Frances & Aiko -“Jia Jia You! Da Xiao Jie” Album Cover Released

13 01 2011

Frances & Aiko’s 2nd album cover titled “Jia Jia You! Da Xiao Jie” has been released.

The cover features Frances & Aiko on a plant made swing that is hanging from the clouds. Both of them are dressed in a purple frilly dress with patterned pants and they both have a star wand.

I like how colorful the album cover is and their colorful outfits are nice as well. My favorite part would have to be the cloud portion of the album, the artwork is cute and it’s the first  thing that caught my eye when I saw the picture. The only thing I would’ve changed is the size of Frances & Aiko’s heads. I’m thinking that they were trying to make the girls seem “chibi” because of their age but I think that effect is much better kept in animes. (“Chibi” as in the oversized head type of drawing in manga and animes)

Regardless of that their album looks directed towards younger children and I think that it fits appropriately and hopefully all fans will reserve a copy when it’s released.

The release date is set on 1/26.

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Frances & Aiko Second Album Announced, Titled “Jia Jia You! Da Xiao Jie”

12 01 2011

  1. Jia Jiayou
  2. Duimian De Nanhai Kan Guolai
  3. Qi Li Jingli Zuoxia
  4. Guai Shou Lonely
  5. Laoshi Laoshi 3

Frances & Aiko’s second album titled Jia Jia You! Da Xiao Jie (Eng: Try your Best! Da Xiao Jie) has been announced.

According to details from their blog they have just filmed 4 MVs and 2 dance shots in the last 2 days in at least 4 different areas.

I’m glad to see that they are still active and releasing albums and singles since they seem to be really popular at the moment, and while they are directed at kids it’s great to see that UFA hasn’t given up on expanding into other parts of Asia yet.

It’s surprising to see that they have already filmed 4 MVs in only 2 days, but since most of their PVs usually involve a few simple dance shots it’s somewhat understandable since most of their fans (young kids) don’t really care that much about perfect dance moves and instead focus on learning the song and the simple dance to join along.

Since Frances will also be in a drama titled Love Buffet along with members of the Taiwanese band Fahrenheit they will most likely get relatively good promotion with fans of the series (or the kids of the fans of the series), so hopefully they promote the album well since it seems like a nice way for Frances & Aiko to return to the spotlight.

The release date is set for 1/26.

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Aiko Will Appear In The Drama “The Raise Kid Hero”

16 05 2010

Little Missy member Aiko will appear in a drama titled The Raise Kid Hero. Here is a description from Mai17 and Nayok-Kihara about it:

The title is “帶子英雄” (one translation “The Raise Kid Hero”), and it’s about a jobless single dad raising his child (Aiko is the child). His wife/her mother abandoned them, but will make appearances. The drama will run in the 8:00pm slot, and will be in HD.

With Frances appearing in a drama/movie of her own it was just a matter of time until Aiko got a chance to appear in a drama, and I’m glad to see that she finally did.

Like Frances, Aiko gets one of the main roles which is great news for them since it gives them a chance to act as well as to get more promotion for future releases.

The storyline is interesting and I have to admit that I am a bit curious as to how it might look, and while we haven’t gotten a chance to see a preview we do get a chance to see the actors in the picture above as well as an interview with them in a video in the article below (with a some interesting footage about a 3d magazine that was a bit out of place before the note about Aiko’s drama).

I wish Aiko good luck with her drama and while we haven’t seen a preview it will no doubt be an interesting show to watch so hopefully fans of Aiko see the drama when it airs.

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Frances To Appear In A TV Drama

30 04 2010

Little Missy member Frances will appear in a TV drama titled 搖滾保母 Rock Baby. According to some sources the Pinyin for the title is Yaogun Baomu (“Rock Nanny”), which explains this image used in promotion:

I’m not sure if Frances is the star in the drama but I do know that she is one of the main actresses since she appears multiple times throughout trailers, apart from appearing in promotion events with other fellow cast members.

