“Meet Tokyo Girl” Episode 7 Summary

11 07 2009

Jang Dayun 123414

This weeks episode is the end of the auditions and at the end of the episode the winner is announced (who everyone knows is Jang Dayun). The episode starts with the girls seeing the stage where they are going to perform at Berryz Koubou’s concert, and when they are all asked to say what they think about it, they all reply it’s big.

They all practice and then there is a long monologue about the girls and how they are all great friends, and then there is a mini-montage of the girls they show in parts with moments from the start of the audition. At the middle they are visited by Shimizu and they are wished good luck and get to watch Berryz Koubou rehearse before they go back to the second mini-montage part.

After another break from the mini-montage the families meet up with them at the waiting room and wish them good luck, and they are also greeted by the eliminated members who wish them luck, then they show the final third mini-montage part. After the montage is over it’s performance day and the girls perform in front of the audience with everyone commenting on how Dayun got a lot of cheers when she sang.

Tsunku arrives and after the Berryz Koubou concert is over he gets on stage and he starts congratulating the girls on how they have all improved. Then he starts naming the girls that are eliminated in order: Soojin, Chohye, Dawon, Yerin, Yumi.

Sori, Dayun, and Yunsoo are the last girls left and Tsunku compliments them before saying “However only one person can join Hello! Pro” and he then announces Jang Dayun as the winner, walks slowly to her, gives her some flowers and returns slowly like nothing happened back to where he was while smiling. The ones who lost are sad but they congratulate her and meet up with everyone outside where they take pictures, talk, and congratulate Dayun.

After that the show ends with a close-up of Jang Dayun with a somewhat sad song, and from that I guess the show has ended. Congratulations to Jang Dayun, and I hope she enjoys being a member of H!P. Thanks to itsmiina @ H!O for summarizing the episodes and making it easier for us to understand what was going on.

Full summary of the episode is HERE (Credit: itsmiina)

“Meet Tokyo Girl” Episode 6 Summary

3 07 2009

Meet Tokyo Girl 23723

On this week’s episode Tsunku praised the girls on a job well done in Japan. After that they return to Korea to find out the results of the next elimination, and Tsunku does an interesting thing here, he says he judged them based on how they would fit in H!P, and two girls were eliminated from today’s episode:

Oh Mina - Meet Tokyo Girl 912903 Park Sohyun - Meet Tokyo Girl 23342

(Left – Oh Mina, Right – Park Sohyun)

Tsunku says that Oh Mina doesn’t have an image that fits well with H!P. I kind of expected Park Sohyun to get eliminated since I first saw her, in my opinion she doesn’t have that H!P image. Oh Mina also didn’t have that H!P image, but she had somewhat more confidence, but she lacked character.

After the elimination Tsunku gives them a new mission, to dance and sing “3,2,1 BREAKIN’ OUT” at Berryz Koubou’s mini-concert in Korea as the opening act. Jang Dayun soon slips and gets hurt two weeks before the performance, but she tries her best to get better quick because she wants to perform.

Yumi starts feeling sick and she goes to the hospital to not infect anyone. The girls meet up with various celebrities and then they perform on MCountDown, with the crowd not excited but cheering at the end. Everything kind of went well apart from their voices not coming out right, and the mics being somewhat heavier (nervous, maybe?)

At the end of the episode it’s time for the Berryz Koubou mini-concert performance and the girls are getting their hair done before the show with all of them nervous. The next episode will feature their last performance together and the announcement of Jang Dayun as winner, and from there on I guess we will see how she trains and settles in Japan to become part of H!P.

Full summary of the episode is HERE (Credit to itsmiina @ H!O)

“Meet Tokyo Girl” Episode 5 Summary

26 06 2009

Meet Tokyo Girl 234231

The winner might have been announced but there are still some shows of the girls training left. The rest of the shows will probably feature Jang Dayun settling in Japan and training, so it’s not really that much of info, so I’ll just post what happened without a spoiler tag (since the winner has already been announced).

According to itsmiina @ H!O, most of the beginning of the episode was the instructor yelling at them. Nothing that surprising if you have seen Morning Musume audition shows where the winners had to practice dance lessons and singing lessons.

They then are given $20 each and told to buy their outfit for their performance in an hour limit, then they go to a salon where H!P members get their hair and makeup done (Jang Dayung will probably still get to come back as an H!P member).

After that Morning Musume made an appearance with the 2PM members/MC’s where they talk about the girls and what they are performing, and it ends with Risa telling the girls to “Look towards your dreams and try your best!”. The auditionee girls then meet up with C-ute where they talk about the instructor yelling at them, with Yajima telling them that it’s out of love (I guess the instructor loves them a lot).

They then perform (with the girls confused at the items they bought beforehand) and for the most part the instructor critiques them well and gives them nice comments. The girls apparently had fun with performing although they were nervous, which is understandable since most of them haven’t gotten used to performing.

The episode for the most part was a great way to find out more about Jang Dayun, since we know that she is the winner we can focus more on her and find out what her personality is. Next week the girls perform on Mnet Countdown (which is apparently a really popular cable music show) and they meet up with some Korean celebrities.

For the full summary please check HERE, credit to itsmiina @ H!O for the summary.

The Winner Of The Korean Auditions, Jang Dayun

21 06 2009

Jang Dayun 2372082

The winner of the Korean auditions has been revealed at Berryz Koubou’s mini-concert in Korea to be Jang Dayun (장다연). HERE is her profile at the official MNET page, and here is her audition video:

Like expected a Tsunku choice, she wasn’t the one to sing the best but she wasn’t the worst either, an “unpolished gem” in some terms.

Tsunku might have some other surprises waiting for us, there is at least one more episode of “Meet Tokyo Girl” that hasn’t aired and he had already stated on the show that he wanted to make a new unit, but I guess we will have to wait and find out.

