Morning Musume To Perform On “Music Japan”

31 07 2011

According to the official H!P page, Morning Musume will perform their 47th single on NHK’s Music Japan in September.

I’m glad to see that promotion for their next single is already being announced since it gives us a chance to look forward to the performances, and while this might just be the first appearance that has been announced we will most likely see many more pop up in the next few weeks.

For now we’re not sure which a-side they will perform or if they will perform both songs, but we will find out once pictures of the recording appear in the blogs of each member or when a preview for the show airs.

There will most likely be many many more appearances being announced, but for now it’s great to see that they at least have a Music Japan performance planned.

The recording date is set for 9/5, with the performance airing either 9/11 or 9/18.

Official H!P Page

NHK Music Japan Page

Gekidan Gekiharo 11 Promo Shot Released

31 07 2011

A promo shot for Berryz Koubou and C-ute’s Gekidan Gekiharo 11 stage play titled Sengoku Jietai has been released.

We have seen a few previews of the promo shot from the blogs for the play but it’s great to see that finally a larger picture has been released since it gives us a chance to check out how each member will look, and while it might be only one image it does a perfect job of showing off how amazing the play will be.

Every member has an army uniform on with some dirt on their faces to make the characters feel more genuine, and with each member holding a gun or sword it really makes the theme of the play stand out since everyone looks like they are ready to act in their character, especially Nakky.

While we won’t see any previews until the play starts I encourage fans in the area to check it out since the promo for the play has done a perfect job of showing off the time traveling army theme that it will have, and while they will be divided into two teams it seems like it’s well worth a look for any Berryz or C-ute fan.

The play will run from 9/16 ~ 10/2.

[Updated] H!P 2011 Summer Setlists And Rankings

31 07 2011

There are a lot of different setlists for this concert because of the Fankora songs rankings and members solos. JPLOP member Sohee has put together an easy to read post about the member solos, Fankora song rankings, member Q & As, etc.

It’s quite long and since the concert is still ongoing this will be updated and it will get longer so please continue after the break.

[Updated] Information from the 7/30 and 7/31 concert have been added. All new info is marked/bolded so you can see it more easily.

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Shuukan Yoro! Vol 102

29 07 2011

Summary: Here’s a summary of what this week’s Shuukan Yoro post contains:

  • Site News: Progress of updates
  • Polls: Okai Chisato came in 1st with 39%, Natsuyaki Miyabi came in 2nd with 37%, and Tsugunaga Momoko came in 3rd with 25%
  • H!P Single of the Week

Check out the full post after the break!

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Morning Musume, Buono! and S/mileage On J-Melo

29 07 2011

Morning Musume, Buono!, and S/mileage are all set to appear on the J-Melo show.

J-MELO Female Idol Special
Collaborations with
• Nippon Broadcasting System’s “Mu-comi Plus” radio show
Guests: Haruko Momoi, Yui Makino, S/mileage
Exclusive Messages: DiVa, Morning Musume
Artists: Buono!, SCANDAL

World 8/1
1. “Cry” / DiVA
2. “Only you” / Morning Musume。
3. “Uchouten Love” (Ecstatic Love) / S/mileage
4. “Mirai No Hitomi Wo Hiraku Toki” (When We Open Our Eyes in the Future) / Yui Makino

From what I know NHK is a tv program that promotes Japan and its culture and it’s all in English, so fans who don’t understand Japanese can enjoy the show without having to figure out what going on. I’m not sure if NHK Wonderland is the same but from the website it looks the same.

I’m glad that all of them will be featured on this show since it’s good promotion for all of them. Though from the categories they’re placed in it feels as though Buono will be there to promote their single, Morning Musume will be there to perform a song and they have a special message and S/mileage will be there as special judges or commentary.

Even though I’m not sure what they’ll be doing hopefully everyone gets a chance to tune into the show since it’s a very special one.

The show is set to air on 8/1.

J-Melo website

“Dance of Vampire” Featuring Takahashi Ai’s Official Site Opened

29 07 2011

An official site for the musical starring Takahashi Ai titled Dance of Vampire has been opened.

The site features the main informations to know about the musical, such as the actor’s names and the character they are playing (in Ai-chan’s case, she plays the role of Sara), a full schedule for the months of November and December, a short paragraph that resumes the story as well as a map to find your way to the theater and reference phone numbers and e-mails,etc…

The site really caught my attention since we finally get to see Ai-chan as her caracter Sara, wearing what seems to be like everyone else’s uniform of a white dress with a red chale, and I have to say that I’m pretty impressed seeing her like this since this sets us in the beginning of her career after Momusu.

Her role is one of the main roles as stated before, and she is set to perform almost all of the time judging by the schedule on the page, so hopefully everyone in Japan in November or December can attend a performance one of the nights to catch Ai-chan and enjoy this musical that seems really impressive.

The musical will take place from 11/27 until 12/24.

Dance of Vampire official site

Mitsui Aika and Sayashi Riho Have Been Advised To Rest For A Few Weeks

29 07 2011

According to the official H!P site, after her checkup Mitsui Aika has been advised by doctors to rest for 8 weeks. Sayashi Riho was also told to rest 6 weeks due to ischium nerve pain on her right side.

They will both miss the rest of the Hello! Project 2011 Summer tour.

As always injuries are one of the main concerns for fans and while both Mitsui and Riho will miss the rest of the tour it’s good to see that they will follow the doctors orders and rest to heal their injuries since their health is the top priority.

Mitsui’s left ankle bone fracture seems to need a bit more rest before healing, and while she did appear at events and concerts and sat down during the performances it seems that it’s for the best for her to miss the the remainder of the H!P tour to make sure her injury heals well.

Riho’s injuries are a bit more sever than I thought since I had the idea that she had only suffered a minor sprain, but it seems that she has ischium nerve pain, which according to Wikipedia is a fairly common lower hip bone injury caused by sudden movements during some sports although in this case it was due to the many hours of dancing that members need to due during performances.

Despite the reason for the injury, I wish both Mitsui and Riho a complete and fast recovery and hopefully after the 6 and 8 weeks they are both well healed and in perfect shape to perform once again.

Mitsui will need to rest 8 weeks and Riho will need to rest 6 weeks.

Official H!P Site