Mano Erina 2nd Solo DVD Announced, “Mano Guide in Yakushima”

30 11 2009

Mano Erina’s 2nd solo image DVD titled Mano Erina in Yakushima has been announced on E-hon, a PB announcement is expected soon.

I’m glad that they are finally releasing another Mano PB, although the number of releases that she has scheduled for the following months is somewhat amazing (an album, a solo DVD, a PB, another single).

Hopefully the solo DVD has an interesting theme since the unannounced PB will most likely be shot during December (it would be great to see a winter theme).

I will update with a PB confirmation when it is released.

The release date is set for 1/27.

E-Hon Page For “Mano Guide in Yakushima”

Mano Erina’s 6th Single “Haru no Arashi” Confirmed

30 11 2009

Mano Erina’s 6th single titled Haru no Arashi has been confirmed by E-hon. It seems that there will only be three versions this time (Regular, Limited A and Limited B).

I’m glad to see that the single has been confirmed, although kind of sad that there will only be three versions. This might be due to there not being that many differences between the regular and the Limited C version (as far as I know the cover was the only difference).

The profile picture above was updated today along with the information for her new single, so it is most likely the costume for her album release or her single, although we will have to wait and see.

The release date is set for 2/24.

EDIT: According to E-Hon the title for Mano Erina’s 6th Single is Haru no Arashi (English: Spring Storm) and not “Haru no Kaze”, I edited the post since this is the only reliable source available.

E-Hon Page For Mano Erina’s “Haru no Arashi”  Regular Version

E-Hon Page For Mano Erina’s “Haru no Arashi” Limited A

E-Hon Page For Mano Erina’s “Haru no Arashi” Limited B

New C-ute Profile Pictures For “SHOCK!”

30 11 2009

The official Hello! Project page has updated C-ute’s profile with new images for their next single titled SHOCK!. After taking a look at the images I can certainly say that they fit the title of the single since there were many surprises.

Yajima was the biggest shock since she looks more boyish than usual because of her new haircut and suit, and even though it will take some time getting used to it I have to admit that she looks great.

Nakajima reminds me a lot of Otome Gumi because of the spots and the black and white theme on her dress (a little like Tsuji’s Otome Gumi costume mixed with Tanaka’s costume).

Airi looks great with her new hair style (she really stood out among the others) and I especially like how her dress looks.

Chisato has a lot of stripes on her costume, and if that wasn’t enough to make her stand out they gave her a cool looking white hat.

Maimai looks cute as always, I especially like her hairstyle and the accessories she has, although the skirt she has looks somewhat short.

All of the pictures look great since everyone stands out with something unique (Yajima’s boyish costume, Nakajima’s fashion, Suzuki’s cute hairstyle, Chisato’s cool costume with a white hat, and Maimai’s cute dress). They all are wearing the same boots and even though they look somewhat strange they combine well with their short skirts.

As you may have noticed the theme seems to be black and white colors, which might hint at what we could see in the PV.

For the most part the single is living up to its name since I am shocked with the great costumes (and Maimi’s haircut), so hopefully H!P can shock us again with great covers for the singles soon.

The release date is set for 1/6.

Official H!P Profile Page For C-ute With Updated Images For “SHOCK!”

Sugaya Risako in Hokkaido DVD Preview Released

29 11 2009

A preview of Sugaya Risako’s 1st solo DVD titled Sugaya Risako in Hokkaido has been released on Dohhh-UP.

The intro features Risako greeting everyone and introducing the preview (sometimes in a loud voice), and I have to admit that the preview made me excited to see her PB and the DVD.

Since I started to listen to Berryz some months ago I always thought Risako was cute and the DVD actually helped me confirm that many times (especially the scene where she is eating cotton candy).

For the most part the preview features some pretty interesting scenes, such as Risako at a festival, feeding some sheep, in a sunflower field (wearing something that looks like a circus tent of some sort at 2:00), and generally acting cute while eating.

Hopefully the DVD sells well enough, since it is her first solo DVD after all.

The release date is set for 12/2.

Dohhh-UP Link To Sugaya Risako In Hokkaido Preview

Guardians 4 4th Single Announced, “Going On!”

28 11 2009

Guardians 4’s 4th single has been announced, it will be titled “Going On!“. The title for the c/w, sang by Shugo Chara Egg!, has also been released to be “Arigatou ~Ookiku Kansha~“.

The title for Guardians 4 song is somewhat different than the others because it doesn’t suggest a ballad or an upbeat sound, but since it will be used for the anime (most likely but not confirmed) I kind of expect to hear an upbeat sound.

The c/w is special since it will most likely be the first time we hear the new member Tanabe Nanami, which means that we will finally get a chance to listen to her sing. As for the c/w, the name somewhat suggests an upbeat sound, so hopefully we find out soon with a preview.

Like Mano’s recently announced single we have to wait for an official confirmation to get excited, so hopefully H!P or Neowing confirms it soon.

The release date for the single has been set for 1/27, and the release date for the Single V has been set for 2/3.

Mano Erina’s 6th Single Announced, “Haru no Kaze”

28 11 2009

Mano Erina’s 6th major single has been announced, it will be titled Haru no Kaze (English: Spring Wind).

Although this single hasn’t been completely officially confirmed, since the only evidence we have is the above picture, it is great to see that she is still going to release another single so fast (she hasn’t even released her album yet).

According to the picture the composer will be Tsunku, which isn’t such a big surprise since it was expected that he would take a chance composing a song for her. The title also suggests an upbeat song, which is great since her upbeat singles have generally been great.

