Hello! Project 2010 Winter Concert Tour ~Mobekimasu!~ & ~Shuffle Deeto!~ Blu-Ray Covers Released

9 07 2010

The covers for Hello! Project’s first Blu-ray releases for Hello! Project 2010 Winter Concert Tour ~Mobekimasu!~ & ~Shuffle Deeto!~ have been released on the official site.

As you can tell they are basically just slightly more square versions of the DVD and I am not really not that surprised about it since they are re-releases of concerts that are already available, but I have to admit that I still like how the covers look even though they seem to just have been pushed together.

Despite that the covers look ready for the release, and while I don’t expect to see previews from the UFA Youtube channel I do expect to see some uploads of the concert soon when it is released, so hopefully that is the case and everyone gets a chance to check it out and buy the Blu-rays to encourage UFA to release more in the future.

The release date is set for 8/4.

Official Page For H!P’s Shuffle Deeto Blu-ray

Official H!P Page For H!P’s Mobekimasu Blu-ray

“Hello! Project 2010 Winter Concert “~Mobekimasu~” & “~Shuffle Deeto~” Concert PB Announced

14 04 2010

Not the covers of the PB

A concert PB for Hello! Project’s latest concert tour titled LIVE TOUR PHOTO DOCUMENT 「Hello! Project 2010 Winter Concert “Kachou Fuugetsu ~Mobekimasu~” & “Kachou Fuugetsu ~Shuffle Deeto~」 has been announced.

According to description the PB will features interviews with Ai-chan, Shimizu Saki, Yajima Maimi, Mano Erina, and Wada Ayaka (the leaders of the groups) as well as backstage photos taken by some of the members.

I’m glad to see that more and more concerts are getting PBs since it is always interesting to see photos from the concerts along with the video performances on DVD, and the added bonus of having the two concerts in the same PB is a great addition since fans will get pictures from both concert tours.

Hopefully we get some previews soon since the description sounds promising.

The release date is set for 5/15.

E-hon Page For Hello! Project’s Winter Concert Tour 2010 PB

H!P Releases March 17

18 03 2010

3 releases today, Morning Musume’s 10th album and a DVD with all of the PVs for Shugo Chara related groups:

Morning Musume – 10 My Me: Morning Musume’s 10th album which debuted on the Oricon at #7. Here is the tracklist:

1. Moonlight night ~Tsukiyo no Ban da yo~
2. Kimagure Princess
3. Genki Pikappika!
4. Namidacchi
5. Onna ga Medatte Naze Ikenai
6. Ookii Hitomi
7. Ano Hi ni Modoritai
8. Nanchatte Renai
9. Osaka Oshiinen
10. Loving you forever
11. Shouganai Yume Oibito
12. Ame no Furanai Hoshi de wa Aisenai Darou? (Chinese Ver.)

As you can tell there are 12 tracks which consist of 4 single tracks that were already released and 8 new songs. Since the CD is made up of a lot of new tracks, and because I’m going to review the album later I will only choose my favorite 3 tracks and review them, so first:

Morning Musume – Namidacchi (Preview)

My absolute favorite from the album would have to be Namidacchi simply because of the great ballad and upbeat sound mixed together which make for a very unique song. The chorus and the bridge of the song are upbeat while the rest of the song seems to be made up of ballad lines divided among the members.

The bridge is basically rapping mixed in with a spoken part done by Niigaki, and I have to admit that it adds to the feeling of the song well. Overall this song is definitely among the many I listen to in the morning since it just brightens up my day.

Morning Musume – Ooki Hitomi (Preview)

The solo song for the 6th generation consisting of Kamei Eri, Michishige Sayumi and Tanaka Reina, which is somewhat of an electronic ballad since the intro, and most of the instrumental, is made up of heavy beats. The song is a powerful ballad with a catchy beat and great vocals.

Sayu is the only one who gets her voice “digitized” (hard to explain the effect but if you listen to Perfume then it won’t seem that different), and for the most part it adds a unique sound to the song and even though it seems that she doesn’t get any solo lines withotu that effect she does get a few lines here and there and during the chorus that are 100% Sayu.

Kamei and Reina do an incredibly good job singing their lines, and I especially love Kamei’s last solo line. This song is also among my favorites because of its power and unique beats mixed with the great vocals.

Morning Musume – Moonlight night ~Tsukiyo no Ban da yo~ (Preview)

Videos uploaded by: SprinklebunsKoharu

I have no idea what the “Electroconvulsive Therapy Part 1” intro was about but it added a unique twist to the already upbeat and random song. Everybody does an incredibly good job singing and the instrumental adds a bit of mystery to the upbeat song, especially during the start of the bridge of the song.

It’s one of the few songs which you find yourself humming to during the entire day since the beat is simply among the most catchy I have heard from this album.

Overall the entire album is easily one of their best in years since all of the tracks have something unique and catchy about them. The combination of more techno driven instrumentals with more unique sounds and vocals make for a well made album.

Hopefully fans get a chance to buy this album in some way to support the group (either online in CD form or through download at Japanfiles) since it is a great album that is worth a listen.

