Kitahara Sayaka To Appear At An Anime Fair Titled “GO! GO! Natsu Yasumi Festival”

19 08 2011

Kitahara Sayaka is scheduled to appear at an Anime fair titled GO! GO! Natsu Yasumi Festival.

She will also perform a mini-live.

It’s a relief to hear about Sayaka since I haven’t heard much from her since the release of her first single, apart from a few interviews and events, and while this might only be another anime event it’s still a great sign that she is active and performing.

It’s not clear what she will perform at her mini-live, apart from her only single, but we will probably see her cover songs from H!P or other anime songs, but we won’t know for sure until the event occurs and she is on stage.

Hopefully everyone who is in the area can attend this event to support her since it has been a while since she has performed, and while it might be a bit too early to say for sure I hope we can also see some other kind of activity from her in the future.

The event will be on 8/21.

Ima Hikarigaoka Site

Kitahara Sayaka Official Ameba Blog Opened

8 06 2011

An official Ameba blog for Kitahara Sayaka has been opened.

With the recent release of the full PV of her upcoming single, I’m really happy to see that she is opening her official blog just before the release date of her first single since it will give her an opportunity to promote herself and her single, as well as getting more popular across the web.

Her first post “Hajimemashite” (Nice to Meet you) is the only one so far, but she seems to become an acrtive blogger since her post is full of emoticons and has a nice distribution in lines which should make it enjoyable for fans to read and go through.

The banner of her blog is very attractive also since it is pink with the title “Kimama ni 365 Days” with many bubbles and different effects where we get to see 2 photos of her in the single’s outfit, and even though she hasn’t posted many things yet, I’m glad to see that she started with uploading a non-official picture of herself and mentionning her single.

Hopefully we’ll see her more active in the next weeks to come.

Kitahara Sayaka Official Ameba Blog

Sorano Aoi (CV Kitahara Sayaka) – “Yappa Seishun” Full PV Released

7 06 2011

The full PV for Kitahara Sayaka’s single titled Yappa Seishun has been released.

For the most part if you saw the preview then you most likely have a good idea about what the PV will be like since there aren’t that many additional shots: the main shot of Sayaka dancing in front of the camera, the shot of Yossie training her, the dance shot of Sayaka in the blue dress dancing in the dark, and a close up shot of her in front of light in the blue dress, but despite that I really liked how the PV looks.

The main shot didn’t amaze me that much since it seems that they just added equipment (lights, ladders, rails) and left them there while they were filming, and while it gave the PV a more real life look it seemed that the small background in the back and the equipment made the shot look a bit cheap.

The shot of Yossie training Sayaka was easily the best shot of the PV since we get to see Sayaka training in various sports, such as soccer, volleyball, judo, and tennis, and while Yossie didn’t react that much it was funny to see her trying to not laugh while acting out the role of the strict teacher (especially the part where she just looks to the side calmly while Sayaka tries to throw her to the ground).

The dance shot in the dark was a nice addition since it looked pretty interesting due to the blue lights in the background and the blue dress, and while it seemed like just another addition I was surprised with how it looked since it turned out pretty good, mostly because of her expressions and the closeness of the camera.

The close-up shot was my 2nd favorite shot since we get to see Sayaka face to face with many light effects, and since it was very bright it contrasted well with the dark dance shot, which was very impressive since it made her stand out a lot.

Overall the PV isn’t that high budget but it was still a pretty good release since the appearance of Yossie alongside two other outfits and many different settings made the PV a unique and amazing release, and while I would have liked to see even more shots I am impressed with her first PV since it came out pretty good.

Hopefully fans can check it out since it is a pretty great PV.

The release date is set for 6/22.

Video uploaded by: UpFrontEntertainment

Kitahara Sayaka – “Yappa Seishun” PV Preview Released

2 06 2011

The PV preview for Kitahara Sayaka’s 1st single titled Yappa Seishun has been released.

All of the PV takes place in a filming studio since it seems that they intended to show the props and accessories that are lying on the ground as well as the lightning and the blue screen Sayaka and Yossie are posing against, while zooming in and out, and I have to say that I really like this setting since it’s unusual and makes us feel more the vibe of the song (it makes it look more realistic).

