Kusumi Koharu Will Appear In The Fashion Magazine CanCam

23 06 2011

Kusumi Koharu will appear in the August issue of the popular fashion magazine CanCam in a 10 page spread.

Cover of the magazine

According to her it was her dream to be a model for the magazine since she was in elementary.

Here are a few images of the magazine featuring Koha:

I don’t usually keep up with the latest fashion news so I don’t know which magazine is the most popular in Japan, but if the Wikipedia page for CanCam is right then this is a pretty big event for Koha since the magazine started quite a while ago in 1981 and it usually features 500,000 copies in circulation each month – which is a fairly good indicator that this magazine is really popular and since this is a real fashion magazine instead of the usual idol fashion magazine it’s a great indicator that Koha is becoming a serious fashion model.

I’m really happy to see that Koha has become one of the models since she is really talented and a really good model, and if she manages to regularly appear then she would have reached her goal to be a senzoku model (an exclusive CanCam model), which is even better, but for now she has only appeared once which is still pretty amazing.

Hopefully fans can buy a copy of the magazine to support Koha and to also enjoy a 10 page spread with her modeling in various outfits, and while it’s only her first appearance and we don’t know if she will appear again I really hope that she will since this is a really big step in her modeling career and a great way for her to become a popular fashion model.

The magazine is on sale from 6/23 (today).

CanCam Site

Kusumi Koharu Blog Entry

Official Koharu Site

Amazon.jp Site

EDIT: Here are a few scans of the magazine:



11 responses

23 06 2011

Her hair suits her so much like this and she just looks gorgeous!

There are better scans on the picboard @ H!O if you want ^_^

23 06 2011

Thank you! ^o^
I’ll add the scans as soon as I can ^_^

23 06 2011


23 06 2011

soo prettyy! :)
im happy for you, koharu!!

23 06 2011

This isn’t just nosebleed-worthy. My head just exploded out of sheer Koharu-hotness!

23 06 2011

This is the same magazine that the famous model/actresses Yamada Yuu and Itou Misaki got famous from, so this is quite a big step. Hurray!

23 06 2011
Lexie Stabio

Omg! Koharu has really matured! She’s so beautiful. The fourth scan is my favorite. :)

23 06 2011

Koharu is so beautiful!I love every scan,she looks pretty in anything she wears :D

24 06 2011

loved the third scan, had no clue who koharu was before this, (or even what group she was from…) but she is very cute! I like her a whole lot better than Reina Tanaka, who I don’t like at all….. <- I have no clue how reina sings, (I listen to Morning Musume, but I can't recognize their voices) but I don't like her look, her mouth is just odd to me, she'll have part of her hair up in that weird high ponytail with that weird cat mouth thing she does….. I dont know, it just weirds me out….. Anyway, good job Koharu-chan! You look very mature next to your cute coffee cup!

24 06 2011

Very beauty! xDD
Koharu certainly has grown into her looks. A lovely young lady she is!

24 06 2011
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