C-ute – “Seishun! Mugen Power” Preview Released

30 10 2010

A preview for the c/w of C-ute’s 14th single titled Seishun! Mugen Power has been released.

The song has a powerful and somewhat upbeat sound when compared to the main song, and apart from that it seems that the song is lead by Nakky and Mai which is a somewhat interesting addition since their voices give the song a nice sound.

The song itself has a somewhat calmed beat, and even though there aren’t any upbeat or fast parts in the song I have to admit that I really loved the somewhat upbeat sound of the song.

The instrumental had to be one of the most surprising parts of the song since it had a powerful feeling that mixed well with the vocals due to the guitars and synthesizers, and despite it being a bit repetitive I loved how it sounded overall since it is a nice contrast with the ballad a-side.

Hopefully everyone buys a copy of the single since it seems like this single is turning out to be one of the best I have seen from them this year.

The release date is set for 12/1.

Video uploaded by: wxyrb

Berryz Koubou – “Chotto Samishii na” Radio Preview Released

30 10 2010

A preview for the c/w of Berryz Koubou’s 24th single titled Chotto Samishii na has been released.

We already got to hear a short preview for the song, but we also got to hear Momo who apparently loves to talk nonstop and even though it seems like a nice way to preview c/w’s (release it as a preview on Momo’s show where no one will hear it well, then release it on another show) I am glad that we finally get a clear preview.

That being said the song is a ballad as we got to hear during the small gaps when Momo paused to breathe, and I have to admit that I really liked the preview since the song has a steady but encouraging sound that is really a great c/w to the single.

From what I can tell everyone has a line, which isn’t surprising since a c/w usually features everyone equally, and even though the song features a regular beat I really liked how it sounded overall.

Hopefully fans buy this single since Berryz Koubou has some really tough competition on release day.

The release date is set for 11/10.

Video uploaded by: wxyrb

C-ute Cutie Circuit 2010 ~9gatsu 10hi wa C-ute no Hi~ DVD Cover Released

30 10 2010

The cover for C-ute’s Cutie Circuit 2010 ~9gatsu 10hi wa C-ute no Hi~ DVD has been released.

I have to admit that this cover is one of my favorites I have seen in quite a while since the basic background combined with buttons featuring each member and the simple blue title result in a simple but very interesting cover for this event.

The buttons were a nice touch since it seems like a nice and unique way to show off each member, and since everyone has a great picture of them performing as well as their name in blue and red on the bottom it seems like a very interesting way to show everyone off, although there are some parts where the buttons are a bit too big covering a part of the title or being cut of by the side of the cover.

The background seems to be a simple brown with red and green stripes, and despite it being a bit too plain it doesn’t distract that much from the members, which is always a great thing. The word art is simple as well since it features a basic blue font with hearts, and even though that may be the case I love how it doesn’t distract away from C-ute.

Overall the cover seems like a nice, unique, and simple way to show off everyone, and even though it does seem a bit too basic in some parts I love how it looks since everyone shines without there being someone in the center.

Hopefully C-ute fans can buy this DVD along with a copy of their latest single.

The release date is set for 11/24.

Official H!P Page For C-ute’s Cutie Circuit 2010 DVD

Shuukan Yoro! Vol 63

29 10 2010

Site Updates: As you might have noticed the site is getting close to the 900,000 views, and I’m very happy to see that since that means there are more regular viewers than before, so a quick thank you to everyone who visits the site regularly!

I am planning many surprises for the 1,000,000 hit mark, and even though I want to keep them a surprise until we reach that goal I can guarantee that fans of the site will be pleasantly surprised. I don’t want to reveal much but I can assure you that I plan on making a new banner for the site as well as catching up on other sections (I will also hopefully try and get the site back on track with regular updating in a new way).

That being said there was a slight delay in posts during the week (as you might have noticed), and that’s mainly due to a small problem I had at school with registration for the next semester. I have finally sorted it out but it did take up quite a bit of time, which meant less time to work on the site, but since it was a one time event I plan to catch up during the next few days.

I will be busy tonight finishing up some homework, but tomorrow I will update the “Upcoming Releases” section as well as the other sections that need regular updating.

The Links page will be up by Sunday, and I had to delay it because of a problem I had with the thumbnails of the sites (mainly the size and layout), but I hope to have it fixed by the end of this weekend.

Sorry once again for the delay but I had to fix my school registration problem as soon as possible since it would have affected my schedule, but I will catch up as fast as I can during this weekend.

Polls: The winner for this poll was Michishige Sayumi with 450 votes (50%), congratulations Sayu! Okai Chisato came in second with 325 votes (36%) and Wada Ayaka came in third place with 133 votes (14%).

There was a total of 908 votes for this poll.

Congratulations Sayu!

The results weren’t that surprising to see since Sayu was the most likely to win, and even though it was somewhat of a one sided poll I was glad to see that everyone got a great amount of votes (just in case anyone was wondering, I drew the names from a hat at random, I don’t handpick who goes against who).