From the preview, there is 3 scenes: one of Sayaka in the blue fluffy outfit from the Limited edition cover against a black wall with lights where she is dancing, another shot is of Sayaka in her Regular edition outfit in the props room setting singing and doing some dance moves, and the last shows us Sayaka and Hitomi, as player and coach shooting footballs on a goal, doing various acts…

I have to say that even though the PV seems to lack various settings, it’s still pretty interesting since they managed to stay in the theme of the anime (football), while making it cute and fitting to the song in some kind of way, and I’m really glad to see how well Sayaka did for her first solo videos since she did react pretty well with the camera, and Yossie.

Hopefully everyone can watch it and support Sayaka in her upcoming career.

The release date is set for 6/22.

Video uploaded by: samidaremdy

Sorano Aoi (CV Kitahara Sayaka) – “Yappa Seishun” Covers Released

28 05 2011

Left: Regular, Right: Limited

The covers for Kitahara Sayaka’s 1st single titled Yappa Seishun have been released.

As expected of her first single, the covers don’t feature that much of a creative theme since we only get to see Sayaka and the character she is voicing (Sorano Aoi) in front of a blue sky setting, but it’s nice to see that the background and her character relate (Sorano Aoi means Sora no Aoi or “Blue Sky” after all).

It seems that there are two images of Sayaka: on the Limited we get to see the outfit she usually wears for promotion, and on the right we get to see a slightly shorter blue dress with a different hairstyle, which is pretty interesting and a great addition since it differentiates the covers a bit more (apart from the shield, the position of the characters, and the outfits there isn’t much else), although Sayaka is a bit hard to see.

As for the title, it seems to take up most of the middle of the cover but it’s pink and really easy to read (if it’s readable when the preview is this small then it’s going to be very noticeable) and apart from the English letters for the names of her character and Kitahara there doesn’t seem to be that much art on it, apart from the small shield on the corner of the Limited and on the left side of the regular.

Overall the covers are not that creative but they are still pretty cute and great for her first release, and while I would have loved to see bigger pictures of Sayaka I am glad to see that fans of the show will be able to relate the character to her.

Hopefully everyone has reserved their copy since this single seems like a great first release for Sayaka.

The release date is set for 6/22.

Official UFA Page for Sayaka’s Single

Preview of Kitahara Sayaka’s “Yappa Seishun” Released

5 05 2011

A preview of Kitahara Sayakai’s “Yappa Seishun” has been released.

Since the single is being used as the ending anime of Inazuma Eleven we get a preview of the song early. The only downside is there’s not PV clips to go along with it. (If there is a PV.) Despite that I think Kitahara does a wonderful job with the song.

Seishun means youth so when I heard the title I was expecting something similar to “Maji desu ka ska!” however this is quite different from it. The song has a serious feel to it and is a mid tempo song. The song has a light rock feel with a lot of pop mixed in. There’s one part where there’s a quick guitar solo and later a quick drum solo which is really nice.

It also reminds me of Berryz Koubou’s “Otakebi boy WAO!” except it’s a little slower. The main reason being the song is more serious and when Kitahara sings she uses a strong powerful voice, which reminds me of Risako’s voice.

The preview gives us an idea of what the full song will be like and I think it will be a good one. Hopefully a PV will also be released and maybe we can see that released soon. Good luck to Kitahara on her debut single, I hope many fans will support her.

The release date is set for 6/22.

Video Uploaded by: goku44majo1

[Update] A full concert rip is posted in the comments section for any fans who would like to hear the full version. 

Kitahara Sayaka – “Yappa Seishun” Tracklist Released

30 04 2011

  1. Yappa Seishun
  2. Gamushara
  3. Yappa Seishun (Instrumental)
  4. Gamushara (Instrumental)

The tracklist for Kitahara Sayaka’s debut single as the character Sorano Aoi titled Yappa Seishun has been released.

I was a bit surprised to see that they will include the instrumentals for both songs since it seems like a nice bonus for fans to enjoy, and since the single will be aimed at fans of the series (who are in the younger ages) it is a great way for them to sing along with the song.

Most of the single was expected, but I am happy to see that the title of the b-side was released since we can find out what the single will be like, and the title is very interesting since it means something along the lines of Reckless which fits in with the theme of the anime, although it will be very interesting to see if it will have a fast paced theme since the title seems to suggest that.

Berryz Koubou got a chance to do many various singles with Inazuma Eleven, so I hope we get to see Sayaka do a few more as well although I am curious to see if she will have a regular solo career like Mano and Kikka have in the future.

Hopefully we find out soon since it seems that this single will be an amazing release.

The release date is set for 6/22.

CDJournal Site For Kitahara Sayaka’s Debut Single