Kago Ai-Holding 2 Charity Events

10 05 2011

Kago Ai announced on her blog that she will be holding 2 charity events.

It doesn’t specifically say who will benefit from the charity event but I’m assuming that it will be for Japan since she is Japanese and the country is still trying to get back on their feet. According to her blog the event will be held at a jazz house, so we can also assume that she will be performing some sort of jazz music.

I’m glad to see that Kago is getting back into the entertainment industry in Japan. From what I can remember she was making a lot more appearances in the U.S rather than Japan because she was unhappy with her life in Japan. Her charity event sort of hints that things have gotten better. Hopefully all fans can attend and support not only Kago but the beneficiary to the event too.

Her charity events are set for 6/5. The first one will be at 7:30pm and the second will be at 9pm.

Kago’s Blog Announcement

Kago Ai – “Ai KAGO meets JAZZ~The First Door LIVE” DVD Cover Released

26 03 2011

The cover for Kago Ai’s DVD titled Ai KAGO meets JAZZ~The First Door LIVE” has been released.

On the cover we get to see a close-up of Kago singing in front of a black background with white text in the middle of the image, and while I liked the way the cover looks I think they could have done a better job with it since there were a few details that stood out.

First of all the picture they used, it’s great to see that they wanted show Kago while she sang but I would have preferred to see a picture of her singing on stage in a Jazz club or posing alongside some Jazz instruments instead of simply a picture of her with her mouth open and holding her shirt, although the image of her singing deeply to an audience is clear in this image.

The second thing that seemed to stand out was the title since it is really hard to read, I had to check out the title on the HMV page before writing this post since I couldn’t read it clearly due to her sparkling earrings, and while the text fits with the black background it would have been great for them to move the text onto the black background or move the picture a bit more so that it stands out and is easy to read.

Overall the cover looks great and apart from a few things that didn’t seem to fit I liked the way the theme for the cover looks since we get to see Kago singing deeply in front of a simple black background while wearing a great outfit, and apart from the cover I hope that fans can buy the DVD to check out the great content that is included.

Since this DVD has also been postponed due to the Japan earthquake and tsunami we don’t really know when the DVD will be released but I will update when the date has been confirmed.

The release date hasn’t been announced.

Kago Ai Starts Diamond Blog

1 02 2011

Kago Ai started a new blog on Diamond Blog.

I’m not too big of a fan of Kago but looking on her blog page I’m quite amazed just by the banner. Her banner is the only one I’ve soon so far where it’s animated! It’s not much but it just shows Kago in different poses for the banner. Then the next bit that caught my eye was her navigation which are cute hearts floating by her banner which is also animated.

Her blog has a few posts as of right now and it’s just introducing her blog and some random posts about herself. One thing I noticed on her blog though is she has a gallery and it features Kago in different poses and shots which I think is a nice addition to her blog.

I think her blog is quite nice and this will probably be Kago’s communication method with fans so hopefully all Kago fans will bookmark her blog.

Kago Ai’s Blog

“Ai Kago meets Jazz~The First Door Live” DVD Announced

14 01 2011

Ai Kago meets Jazz~The First Door Live” DVD has been announced.

About a year ago Aibon released her 1st album which is titled exactly the same as this DVD (minus the DVD part) so with that being said I’m expecting this DVD will be the live performance of her 1st album songs or it’ll be a documentary of some sort about her 1st album release.

If this DVD is indeed her performing her 1st album I’m looking quite forward to it. Taking a look at her album setlist I’m know a lot of the songs listed and though I’m not a fan of jazz music just listening to Aibon and hearing how she’s changed throughout her career is enough for me. If this DVD is about her documentary I’d still find that quite interesting to see what she’s been up to since her Morning Musume/H!P days.

The only thing I’m sort of wondering about is why she waited so long to release the DVD after the album came out. The DVD release date and the album release date is almost a full year apart. In a way I understand that she’s not with UFA anymore and her releases won’t be as fast as the H!P artists but still it makes me wonder why the new agency she’s with (if she’s with any) would wait that long.

Hopefully all fans can reserve a copy of her DVD.

The release date is set for 3/23.

Amazon Product Page


DVD For Kago Ai’s Movie “Haunting Lover” Announced

25 06 2010

The DVD for a movie featuring Kago Ai titled Haunting Lover has been announced for release. Here is the cover of the DVD:

Although I don’t know the story of the movie clearly I have seen many trailers for the movie and I have to admit that it seems to be a great horror movie and with the included bonus of Kago Ai being one of the main characters it really is a must-have movie for Kago fans and everyone else who is interested in horror movies.

The site for the movie has the usual horror theme consisting of dark pictures and such, which is a great way of showing off the theme of the DVD, and while the site doesn’t offer much info apart from the story, DVD covers and some pictures it is a great way to promote the movie.

Hopefully the DVD sells well since Kago is a great actress and it would be great to see her in even more movies in the future.

The release date is set for 8/27.

“The Haunting Lover” Official Site

Kago Ai – “AI KAGO meets JAZZ ~The first door~” Tracklist and Cover Released

30 03 2010

1. how high the moon
2. night and day
3. blue moon
4. sunny
5. you’d be so nice to come home to
6. someone to watch over me
7. when you wish upon a star
8. fly me to the moon
9. over the rainbow
10. all of me
11. 17sai yo Sayounara

※bonus track

The cover and tracklist for Kago Ai’s 1st album titled AI KAGO meets JAZZ ~The first door~ have been released on Barks.

The tracklist is almost all in English (or Engrish) and I have to admit that some of the titles look interesting, even though I’m not a Jazz fan.

7 track titles have something related to the sky (moon, night, day, sunny, star, rainbow), which might hint at what the overall theme will be like, although it doesn’t suggest much about the type of Jazz sound it will have.

The cover is somewhat simple with Kago standing in front of a red curtain wearing a white dress, but it’s very elegant and a great way to start her album releases. Apart from the tracklist and cover Barks mentions release events in the following dates:

  • 4/5 Jz Brat (Tokyo)
  • 4/23 DOXY (Nagoya)
  • 4/24 WAZZ (Osaka)

I hope Kago fans can go and support her with her first album release since the titles look interesting, and hopefully the albums sells well.

The release date is set for 3/31.

Barks.jp Article About Kago Ai’s Album

Kago Ai 1st Album Announced

9 03 2010

Kago Ai’s 1st album after graduating from Hello! Project, currently untitled, has been announced. The album will be released on Avex and it will feature Jazz tracks.

The album was previously announced since January but the date seems to have been moved a week after, which is normal for most singles/albums since not much information has been released.

I’m somewhat excited to see what Kago can accomplish with this album since she seems to want to continue singing, and after the release of her single no hesitAtIon she might have wanted to try a different sound.

Hopefully we get more information about the album soon since it seems that Kago fans will be happy to hear her come back.

The release date is set for 3/31.

Neowing Page For Kago Ai’s Album