Kusumi Koharu Model Guest On “Kobe” Fashion Show

11 08 2011

Kusumi Koharu is set to be a model guest on the 2011 Fall/Winter Kobe Collection Fashion Show.

As some might remember, Koha has been features in CanCan magazine a few month ago, which is a very popular fashion magazine, and she has stated that it was a dream of hers to be featured there, so I’m really happy to see that her modeling career is slowly starting to evolve since she will be in the Kobe Collection fashion show as a model guest among many other celebrities and fashion people.

Even though I usually don’t pay that much attention to fashion shows, I’m always delighted to see H!P and ex-H!P members take part in those since it’s one of the many ways to promote themselves, and the nice thing about Koha’s appearance is that she is stated under the category “Guest Model” with a little flower saying Debut on her picture, which might drag more attention to her, people being curious to know what she’s capable of, and hopefully this will help her get noticed.

They seem to have given each model a link to their official site/blog (thanks to Estelle for the correction) for the event where many info are displayed, and in Koha’s case, it’s a link to her official site in her agency and she has a huge recent picture of her along with a banner on the top featuring links to her blog, links to purchase her releases,etc… as well as a little space where her recent activity is featured and a little menu (Home, Profile, Media, Discography,etc…).

Overall, I’m really happy for Koha since she’ll finally be able to do what she has always wanted to after graduating, so hopefully she’ll enjoy herself in her modeling career.

Hopefully everyone can take a look at her website and specially the gallery!

The show will take place on 9/4.

Kobe Collection Fashion Show guests list

Kusumi Koharu official website

Dream Morning Musume Concert Tour 2011 Spring PB Cover Released

23 07 2011

The cover for the PB release of Dream Morning Musume’s Concert Tour 2011 Haru no Mai ~Sotsugyousei DE Saikessei~ has been released.

I was a bit surprised to see that the cover for the PB release is a bit similar to the one Momusu will have since apart from the info and the color of the bottom bar they have the exact same layout (most likely because BLT seems to overuse the layout with all of it’s releases): black bar at the top, the color of the letters are the same as the Momusu PB, a bar on the bottom with info about the content, as well as a vertical picture of the concert, but despite that it’s still a great cover.

We get to see all 10 members of Dream Morning Musume posing and singing while in concert, and while the picture could have been a bit better I was impressed with the energy coming from some of the members, mainly Rika, Koha, Yuko, as well as Yaguchi, and while we haven’t seen any previews it seems like this PB will be amazing since the bottom right picture does a good job of showing of the intensity of the event.

We should get previews sometime soon, or if not then there will most likely be a few around the beginning of August, but hopefully fans reserve their copy of the PB since it’s the perfect way to enjoy the concert fully.

The release date is set for 8/3.

BLT Site For Dream Morning Musume’s Concert PB

Kusumi Koharu FC Birthday Event Announced

24 06 2011

A FC birthday event for Kusumi Koharu titled Kusumi Koharu Birthday Event ~Otanjoubi Kai~ has been announced on the M-line FC site.

Koha will turn 19 years old in less than a month so I’m really happy to see that she will be getting a few FC events for her birthday since it gives her a chance to meet her fans while they show their support for her, and while it will only be a day it’s great to see that there will be three performances that day.

I’m not sure if she will perform since the times are a bit too close with about one hour and 30 minutes in between each one of the times, but I hope she can at least sing a few songs or talk about her future plans and what she hopes to do.

Hopefully fans who are in the area can go to the events since it seems like the perfect way to wish her a happy birthday and since her birthday is a few days before the event it seems like the perfect time for her to celebrate with family and friends and then have an event a few days later.

The event will be on 7/17 at Pacific Heaven at 13:30 / 15:30 / 17:30.

FC M-line Site

Kusumi Koharu Will Appear In The Fashion Magazine CanCam

23 06 2011

Kusumi Koharu will appear in the August issue of the popular fashion magazine CanCam in a 10 page spread.

Cover of the magazine

According to her it was her dream to be a model for the magazine since she was in elementary.

Here are a few images of the magazine featuring Koha:

I don’t usually keep up with the latest fashion news so I don’t know which magazine is the most popular in Japan, but if the Wikipedia page for CanCam is right then this is a pretty big event for Koha since the magazine started quite a while ago in 1981 and it usually features 500,000 copies in circulation each month – which is a fairly good indicator that this magazine is really popular and since this is a real fashion magazine instead of the usual idol fashion magazine it’s a great indicator that Koha is becoming a serious fashion model.