EDIT: Not that big of an update but Tsunku has confirmed that the winner is Jang Dayun on his blog HERE. And he even posted some pics with her:

Jang Dayun 9203942Jang Dayun 2083401

(Dayun looks really happy)

Tsunku also mentioned something about there being only one winner, so I’m not that sure if that reduces the possibilty of there being some more activity with the rest of the participants, I guess we will have to wait and see what happens.

The H!P site has also confirmed the news HERE.

“Meet Tokyo Girl” Episode 4 Results

19 06 2009

Meet Toyko Girl 81082

I usually planned on doing a post about this show when someone was eliminated but I ended up thinking it was a better idea to continue and do a short post of what happened on the remaining shows since there are not that many left (info from itsmiina @ H!O).

I will still put the information after the break so as not to spoil the episode for those who haven’t seen it. Continue reading if you want to find out what happened on this week’s episode.

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“Meet Tokyo Girl” 2nd Elimination Results

12 06 2009


Like the last time I will put the results after a break to not spoil the results for anyone who hasn’t seen the episode. Just a short comment before, I was surprised about what Tsunku said, and also because of the results.

If you want to find out what happened please keep reading.

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Finalist Of Korean Audition To Be Revealed At Berryz Koubou Concert On 6/21

8 06 2009


There will be a Korean audition announcement at Berryz concert on 6/21.

Source: Nayok-Kihara @ H!O

The winner of the Korean auditions will be revealed at Berryz Koubou’s mini concert on 6/21 in Korea (Credit: itsmiina @ H!O). That is really fast, I expected another 2 months before we found out, but it’s actually 2 weeks. So we will probably find out what Tsunku plans to do with the winner soon.

Also, there is a translation of the Mydaily article by itsmiina @ H!O here which mentions some pretty interesting stuff about the Korean auditions, for example the possibility (only a possibility until it’s confirmed) that there might be more than one winner (again, it has not yet been confirmed by Tsunku or UFA, hopefully this is what Tsunku’s announcement next episode will be about).

Also the mention of a “global group” is interesting, might it hint at something Tsunku is planning? We will have to wait and see until Tsunku and UFA reveals more, for now all we can do is guess at what Tsunku is going to surprise us with.

“Meet Tokyo Girl” 1st Elimination Results

5 06 2009


The 3rd episode of Tokyo Girls has aired, and in it we found out the names of the first 5 girls to be eliminated from the competition. I’m planning on only posting about the episodes when someone is eliminated, and since I don’t know Korean I’m going to post the names as they are given on the website of the show.

I’m also going to put the pictures and names of the girls after the break because most people want to find out for themselves, so if you are still interested in finding out who was eliminated please continue reading.

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“Meet Tokyo Girl” Top 15 Finalists

22 05 2009


Everyone remember the Korean auditions that were going on for a new H!P member? Well if not then it’s no surprise, we haven’t heard much from it apart from the Hello! Project members going for a day or two to Korea. Well, today a video of the 15 finalists dancing and singing has appeared on Youtube (according to the video information, not too sure about it).

I haven’t really seen it, except for the intro where Morning Musume introduces themselves in Korean (Niigaki might have taught them how to say it). I skipped over most of the video, mainly because I didn’t have much time to see it. Here is the video, hopefully it’s still up:

Also a new site for the program has appeared (link at the bottom of this post), and the most interesting thing is the way they showed the finalists, a cool sliding flash thing that you can use to see the girls and some basic info about them (it works with arrow keys).

Another interesting thing is the numbers at the bottom, for some reason these three girls have numbers on them and the word “HOT” on their profiles, check it out for yourself (the numbers on the pictures are most likely their audition order, and the names I got from the site):


1. Seo, Yerin


2. Kim, Chohye


3. Ahn, Sori

I have no idea what the three markers are for but for some reason these three girls have them, also in the webpage they have stars and the first girl “Seo, Yerin”, who is also an ex-Sweety member (Sweety is a Korean group that started last year), has 4 stars, which is the highest among everyone, followed by “Kim, Chohye” and “Ahn, Sori” respectively.

Hopefully we will find out more of the auditions (the first episode aired today), I’ll try and post on any results as they occur. I didn’t post all 15 girls here because the post would be too big, so you will have to go to the webpage to see all of them (link below).


Korean Member For Hello! Project?

6 02 2009

Apparently yes, as confirmed by auditions that are going to be held in March in Korea, here is the translated article:

“Japan’s Up Front Entertainment will hold open auditions in March to recruit a Korean member for their new girl band venture, “Hello! Project.”  The agency, which produced top Japanese girl band Morning Musume, will partner with South Korea’s Mnet Media for the local auditions.

According to Mnet Media, the announcement was made at “Hello! Project 2009 Winter Concert,” recently held at Yokohama Arena, Japan. Up Front chose a Taiwainese member for “Hello! Project” last May during their first overseas auditions and the newcomer was introduced to fans at the concert.

“Because this is such a big scale, global project, the open calls from March to April will be aired as an audition program,” Mnet Media said.

The Korean winner will undergo training sessions that are typical of the Japanese entertainment business. Depending on her ability, she will debut as a solo artist or with a group in Japan.”

Source: Korea Times (Link to Article)

What I find more interesting is the part where they say “Depending on her ability she will debut as a solo artist or with a  group in Japan” this might mean that she is going to be a solo artist or join one of the three groups, most likely being Morning Musume. I wouldn’t bet on her joining Morning Musume, because they would probably first like to see if she is going to sell, then she will probably go through the Fujimoto Miki road, becoming a solo artist then joining Morning Musume. But right now all we H!P fans can do is wonder what Tsunku is going to do….