Shugo Chara! Clips ♪ Best: a PV compilation which features all of the PVs for Shugo Chara Egg! and Guardians 4, along with the PV for Buono’s Kokoro no Tamago. As a bonus the Guardians 4 release event is included on the DVD as well with special guests Buono! and Shugo Chara Egg!

For the most part the DVD is a great way to have all of the Shugo Chara related PVs, and while the only new video on the DVD is the release event it does make for a great addition to any fans collection.

The only video that is new from the DVD is the new version of Arigatou ~Ookiku Kansha!~:

Guardians 4, Shugo Chara Egg!, Buono – Arigatou ~Ookiku Kansha!~ (Live)

Video uploaded by: noridora11

This is the first performance I have seen with Tanabe Nanami, so I was interested to see how well she performed, and I’m glad to say that she did great although you could tell that all of the members of Shugo Chara Egg were a bit nervous, especially when next to Buono since Momo, Miyabi and Airi are among the most comfortable on stage, and even though I would have liked for them to speak up more I’m glad that Momo gave Nanami-chan a chance to talk (Momo’s reaction to her reply was really cute).

The song doesn’t have any choreography so most of the video is just all of the members standing in a line (from left to right: Shugo Chara Egg!, Guardians 4, and Buono!). The performance was fun to watch since we got a chance to see the members improvising moves.

The lines are split up evenly and they follow a regular pattern: Mitsui->Fukumura->Sugaya->Tanabe->Kumai->Saho->Nakajima->Maeda->Buono! member (Momoko, Miyabi then Airi)->All. It seems that Buono! members got better lines since they all sang about 2-3 lines after everyone had gone, which actually turned out pretty well since they all know how to sing well.

The performance overall was a great one since everyone got a chance to stand out and while there was no choreography the music and the cute improvised moves of the girls managed to liven up the performance.

Overall I definitely recommend this DVD to all Guardians 4, Shugo Chara Egg!, and Buono fans since it is basically a collection of all of their PVs (Buono only gets one PV but they already released a DVD collection of their own).

The next release date is set for 3/24 with the Hello! Project BEST SHOT PB featuring Tsugunaga Momoko, Sugaya Risako, Yajima Maimi, Suzuki Airi and Mano Erina.

Hello! Project Winter 2010 Concert Kachou Fuugetsu ~Shuffle Deeto~ DVD Cover Released

7 03 2010

The cover for Hello! Project’s Concert Tour Winter 2010 Kachou Fuugetsu ~Shuffle Deeto~ DVD has been released on the official site.

I’m glad to see that they included all of the shuffle groups in the cover since there are a lot of them (High King, Tanpopo #, ZYX-a, Shin Mini Moni, Pucchimoni V, Aa!, Guardians 4, Zoku Biyuuden, and Buono!). I like how most of the bottom half is taken by the logo for the concert since it makes it easier to identify among other DVDs.

This is also one of the first times many fans will see the new costumes for the groups and as you can tell there are many great ones (Buono!, Aa!, Zoku Biyuuden and ZYX-a) and some that are among that many in H!P that make us notice the costumes more than the song itself (High King, Pucchimoni V, and Tanpopo #).

The background is a solid black which is not that exciting but slightly better than an overpowering color. Despite that the cover looks incredible since all of the members are present and even though some of them are in more than one shuffle group (Airi and Miyabi) it was an overall fair cover for everyone.

Hopefully the cover for the accompanying concert tour titled Kachou Fuugetsu ~Mobekimasu~ is released soon as well.

The release date is set for 3/31.

Official H!P Profile Page For Hello! Project’s ~Shuffle Deeto~ DVD

EDIT: Bigger Cover added

“Shugo Chara! Clips ♪ Best” DVD Cover and Tracklist Released

3 03 2010

  • Going On! / Guardians 4
  • PARTY TIME / Guardians 4
  • School Days / Guardians 4
  • Omakase♪Guardian / Guardians 4
  • Shugo Shugo! / Shugo Chara Egg!
  • Minna no Tamago / Shugo Chara Egg!
  • Arigatou ~Ookiku Kansha!~ / Shugo Chara Egg!
  • Kokoro no Tamago (Dance Shot Ver.) / Buono!
  • Guardians 4「Going On!」Official Release Event!!
    [Guest appearance]Shugo Chara Egg!・Buono!

The cover and tracklist for the DVD PV compilation titled Shugo Chara! Clips ♪ Best which will feature PVs from Buono!, Shugo Chara Egg!, and Guardians 4 has been released.

For the most part the cover is interesting since it features a group shot of all of the Shugo Chara groups with Shugo Chara Egg! in their normal costumes (including Tanabe Nanami), Buono in their Our Songs outfits and Guardians 4 wearing their Going On! costumes.

For some reason (accidental or not) the back members are positioned in such a way that the tallest members are in the ends with the shortest members near the middle (Maeda seems to be the shortest although Momo is close) and I have to admit that I like the effect since it centers the attention on the center of the DVD.