I’m really happy to see that Koha has become one of the models since she is really talented and a really good model, and if she manages to regularly appear then she would have reached her goal to be a senzoku model (an exclusive CanCam model), which is even better, but for now she has only appeared once which is still pretty amazing.

Hopefully fans can buy a copy of the magazine to support Koha and to also enjoy a 10 page spread with her modeling in various outfits, and while it’s only her first appearance and we don’t know if she will appear again I really hope that she will since this is a really big step in her modeling career and a great way for her to become a popular fashion model.

The magazine is on sale from 6/23 (today).

CanCam Site

Kusumi Koharu Blog Entry

Official Koharu Site

Amazon.jp Site

EDIT: Here are a few scans of the magazine:

“Morning Musume Single Clips 6 DVD” Cover Released

29 03 2011

“Morning Musume Single Clips 6 DVD” Cover has been released.

The cover looks as if they took the 45th single cover and simply added on Koharu, Linlin, Junjun and Eri at the bottom. Everyone except the 4 mentioned earlier are using the outfits from the 45th single. Eri, Junjun, Linlin and Koharu seem to be using the outfits from the last single they appeared in. (Koharu using Kimagure Princess outfit) It’s hard to tell since it is a head shot but it’d be the most logical to use since it’s the most recent picture of the member and I’m assuming since Koharu is featured on the cover Kimagure Princess is also included in the DVD.

I think it’s quite creative that they were able to incorporate the graduated members onto the DVD. They match the Maji desu ka ska theme and it looks as if they are still a part of the group.

In the bottom corner in a green cloud it features the title in pink and blue block letters. The colors are strange, they don’t really match each other and are all dominate colors but it adds to the youthful feel of the cover and it isn’t too distracting since it’s been put in the little corner.

Overall I love the cover and hopefully all fans feel the same way.

Please support Morning Musume and purchase a copy when it’s released.

The release date is set for 4/13.

H!P Page Info

H!P Events Cancelled Due To The Recent Earthquake

14 03 2011

Due to the recent 8.9 magnitude earthquake in Japan a few H!P events have been canceled.

The following have been cancelled:

  • Mano Erina, Yoshizawa Hitomi, and Kusumi Koharu’s event
  • C-ute’s Fukuoka appearance
  • Berryz Koubou’s concert on 3/12 in Sendai
  • Berryz Koubou’s upcoming FC events
  • Abe Natsumi’s Hokkaido Bus Tour
  • C-ute’s Hawaii FC Tour
  • S/mileage’s Limited Live “S/mile Factory”

Also, Berryz Koubou members are refraining from updating their Serend mini blogs until further notice as well, and this weeks FIVE STARS shows have been canceled.

UFA also released a message about the tragedy expressing their deepest sympathy, they also mentioned that concerts and events are being rescheduled.

S/mileage staff are also considering the fate of S/mileage’s Limited Live “S/mile Factory”, so I will update if any other news are released.

UF Page About The Cancellations

UFA’s Message About the Tragedy

All members have been confirmed to be safe via their Twitter and blogs, for a small list of confirmations please check out the list after the break (all information below from dreamtiny).

Please consider donating for the relief of Japan earthquake victims, here is a link to the Red Cross to donate, just select the “Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami option and click continue to follow the instructions on the screen. You can also donate through iTunes, just look for the Red Cross and you can donate $5, $10, $25, $50, $100 and $200, all donations will be anonymous and the Red Cross won’t be able to access your personal information.

Also all calls and texts from a wireless number on AT&T to Japan are now free from March 11 to 31st from US and Puerto Rico so please contact your loved ones.

Red Cross Japan Donation

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Dream Morning Musume Announces Fall Concert Currently “Untitled”

28 01 2011

Dream Morning Musume announced that they will be holding a Fall concert currently “Untitled

The news is on their official site and the concerts will start somewhere in September 2011.

Other than that announcement nothing else is known. I’m really surprised to hear that they’ve announced another concert before the 1st one even began! Hearing about another concert I’m also excited because the Fall concert could be used to promote the album, so if there are any new songs we’ll be able to hear it performed live, which I find more better than the studio version.

Pre-sale tickets for the concert is currently available and the concert is planned for 9/2011.

Dream Morning Musume’s Official Site