally gets a chance to join a group soon so that she can become more popular and become a great member because of her many talents and cuteness.

Overall everyone in H!P has some kind of unique characteristic which makes them great, and even though I have only highlighted my current favorites it is important to know that despite not mentioning the others I sincerely like and respect everyone who is, and has been, part of H!P.

A Few Words…

Hello! Project is a big part of my life, and like many others as well I will be a fan for years because of the almost endless variety of characters, personalities, and looks of the many idols that are currently part of H!P as well as the vast variety of songs that Tsunku manages to make for all of the groups in H!P.

Even though there might be some people who don’t like the current H!P and often criticize Tsunku for lack of creativity it is important to note that the song they adore – whether it be from the “Golden Age”, the current Momusu generation, Berryz Koubou, C-ute, Mano, S/mileage or any other H!P act – was made (in some way) by the same person that they now criticize.

I find it very comforting to know that despite not having the same popularity as before Momusu continues to be one of the few groups who constantly sell top 5 singles on the Oricon charts for more than 10 years, and even though many fans have left (either because of a graduation of their favorite member or lose of interest) the spirit of Momusu lives through the many wonderful members.

All of the groups and members of H!P, from Momusu to S/mileage, are unique in their own way and with the endless variety of songs there is sure to be a favorite for all H!P fans, both past and present .

I find it important to ask everyone to continue to support all of H!P’s many groups and artists in whatever they do, and hopefully through this blog I hope to help new fans as well as established fans to find out more about what is happening in the world of Hello! Project.

I hope you find my blog useful and I will update as soon as possible when news happens, enjoy~

– Ado (adode136)

If you need to contact me, please do at this address:


41 responses

28 09 2009

it was nice to found out this site.. i reaaally love the buono but since their site was written in japanese.. i cant read it well since i can only read hiragana and katakana.. hush.. ^^V

28 09 2009

please please update more about buono’s blog translation.. it reaaaally helps me a lot!! please please!! ^^V

28 09 2009

My Japanese is a bit limited (I can only read basic words, Hiragana and Katakana) so I can’t translate a lot. And I think you are referring to Cuisine Buono! which is run by Nouciel and Dani, and not by me.

If you want updated blog translations you can try at the Buono thread at H!O, here is a link:


Shigemichi is doing translations and from what I can tell he does a good job of translating and keeping up. Or you could ask Nouciel at H!O if she could continue translating, but from me I don’t think you could expect translations since I’m not good at it -_-

30 09 2009

well.. anyway it was envious of you that you can translate those words.. for my case.. i can only read them and not able to translate it.. haahaa.. ^^V! arigatou!!

2 05 2010

Hello! Sorry if this may sound a little rude but are you a boy or a girl? Sorry for my rude question, I was just curious -.-

2 05 2010

It’s not rude at all XD
…and I can completely understand with the name of the blog ^^;

I’m a boy ^_^

31 05 2010

since u started this website
i always check it out onces a week
and like its more easier for me to seee whats happening on hp
thank you

31 05 2010

You’re welcome! \(^o^)/

I try my best and it’s great to hear that many people check my site out regularly ^_^

1 06 2010

not to be rudde or anything do u live in the usa
because one day i’ll go to japan and see monring musume live

1 06 2010

Yes I live in the US, but I also want to go to Japan someday and see Momusu with my own eyes ^_^

5 06 2010

Thanks for the incredibly helpful site! I’m always checking for updates!

29 06 2010

Just a few days ago this site had a little over 500k views! Now it’s hit 3 million? When did this happen and how? o-O

29 06 2010

It’s a wordpress error, the site is still at 500k views and not 3 million XD

I contacted them a while ago when it first happened and they told me to wait and it will be self-corrected so I’m waiting for it to correct itself (it’s the 2nd time that it has happened), but I will e-mail them later if it doesn’t ^_^

15 07 2010

Its good to see someone my age with the same interest, i really like anything in japan so right now im trying learn to speak japanese and someday i will read them too, i wish you could help me!, but aside that i just recently like all of h!p stars, please help me too know them more! ^_^

15 07 2010

Great to see that you are around my age ^_^

As for learning Japanese I recommend writing down all of the Hiragana and Katakana on cards and going over them in your spare time by writing them all down from memory. I did that during school time when I got bored and as a result after a few weeks I could read simple Japanese easily. It also gives you a big advantage since you can easily read signs and similar stuff ^_^

And if you want to learn about each one of the H!P members I would suggest you watch subbed interviews and presentations since it gives you a good idea of what they are like and how they are when they aren’t singing (Utaban, Music Fighter, Music Japan, etc). Most of their appearances sshould appear on Youtube subbed so it should be easy to find ^_^

15 07 2010

Thank very much for your advice i will do that. ^_^

18 07 2010

Hey, just wanna ask if you have a facebook or a myspace account?