Despite Sayu getting half of the votes, it was interesting to see that Chisato got a big part of the other half while Ayaka got a small percentage, and although I would have liked to see the votes spread out a bit more evenly I am happy to see that Chisato and Ayaka fans voted to support their favorite member.

The voting total was higher than the last week, which was very surprising since votes usually are around ~800, but hopefully this is a sign that we will soon be getting vote totals in the 1000’s.

Hopefully in the next poll the results are a bit more even, but for now congratulations to Sayu and good luck to Ayaka and Chisato on their next poll.

Next poll will feature Takahashi Ai, Kamei Eri, and Shimizu Saki so everyone please vote for the next H!P member of the week!

Just a reminder for those who don’t vote: If you do have a chance please vote since it only takes two clicks and you help your favorite member appear as member of the week!

The next poll will include Morning Musume members Takahashi Ai and Kamei Eri and Berryz Koubou member Shimizu Saki:

To make it easier for fans I will provide the direct link to the poll HERE.

Please vote!

Reviews: As you might have noticed I had to delay the review once again due to the registration problems I mentioned above, and even though I had planned on releasing it as soon as possible I will have to delay it for a few days more since I have to finish some homework as well as updating the site.

The registration problem I had is all clear so I will get back on track as soon as possible, so even though I can’t guarantee a review release (since I have done so during the past few weeks) I will release it as soon as possible.

I will update the Twitter when the review is released so please look forward to it!

Shuukan Yoro: It’s the 4th day of Nakajima Saki’s week about “The greatest men in the world! Den!!”.

Today’s lecture will be about “Hitler and Saint Francis Xavier” and like always we get to find out a few details as well as getting a chance to see some Nakky-fied pictures of the men covered in this episode and an impression done by Nakky and the class.

For the most part the episode was as funny as the previous ones since we got to see some interesting pictures by Nakky as well as some even more interesting impressions, and I’m glad to see that Mano also joined in by doing a drawing as well.

Hopefully all C-ute fans watch the episode since it is a very interesting episode full of funny moments from Nakky and the rest of C-ute:

Small note: I know this is the famous “Hitler episode” and people will want to voice their opinions, and I usually don’t moderate comments but I will be keeping an eye out on this post so please refrain from commenting if you are only going to talk about what he did and not the episode itself.

There are forums dedicated to the topic (not to mention that the episode has been talked about many, many times) and I really don’t want this post to become a discussion board about anything other than H!P or the idol world, so if you feel the urge to express your opinion about this sensitive issue please do so on those forums.

Thank you.

Matsuura Aya – “Yokohama Rondo” Preview Released

29 10 2010

A preview of a track from Matsuura Aya’s 7th album titled Yokohama Rondo has been released.

From the start of the song until the end I was very impressed with Ayaya’s vocals since they mixed perfectly with the song, and even though there wasn’t that many changes in the beat of the song I was amazed at how well it sounded since the slow beat of the instrumental plus the catchy piano and Ayaya’s impressing vocals all sounded amazing.

Like the previous video we get to see a video with some animations, such as rain during the start of the video as well as different pictures every 10 ~ 15 seconds and a karaoke on the left side of the screen, which are small but really helpful and nice touches to keep fans watching throughout the video.

I can’t really say much about the song since it is definitely a song that fans will want to hear to judge for themselves, but I at least have to say that I am very impressed with this song and the video since they showed of Ayaya’s impressing singing ability as well as an impressive theme for the song.

Hopefully everyone gets a chance to listen to the preview and buy the album.

The release date is set for 11/24.

Video uploaded by: upfronttunes

Hello! Project Eggs Shinjin Kouen November ~Yokohama JUMP~ Site Opened

29 10 2010

1. Go Girl ~Koi no Victory~
2. Rival
3. Ai no Sono ~Touch My Heart!~
4. Hajimete no Happy Birthday!
5. Wakkyanai (Z)
7. Mikan
9. Zettai Tokeru Mondai X = ♡
10. THANKS!!
11. Bokura no Kagayaki
12. Come Together
13. LOVE Machine
14. Bye Bye Mata ne

The official site for Hello! Project Eggs Shinjin Kouen November ~Yokohama JUMP~ has been opened.

It’s great to see the setlist for the concert since we can finally get a chance to know what to expect when it starts next month, and even though it is the last Shinjin Kouen concert (before a new training program starts) it will be fun to see how the Eggs perform for fans.

As expected the setlist features many H!P favorites such as Go Girl ~Koi no Victory and Love Machine, and even though it doesn’t look like a long setlist it does feature many songs that the H!P Eggs are familiar with which will most likely mean that we will see all of the H!P Eggs performing their best when the concert arrives.

Hopefully all H!P Egg fans can go to the concert since it will be a great chance to see them perform before the new training program is announced.

The concert is scheduled for 11/28 at 15:30 and 18:30.

Official Yokohama JUMP Site

Yokohama JUMP Site Setlist

Tsunku’s Wife Expecting A Third Child

29 10 2010

According to a recent post by Tsunku on his 42nd birthday, his wife is expecting another child soon.

