Frances & Aiko Second Album Announced, Titled “Jia Jia You! Da Xiao Jie”

12 01 2011

  1. Jia Jiayou
  2. Duimian De Nanhai Kan Guolai
  3. Qi Li Jingli Zuoxia
  4. Guai Shou Lonely
  5. Laoshi Laoshi 3

Frances & Aiko’s second album titled Jia Jia You! Da Xiao Jie (Eng: Try your Best! Da Xiao Jie) has been announced.

According to details from their blog they have just filmed 4 MVs and 2 dance shots in the last 2 days in at least 4 different areas.

I’m glad to see that they are still active and releasing albums and singles since they seem to be really popular at the moment, and while they are directed at kids it’s great to see that UFA hasn’t given up on expanding into other parts of Asia yet.

It’s surprising to see that they have already filmed 4 MVs in only 2 days, but since most of their PVs usually involve a few simple dance shots it’s somewhat understandable since most of their fans (young kids) don’t really care that much about perfect dance moves and instead focus on learning the song and the simple dance to join along.

Since Frances will also be in a drama titled Love Buffet along with members of the Taiwanese band Fahrenheit they will most likely get relatively good promotion with fans of the series (or the kids of the fans of the series), so hopefully they promote the album well since it seems like a nice way for Frances & Aiko to return to the spotlight.

The release date is set for 1/26.

Frances & Aiko Blog Post About Album

ChinaYES! Article About Album

China Times Article About Album

Wiki D-Addicts Page For Love Buffet




6 responses

12 01 2011

I totally forgot about them…. XP

12 01 2011

Frances and Aiko are starring in dramas and now releasing another album? What happen to Ice Creamusume?

13 01 2011

It just hit me that Frances and Suzuki Kanon are fairly close in age .__.

13 01 2011

WHY do they look 6? I swear one of them is like 11 now! I miss Icecream Musume. I ACCTUALLY bought their Mini album. Twas addictive I say. and I’ve only bought 2 S/mileage CDs XD

13 01 2011

strawberrie: ICM was disbanded without an announcement. They aren’t even on the H!P website anymore. (I was a huge fan, and looking back on it, it isn’t really surprising that they didn’t last very long.)

Mayaaaar: Aiko is 8 and Frances is 10. Not quite 11 yet.

14 01 2011

They were? D: They were so cute! Esp. Pei Pei x-x and 10 and 11are pretty simmilar ;) It just amazes me how chubby and young they look

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