Kusumi Koharu Model Guest On “Kobe” Fashion Show

11 08 2011

Kusumi Koharu is set to be a model guest on the 2011 Fall/Winter Kobe Collection Fashion Show.

As some might remember, Koha has been features in CanCan magazine a few month ago, which is a very popular fashion magazine, and she has stated that it was a dream of hers to be featured there, so I’m really happy to see that her modeling career is slowly starting to evolve since she will be in the Kobe Collection fashion show as a model guest among many other celebrities and fashion people.

Even though I usually don’t pay that much attention to fashion shows, I’m always delighted to see H!P and ex-H!P members take part in those since it’s one of the many ways to promote themselves, and the nice thing about Koha’s appearance is that she is stated under the category “Guest Model” with a little flower saying Debut on her picture, which might drag more attention to her, people being curious to know what she’s capable of, and hopefully this will help her get noticed.

They seem to have given each model a link to their official site/blog (thanks to Estelle for the correction) for the event where many info are displayed, and in Koha’s case, it’s a link to her official site in her agency and she has a huge recent picture of her along with a banner on the top featuring links to her blog, links to purchase her releases,etc… as well as a little space where her recent activity is featured and a little menu (Home, Profile, Media, Discography,etc…).

Overall, I’m really happy for Koha since she’ll finally be able to do what she has always wanted to after graduating, so hopefully she’ll enjoy herself in her modeling career.

Hopefully everyone can take a look at her website and specially the gallery!

The show will take place on 9/4.

Kobe Collection Fashion Show guests list

Kusumi Koharu official website



4 responses

11 08 2011

The “official site” is actually Koharus profile page at her agency J.P. ROOM. Other links from the pictures lead to Ameba blogs and other official or agency websites of the participants.

11 08 2011

Thanks for clearing this out I was wondering why she was given an official site xD
I’ll edit the post right away thanks again ^_^

11 08 2011

You’re welcome ;).

11 08 2011

I am so ahppy to see that Koha-chan is becoming popular in her new modelling world. She was always one of my big favourites. I am glad that her dreams are coming true ^^

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