Morning Musume OG Concert Tour 2011 Announced

24 12 2010

A concert tour for Morning Musume OG titled Dream Morning Musume Concert Tour 2011 Haru no Mai ~Sotsugyousei DE Saikessei~ has been announced.

Acording to the announcement Nakazawa Yuko, Iida Kaori, Abe Natsumi, Yasuda Kei, Yaguchi Mari, Ishikawa Rika, Yoshizawa Hitomi, Tsuji Nozomi, Ogawa Makoto, Fujimoto Miki, and Kusumi Koharu will be participating in the concert tour (basically everyone except Konno Asami).

I’m glad to see that they decided to do a Morning Musume OG tour since it has been a while since we last saw them perform together, and while Konno won’t be able to perform (most likely because she is busy at training for her TV Tokyo announcer job) it will most likely be a great tour for all OG fans since we will be able to see most of OG performing H!P classics.

We don’t know what the setlist may contain but it will most likely have many solo songs from each one of the solo artists (Nakazawa, Iida, Abe, Yaguchi, and Fujimoto) as well as some group performances, which should be very interesting to see since we will get a chance to hear many great songs being performed by OG members.

For now we don’t know what to expect from the tour, but hopefully OG fans buy their tickets to enjoy this unique and impressing concert tour when it starts in April.

The concert will feature the following dates:

Date Venue Concert starts
04/23 Chuukyou Daigaku Bunka Shimin Kaikan Aurora Hall 15:00 / 18:30
05/01 Amagasaki Shi Sougou Bunka Sentaru Kaikkunoru 14:30 / 18:00
05/04 Nakano Sun Plaza 15:00 / 18:30
05/05 Nakano Sun Plaza 14:00 / 18:00
05/07 NHK Osaka Hall 15:00 / 18:30
05/15 Yokosu ka Geijutsu Gekijou 15:00 / 18:30
05/21 Hiroshima ALSOK Hall 13:30 / 17:00
05/29 Beishia Bunka Hall (Gunba Kenmin Kaikan) Dai Hall 15:00 / 18:30

Official UFA Page For Momusu OG Concert Tour



13 responses

24 12 2010

Tad disappointed that Konkon won’t be participating, but it’ll be interesting to see how Koha performs–will she use her voice, or her Kirari-voice? XD
I like the OG vocals, so it’ll be nice to hear them perform together again. I would very much adore live harmonies X3

8 01 2011

Koha will obviously not use kirari voice since the anime ended way before her graduation,wish if u follow up morning musume concerts afer that u will realize she started to use her own tone of voice after that…so much likely she will be using her own yeiiihhh =D wish is not that bad maybe not perfect compare to Abe or Miki’s voices but ok.

24 12 2010

This is definitely gonna sell :D I’m sure they’ll sing a bunch of old MoMusu singles. I look forward to a DVD, and hearing retired songs (well, MM hasn’t been performing them lately) like Happy Summer Wedding, Summer Night Town, etc.

24 12 2010

Does Eri count as an OG now? I guess Junjun and Linlin don’t if they go back to China.

24 12 2010

I think Eri graduated from UFA as well and since she stated that she wanted to graduate to get her condition under control it would defeat the purpose of her graduation if she came back in 4 months to perform in another concert as an OG XD

Eri will most likely be back once she’s ready, but Jun Jun and Lin Lin are apparently getting ready for their debut in China, so they will most likely not attend, but I wish the best of luck to them ^_^

25 12 2010

Well, the OG’s schedules are usually a lot less stressful than MM’s. But she really graduated from UFA too? She’s completely gone like Kago/Maki/Sayaka/etc.??

25 12 2010

She’s not gone like them, but I think she will be taking a break from the entertainment business for a while, she mentioned that she wants to come back and Tsunku also said that he will talk to her about her future career, so I don’t think it will be the last we hear of Eri ^_^

24 12 2010

Awww no Konkon?! She has such a cute voice. Never the less, this will be an amazing concert tour.

24 12 2010

Looking forward to this concert :) It’d be soooo interesting if they sang some of Morning Musume’s newest singles (Like Kimagure Princess) Wouldn’t seeing them perform the song be fun? Plus seeing the line distribution would be interesting too.

25 12 2010

Yossie! Koha! Mikitty! Nono! I love them all :*
I’m glad to see this announcement~

26 12 2010

I can’t wait to se the setlist!
I’d love to see all of (ecspecaly Nacchi and Nonos) energy that the members have!!!!!

to bad konno wont be there, I would rather have Konno than Kusumi (not that I don’t like Kusumi I think she is great to)

1 01 2011
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[…] 早安少女組。OG今個年旅行日本喇!  我希望佢哋也到訪英國呀, 我想見面飯田圭織, 送禮情信畀佢喇。 […]

22 01 2011

Aww… No KonKon? That sucks… But I guess we’re missing Maki and Kago, but I don’t think they’d come since they no longer work for UFA, especially Kago.
Btw, does anyone know if Aibon and Nono still talk?

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