The tracklist isn’t that surprising although there are a few exclusions, such as the video for Shugo Chara Egg’s Arigatuou ~Ookiku Kansha!~ which should be interesting to see since it might be the first PV from them in a while.

Overall the DVD is so far looking great with a great quantity of videos for Guardians 4 and Shugo Chara Egg fans plus a few videos for Buono fans.

The release date is set for 3/17.

Nakayosi Site With Shugo Chara! Clips Best DVD Information

Guardians 4, Shugo Chara Egg!, Buono! – “Shugo Chara! Song ♪ Best” Album Covers Released

11 02 2010

Left – Regular / Right – CD+DVD Edition

CD Tracklist

01.Arigatou ~Ookiku Kansha!~ / Shugo Chara Egg!
02.Going On! / Guardians 4
03.Watashi no Tamago / Shugo Chara Egg
04.PARTY TIME / Guardians 4
05.School Days / Shugo Chara Egg! Ver.
06.School Days / Guardians 4
07.Omakase Guardian / Shugo Chara Egg! Ver.
08.Omakase Guardian / Guardians 4
09.Shugo Shugo! / Shugo Chara Egg!
10.Minna no Tamago! / Shugo Chara Egg!
11.Minna Daisuki / Buono!
12.Kokoro no Tamago / Buono!
13.Arigatou~Ookiku Kansha!~ / Guardians 4 ・Shugo Chara Egg! ・Buono!

The covers for Shugo Chara Egg, Guardian 4, and Buono’s album titled Shugo Chara! Song ♪ Best have been released. The tracklist has also been confirmed to be the one that was released in January.

For the most part the covers don’t stand out too much since they seem to have only copied the group pictures on to a pink background and finished, although I have to admit that the CD+DVD version looks a lot better better since all of the members appear in spade, heart, diamond or clover cutouts.

One thing I’m glad to see is that they included the original lineup of Shugo Chara Egg! since they do sing a fair amount of songs on the album. The pink seems to be overused but at least it appeals to the target audience which is probably younger girl fans of the anime.

Hopefully the album sells decently well since it is a great opportunity for fans of any of the Shugo Chara! groups to own all of their songs (in the case of Buono, just 2 songs).

The release date is set for 3/10.

Nakayosi Page For Shugo Chara!Album

H!P Releases February 3

3 02 2010

Three releases today, Buono’s 10th single and Guardians 4’s Single V for their 4th single:

Buono! – Our Songs: Buono’s 10th single which debuted at #6 on the Oricon. The c/w is titled MIRACLE HAPPY LOVE SONG and it was released in both regular and limited versions.

The covers feature Buono in front of a blue background while star confetti falls around them, the only difference between the two versions are the poses the members are doing. Out of the two my favorite would have to be the regular version since it gives us a closer picture of the girls, but the poses on the limited version are great as well.

The a-side Our Songs features an impressive but calm song that is somewhat catchy but still incredible nonetheless. The rhythm is mostly the same throughout the song but the vocals are some of the best I have seen from Buono.


Video uploaded by: sada956

The b-side features a more heavier punk sound which is combined with a similarly calm singing style as the a-side, but the thing that stands out more is how the fast instrumental mixes in perfectly with the upbeat but calm singing.

Overall I have to say I am very impressed with both the A and B side since they both complement each other very well. The a-side has a calm and laid back rhythm while the b-side is more fast and upbeat, but they both have something in common: Buono’s incredible rock sound.

Both versions are recommended to fans of Buono and fans of H!P who are looking for a more rock filled song to accompany their upbeat songs from H!P.

Guardians 4 – Going On! (Single V): The Single V for Guardians 4’s 4th single which features a dance shot, Making-Of, and the normal version of the PV. The Single V debuted on the Oricon charts at #16.

The normal version of the PV seems to have a basic cute theme to it which actually looks a lot better than what it sounds. It features a lion as a director and an elephant and a mouse as the camera crew, and most of the PV features Guardians 4 dancing in a small house, singing into mics (similar to a recording session), and also some scenes from the anime.

Guardians 4 – Going On! (Dance Shot Ver)

Video uploaded by: KanonChii

The dance shot for the most part is self explanatory since it basically features all of the Guardians 4 members dancing along to the song in the small yellow house.

The dance is really interesting to watch since it features some steps that weren’t shown in the normal PV version in a new camera angle (I’m guessing it was taken by the elephant).

Kumai is not amused

Not surprisingly I haven’t watched the Making Of (for some reason I rarely see them) but from the few screen shots I did see it seems to be interesting since it features many behind the scenes clips of how the PV was filmed along with a few moments were the Guardians 4 members meet the staff for the PV:

Kumai seems to be cutely afraid of the new crew … or she needs to go to the bathroom

Overall the Single V is perfect for those who want to learn the dance since the main focus seems to be of the dance shot, but I definitely recommend it to any Guardians 4 fan because it’s also a great collection item since it has the Making Of and the normal PV as well.

The next release date is set for 2/10 with Morning Musume’s 42nd single, Buono’s 3rd album, and Berryz Koubou’s Medachitai concert DVD.