18 07 2010

I do but unfortunately I can’t post the links ~_~

Facebook I don’t really use other than close friends and family and Myspace I almost never use ^_^

9 08 2010

Do you know where Tsunkus Office is? d:

9 08 2010

I would guess his office is in Tokyo where the UFA building is ^_^

21 08 2010

Thanks for this amazing site!!! I visit it everyday to know what’s going on with our girls, you always have lots of good info!! Keep up the good work! ^_^

23 08 2010

Thank you very much! (^o^)/

17 11 2010

YO! I wanted to say it is great to find this amazing blog.
I wanna know which country you are from

17 11 2010

Thanks, I’m from the US ^_^

15 12 2010

I just wanted to say thank you for your blog! You are always so positive about everything H!P, which makes me really happy when I come here. I’ve been a H!P fan for years, so sometimes I can get really negative about how H!P is now, but it’s really nice to know that newer fans can still get hooked to H!P and they can be so positive : ) Keep up the good work!

16 12 2010

Thank you ^o^

It’s always great to be positive when you write about something you really like ^_^
I’ve been a fan for about 4 years so I know how you feel about being negative, but it’s just a matter of focusing on what you like about H!P ^_^

Thank you once again (^o^)/

5 01 2011

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ym42XEec1j8 – Just wanted to show this ^^ Do you know when the concert will be on the internet?

5 01 2011

Thank you I tweeted the link yesterday and I added it to the Momusu 9th generation post ^_^

The full concert will probably be released 2-3 months after the concert tour ends since that is the normal time it takes for it to be released in DVD ^_^

5 01 2011

How come there are soo many setlistings? im confused on that

5 01 2011

On the H!P Kangei concert? They are following a similar pattern to the Fankora concert by having different setlists, but this time instead of having a lot of setlists they have four planned types of concerts: A-1, A-2, B-1, and B-2 ^_^

Many songs change with each pattern so it gives fans some variety ^_^

Hopefully I answered your question ^o^

7 02 2011
Derek Lu

you should update the video feed on the right, pretty outdated now xD

keep up the hard work!

7 02 2011

Sorry I have been meaning to update it but I always forgot about it for some reason ^_^;

I will update it as soon as possible, thanks for reminding me ^o^

5 03 2011

I happened to find this really nice blog.
I’m also a fan of Sayumi Michishige.
I’m glad to know as a Japanese fan that there is an enthusiastic fan outside Japan. :)

14 04 2011

Thank you so much for this really wonderful blog!

I became a C-ute fan last November (2010) after I watched Okai Chisato’s dance cover videos on YouTube. Soon my interest expanded to include Smileage, Berryz Kobo, Buono!, Shugo Chara Egg, Guardians, Morning Musume and Mano Erina. I like Saho Akari too!

I really like your blog because I can learn a lot about my favorite groups and others.

On a different note, I am a born and bred Japanese living in Japan, and I ran a blog at Yahoo! Japan. Right now, I’m studying about Morning Musume and its history there. I made several posts on Morning Musume, and I borrowed some pictures of CD jackets from your blog. : ) I’m sorry I didn’t talk to you first.

14 04 2011

I’m sorry. My English is rusty.
“I run a blog” is correct. “I ran a blog” is not.
I still run that blog…. xD

14 04 2011

You’re welcome! ^o^

I’m glad that there are many fans due to Chisa’s video and I’m also glad to see that your interest has expanded to other H!P groups since they all have a different image and sound that all sound great ^_^

Thank you very much, I try and keep the blog updated with all of the current news from H!P groups and it’s ok that you borrowed a few CD jackets, I’m glad that you did mention it though since I always like to find out how fans are using images from this site ^_^

I’m glad to see that you are an H!P fan and don’t worry about the English, I understood everything perfectly. Please continue to support H!P ^o^

Thank you again! ^_^

9 06 2011
Diamond Diya

Hi! I’m also a big fan H!P. Like you I love Niigaki Risa.
Everyday I’m waiting for news about H!P.

Later, after 22 June 2011
if you find the videos with Vampire Stories Brother and Charses tell me the link please

12 06 2011

Hi! ^o^
I’m glad to see there are many Gaki fans who visit the site ^_^

As soon as I find previews or links for the Vampire Stories movies I will try and update ^_^
Thank you for visiting my site ! ^o^

21 06 2011

I found the dance shot version (mirrored) to Only You by Morning Musume. http://www.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.dailymotion.com%2Fvideo%2Fxjcf0h_morning-musume-only-you-dance-shot-mirrored_music&h=61eb8
I’m surprised I didn’t see it here first. I always check here for everything.

21 06 2011

Thank you! ^o^

We don’t usually post dance shots or other PV versions since they are usually taken down pretty fast, and since their official Youtube channel doesn’t update with the alternate versions for a few more weeks it’s usually too late to post it ^_^;;;

I’ll try and post the alternate versions of the PV in the future ^o^;;;;

Thank you again! ^_^

29 06 2011
Brotos Love Momusu

Thank’s & Love u Sayunii^^
u always update info about H!P, faster than my magazine subscription…
I love ur page n blog^^
Domo Arigatou^^

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