Seeing the trailer I have to admit that it is a great drama, although I probably won’t see it when it is aired (mostly because I can’t understand Chinese that well), but I urge anyone interested to watch it since it looks interesting.

Video uploaded by: pts
*Frances appears at 2:33

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Da Xiao Jie – “Wo Shi Da Xiao Jie Year of the Tiger Edition” Album Announced

31 01 2010

A new album for Da Xiao Jie (otherwise known as Frances and Aiko) titled Wo Shi Da Xiao Jie Year of the Tiger Edition has been announced. The album is basically a re-release of their debut album but with two new songs and MVs, one of which is titled Bling Bling New Year.

One of the two new songs will have an MV, and a preview for it was released recently (after seeing it I’m somewhat glad that Tsunku doesn’t appear in H!P PVs):

Video uploaded by: lovereinajunjun

The PV has a Chinese New Year theme, and according to jelly man Frances and Aiko had to learn the choreography in one day because they had exams the next day (to be honest I don’t think that affects much at all). The song overall is cute and the MV is … flashy and overall interesting to see.

For the most part I’m not surprised at all that Frances and Aiko would release something related to Chinese New Year since they are becoming more and more popular in China lately, especially with younger fans.

Hopefully we get a chance to hear from other new songs from them and also from Ice Creamusume who haven’t had a chance to release something in a year.

The release date is set for 2/3.

Big Missy – “Wo Shi Da Xiao​ Jie” Album Tracklist Announced

9 09 2009

Big Missy 2352

Track List
01 大小姐 [Big Missy]
02 老師老師 [Teacher Teacher]
03 媽媽的話 [Mum’s word]
04 GO GO Girl
05 童話故事 [Fairy tales]

DVD included
1. 大小姐MV
2. 老師老師MV
3. 媽媽的話MV
4. GO GO Girl MV
5. 童話故事MV
6. 大小姐舞蹈字學帶 [ Dancing steps for dancing Big Missy…]
7. GO GO Girl 舞蹈自學帶 [ Dancing steps for Go Go Girl]
8. 童話故事舞蹈自學帶 [Dancing steps for Fairy Tales]

Source: H!O

The tracklist to Big Missy’s debut album titled Wo Shi Da Xiao​ Jie (In English: I am the Big Missy) has been released. I am somewhat surprised (and relieved) to see that they are not getting an album full of covers like Ice Creamusume.

The songs all have titles you would expect to see in an album with children songs. I’m amazed that they made MV’s for all of the songs, and even some Dance Shot Ver’s for 3 of them (Frances & Aiko aren’t the most synchronized dancers, so I’m a bit curious as to how the Dance Shot versions will turn out).

The album will be released on 9/15 and will cost NT$309 or about $9.46 US dollars (pretty cheap for an album). Site for Big Missy’s Album

EDIT: The album is up for sale on YesAsia

Big Missy – “I am the Big Missy” Album Announced

8 09 2009

Big Missy "I Am The Big Missy" 2512

This is most likely the cover…

Frances & Aiko are set to debut as a unit called Big Missy and they will release their first album I am the Big Missy in mid-September. If you are asking yourself why they are debuting so early, here is an explanation from mai17@H!O:

Their debut is earlier than expected because their performance @ several TV shows are higher than expected. Aiko even cameo in a drama called “終極三國” Ultimate Three Kingdom. (Translated from: Liberty Times and UDN)

I’m kind of surprised they are already debuting with an album, which will most likely be full of kid songs and possibly a cover of an H!P song (just a guess, not confirmed). If you remember Ice Creamusume also debuted with an album in January of this year, but so far they haven’t done much else.

A preview of the full version of “Big Missy” (just the song not the MV) has also been released, so if you like this song (…no one?) then you will probably be happy to hear it in it’s entirety (I couldn’t make it past 0:40):