“Morning Musume Single Clips 6 DVD” Cover Released

29 03 2011

“Morning Musume Single Clips 6 DVD” Cover has been released.

The cover looks as if they took the 45th single cover and simply added on Koharu, Linlin, Junjun and Eri at the bottom. Everyone except the 4 mentioned earlier are using the outfits from the 45th single. Eri, Junjun, Linlin and Koharu seem to be using the outfits from the last single they appeared in. (Koharu using Kimagure Princess outfit) It’s hard to tell since it is a head shot but it’d be the most logical to use since it’s the most recent picture of the member and I’m assuming since Koharu is featured on the cover Kimagure Princess is also included in the DVD.

I think it’s quite creative that they were able to incorporate the graduated members onto the DVD. They match the Maji desu ka ska theme and it looks as if they are still a part of the group.

In the bottom corner in a green cloud it features the title in pink and blue block letters. The colors are strange, they don’t really match each other and are all dominate colors but it adds to the youthful feel of the cover and it isn’t too distracting since it’s been put in the little corner.

Overall I love the cover and hopefully all fans feel the same way.

Please support Morning Musume and purchase a copy when it’s released.

The release date is set for 4/13.

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8 responses

29 03 2011

The way the cover is…it makes me wish this was the current Morning Musume. How epic would that have been?!

30 03 2011

I think that would’ve been amazing! I would totally love it! Though I think Tsunku tries to stray away from any number higher than 10 so it’ll never happen >.<

30 03 2011

ya, I think you’re right. But I think the highest number Musume was was either 14 or 15? Just a guess :P

30 03 2011

yea that was 14/15ish, and tsunku commented that that would be the last time the group gets that many members

30 03 2011


It would truly be SOO AMAZING if this was the current Morning Musume.. D;

30 03 2011

if this was the current morning musume, that would be EPIC.
like really, the best morning musume lineup ever.
it would be a win!!

30 03 2011

Ughh that line-up. Koha fits right in with 9th gen above her. D:

It’s really weird that the cover is so “youthful” and cheerful looking when aside from Maji Desu ka Ska and maybe Seishun Collection, all of the other PVs are kind of mature/dark and have mature song lyrics about relationships to match… XD 9th gen changes everything!
Now it all depends on the next single…Will Tsunku go mature or keep it genki? With that title you can never tell. :/

31 03 2011

This line-up should have been the real one. Graduations be damned.

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