Until now there isn’t much evidence for the single so I wouldn’t take this announcement as a solid confirmation for a new single (we need to wait for an announcement from H!P or Neowing), but it is great to see that they are still planning on releasing as many singles as possible at such a fast pace.

I will update with an official confirmation when it is released.

The release date is set for 2/24.

H!P Releases November 27

28 11 2009

  • Sugaya Risako – Risou (PB)   HMV

One release today, Sugaya Risako’s 4th solo PB:

Sugaya Risako – Risou (PB): Sugaya Risako’s 4th PB. For the most part the PB was what we have come to expect from H!P, bikini pictures with some casual photos, but surprisingly there were a few differences when compared to her other PBs:

Modern art bikini? (picture from the “Making Of”)

The cover of the PB features a somewhat more calmed look at Risako since it simply features her holding a hat up while looking at the camera wearing a swimsuit. I really liked it because of the serious and grown up image of Risako sitting and also because of the simplicity of the white title on the picture.

The previews released until now have a pretty good balance of bikini and casual and I have to admit that the PB was a great success, even though some of the casual pictures were a bit more daring than we are used to (above picture).

In most of the pictures Risako looks older than she really is, and I say that as a compliment since she looks grown up and more serious than we are used to seeing her.

And despite having a serious feeling there are still the pictures were Risako acts her age and shows us that she had fun doing the PB (picture below). As a member of Berryz I always thought that Risako was kind of cute and after seeing the PB I have to admit that the statement still holds true.

Overall the PB was great, it did a good job of showing a more serious side of Risako while still keeping her bright and funny character. I would definitely recommend it to her fans and to any Berryz Koubou fans interested since UFA did a great job with this PB.

The next release date is set for 12/2 with Sugaya Risako’s 1st solo DVD, Berryz Koubou’s Single V Clips 4, Hello! Projects 10th Pucchi Best CD and DVD, Mano Erina and Guardians 4’s Solo DVD for their latest singles.

Shuukan Yoro! Vol 15

27 11 2009

Site Updates: I will update the “Reviews” section with some graphics during the weekend (similar to the H!P Profiles pages), since the text I am using to divide the sections is somewhat distracting (at least for me).

I am also going to update the “Upcoming Releases” page with a better layout since the one that I have right now has a somewhat different style than the rest of the site. I haven’t decided how the layout should look so it will probably take a few weeks until I decide what to do.

Polls: The winner was Kumai Yurina with 168 votes (58%) so congratulations to her. Tokunaga Chinami came in a close second place with 124 votes (42%). There was a total of 292 votes for this poll.

Next week is the week that Kusumi is graduating, so I decided to do a two week poll, this means that after Kumai I am going to continue doing the poll below, but Kusumi will be the “H!P Member Of The Week”. So basically: Kumai Yurina this week, Koha next week, and the winner of the poll below the week after Koha.

I might add another member to the poll since it will last two weeks, but I will probably just continue with Yajima, Mano and Sayu:

Please vote!

Reviews: The Morning Musume – Kimagure Princess review has been released! It took me a lot of time to put together because of school projects I had due at the same time, so I have to apologize for the overdue release.

As for the review, it has many photos of the 4 versions of the singles and my review about the songs and the PV’s so if you have a chance please check it out.

I am planning on doing the Morning Musume coupling collection album review next and also to try and finish the other reviews before my two packages arrive in December, so hopefully I get a chance to work on them.

I am finishing school for the semester in 2 weeks so I am going to try and work on them as much as possible.

Shuukan Yoro: It’s the 5th day in Sugaya Risako’s week about the fantasy world.

This week we have a test over the fantasy world, and if you have been putting attention then you will be able to answer as well, if not then the answers will be displayed on the screen.

Some of the questions didn’t appear on the episodes, and that is probably due to the episodes being 4 min long. After grading the tests we get a chance to go over some of the answers (similar to the Mechaike Bakajo Kimatsu Test).

The results are revealed and the member with the highest grade is given a Konaki-jiji doll (a doll that looks familiar because of Utaban and Yasuda), after which Risako congratulates her (and accidentaly reads Mano’s script).

I am still deciding on next weeks Yorosen, mostly because Kusumi is going to graduate next week and I though it would be great if I could start her week, but I already had planned on doing Umeda’s week which had a Christmas theme. So hopefully I can figure out which one to show next week, meanwhile enjoy this weeks episode!

Melon Kinenbi X The Collectors – “Seishun On The Road” PV Released

27 11 2009

The PV to Melon Kinenbi’s 4th collaboration single with The Collectors titled Seishun On The Road has been released on Dohhh-UP.

For the most part the PV is like their other collaborative single PV’s: a live performance of the song in front of a crowd of fans. And even though most of the PV features Melon Kinenbi standing in one place while performing we are treated to some scenes from a photo shoot for 10 seconds in the middle of the PV (from 2:24 to 2:35 … and some clouds at the end and start of the PV).

I would have liked to see some other scenes other than Melon Kinenbi just standing there in front of The Collectors, but hopefully next PV they will add some other scenes.

Dohhh-UP Link To Melon Kinenbi’s 4th Collaboration Single PV

Nakajima Saki – “NACKY” PB Cover Released

27 11 2009

The cover to Nakajima Saki’s 1st PB titled NACKY has been released. The cover features the only preview which was released some days ago with some information about the PB on top, here is the preview pic that was released some days ago:

The biggest Kanji on the cover (on the bottom of the cover) says “Nakajima Saki: First Solo PB” and while it’s good to know that information it seems like they just added it to fill in the cover at the last minute.

In spite of that the cover looks great, the picture is really interesting and hopefully we get a chance to see some more previews other than a closeup at Nakajima’s face.

The release date is set for 12/9. Page For Nakajima Saki’s PB