Team Dekaris – “Koi no Muteki Command” Preview Released

15 12 2009

A preview of one of the album songs from Team Dekaris OST album for the game Tetris Dekaris titled  Koi no Dekaris has been released. The unit is made up of Noto Arisa and Happy Style members Ogura Yui, Ishihara Kaori, and Matsunaga Maho.

Since the song is used for a fast paced Tetris game it was somewhat expected that the sound would be upbeat and happy, and for the most part that describes the song perfectly.

Hopefully the album sells well among Tetris fans and Happy Style fans since the album is so far sounding great.

The album Koi no Dekaris will be released on 12/17.

New Happy Style Unit “Team Dekaris” Announced

8 11 2009

Team Dekaris 2436

(Top Left: Matsunaga Maho, Top Right: Noto Arisa, Bottom Left: Ogura Yui, Bottom Right: Ishihara Kaori)

A new unit called Team Dekaris consisting of Happy Style members Ogura Yui, Ishihara Kaori, Matsunaga Maho and Noto Arisa has been announced. This unit will be in the Dekaris game sountrack, which is titled Koi no Dekaris.

Here is the tracklist for the soundtrack (I used a site to translate the Romaji so it might not be that accurate, but at least it gives you a general idea of what the name of the songs are):

1.恋の無敵コマンド Koi no Muteki Command
2.運命は “I” Love You Unmei wa “I” Love You
3.友情Try again! Yuujou Try Again!
4.恋色パズル Koi Shoku Pazuru
6.難しいけど愛してる ~デカリス~ Muzukashii Kedo Aishi Teru ~Dekaris~
7.コロブチカ Korobuchika
8.恋の無敵コマンド (Off Vocal) Koi no Muteki Command
9.運命は “I” Love You (Off Vocal) Unmei wa “I” Love You
10.友情Try again! (Off Vocal) Yuujou Try Again!
11.恋色パズル (Off Vocal) Koi Shoku Pazuru
12.sweets×sweets (Off Vocal)

A bit of background information about the game the soundtrack is for, according to a picture on it seems that Dekaris is some type of Tetris game that looks like this:

Team Dekaris 4367

This game is controlled by two joysticks that are somewhat bigger than a basketball and have buttons on them (you can compare the size by the buttons on the middle) . Even though I have no idea why this game needs joysticks that are that big it is great to see that they decided to have members of Happy Style form a group to promote it.

I’m glad to see that Noto Arisa is still active and will continue to sing apart from acting. The other girls I don’t know much about since I don’t follow Happy Style a lot, but I do remember hearing about Ogura Yui from a promotional event or a show she did with Noto so hopefully the group does great.

The release date for the soundtrack is 12/17.

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