His wife is currently five months pregnant and the baby is expected to be delivered by late march or early April. This will be his third child after his wife delivered a pair of twins – boy and girl – on April 30, 2008.

First of all I want to say congratulations to Tsunku and his wife on their soon to be delivered third child since it isn’t always that a talented idol producer will bee a father for the third time, and even though we don’t know whether it will be a boy or a girl it will be interesting to find out during the next few months.

There isn’t much info in the post apart from some reactions from their children and the happiness Tsunku feels, which is understandable since he was celebrating his 42nd birthday on the same day he announced the news.

Hopefully we get more info during the next few months about the gender of the baby and possible names, but for now congratulations Tsunku and wife on your third child!

The baby is expected to be born around March or April.

Tsunku Post About His Third Child

“Keitai Deka 3 The Movie” Trailer Released

27 10 2010

A trailer for a movie featuring Morning Musume titled Keitai Deka The Movie 3: Morning Musume Kyuushutsu Daisakusen! ~ Pandora no Hako no Himitsu~ has been released.

For the most part the trailer doesn’t feature that many scenes from the movie and is relatively short, but it does give us a brief look at a few scenes (2) where Morning Musume appears as well as some other scenes where we get to see some guys with white masks and the three heroines of the movie.

Even though it was somewhat short I am glad to see that Momusu appeared since it gave us a look at what outfits they will wear for at least a part of the movie, and even though it looks somewhat low-budget (something which the series is famous for apparently) I have to admit that I am looking forward to the movie since the plot looks interesting.

Hopefully all Momusu fans get to watch the trailer since it is a great way to find out a bit more about the movie, and even though it isn’t a high budget film it seems like it will be a great movie for Momusu and Deikai Keita fans.

The movie will be in theaters on 2/5/11.

Official Keitai Deka 3 The Movie Trailer Page

Berryz Koubou – “Shining Power” Covers Released

27 10 2010

Top (from left to right): Regular, Limited A, Limited B
Bottom Left – Limited C, Bottom Right – Inazuma Edition

The covers for Berryz Koubou’s 24th single titled Shining Power have been released.

We already got a chance to see a blurry preview of the five covers, but I am glad that we finally get to see them in higher quality since they all look amazing, and even though they feature a simple gray background I am impressed with how well everyone came out.

Since most of the covers feature the same background there doesn’t seem to be that many differences apart from the themes: Regular has a group shot, Limited A has a Maji Bomber styled mosaic of all of the girls, Limited B features tiles with pictures of each one of the girls, Limited C features a shot of everyone standing up, and the Inazuma edition features a picture of the characters from the anime.

Despite having the same backgrounds I really like how each cover looks since they have a unique picture featuring a great theme, and I’m glad to see that Kumai is the center in most of them (not Limited A) since she definitely deserves the spotlight for at least one single.

I’m also glad to see that the Inazuma edition has the anime cover since it will be easier to find the regular version of the single at first glance, and since it is basically just an extra edition it will be a great chance for fans of the anime to pick one up without having to look through the titles.

Overall I am very impressed with how well the covers look since each one of them has a different theme, and even though they have the same background they are still pretty amazing since each member has a unique look that shines.

The release date is set for 11/10.

Axive Article About Berryz Koubou’s 24th Single

EDIT: Here is the cover for the Single V:

As you can probably tell it is the same theme as the Limited A although each picture features a slightly different pose (it’s almost exactly the same), and even though that may be the case I have to admit that I like how it looks since each one of the members has an incredible dramatic pose (especially Captain).

Matsuura Aya “Click You Link Me” Cover Released

27 10 2010

1. The Difference
2. Feel Your Groove
3. Suna wo Kamu Youni…NAMIDA
4. Yokohama Rondo
5. Homu ni Te
6. Click you Link me
7. Kataritsugu Koto
8. interlude~Okay~
9. Watarasebashi
10. dearest.
11. only one
12. Hitori
13. Minna Hitori

The cover and tracklist for Matsuura Aya’s 7th album titled Click You Link Me have been released.

For the most part the cover looks very interesting since it features Ayaya in an old fashioned 70’s style photo while standing alongside some other people, and even though it doesn’t look that convincing I like how it looks overall since the style of the cover reflects a more mature Ayaya.

The tracklist features about thirteen uniquely titled songs, which do seem interesting since most of them have great titles such as dearest. or Feel Your Groove, which seem like great titles for the mature style that Ayaya has recently started to explore.

A preview of one of the songs on the album was also released yesterday on the official UFA Tunes channel (I have no idea why the mouths move, but it was an interesting touch):

Video uploaded by: upfronttunes

For the most part I didn’t really like the song since it seemed a bit too random and jumbled (especially during the parts where she sang fast), but most likely there will be many Ayaya fans who like this song since the beat and mood of the song is very unique due to the interesting vocals in Japanese and English.

Hopefully we get to hear more previews from this album since it sounds like it will be a very interesting release, and even though the cover is a bit old fashioned I like how it complements the jazz style of at least one of the tracks.

The release date is set for 11/24.

Official UFA Page For Matsuura Aya’s 7th Album