Kusumi Koharu FC Birthday Event Announced

24 06 2011

A FC birthday event for Kusumi Koharu titled Kusumi Koharu Birthday Event ~Otanjoubi Kai~ has been announced on the M-line FC site.

Koha will turn 19 years old in less than a month so I’m really happy to see that she will be getting a few FC events for her birthday since it gives her a chance to meet her fans while they show their support for her, and while it will only be a day it’s great to see that there will be three performances that day.

I’m not sure if she will perform since the times are a bit too close with about one hour and 30 minutes in between each one of the times, but I hope she can at least sing a few songs or talk about her future plans and what she hopes to do.

Hopefully fans who are in the area can go to the events since it seems like the perfect way to wish her a happy birthday and since her birthday is a few days before the event it seems like the perfect time for her to celebrate with family and friends and then have an event a few days later.

The event will be on 7/17 at Pacific Heaven at 13:30 / 15:30 / 17:30.

FC M-line Site




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