Kikkawa Yuu, Furukawa Konatsu And Mori Saki To Appear In A Movie Titled “Cheerfu11y”

8 09 2011

Kikkawa Yuu and Up-Up Girl’s members Furukawa Konatsu and Mori Saki will be a part of the movie Cheerfu11y.

Lately, fans reported the absence of Mori Saki and Konatsu from Up-Up Girl’s performances at the MAP Thater, which seems to be explained by this upcoming movie featuring the 2 Up-Up Girls members as well as Kikka, and I have to say that I really like to see those 3 former Eggs in a movie together since it seems like a very interesting film.

From the image preview we get of the movie as the small trailer, it seems that the story of the film turns around 11 schoolgirls who are training to form a cheerleader squad (which explains the cute pun in the title “Cheerfu11y” replacing the Ls with 1s to form 11), and Kikka seems to have the main role of the girl with the mission to create the squad which is a great opportunity for her.

Even though the movie seems a low-budget one like most of the ones H!P girls participate in, it seems for me like a really nice change from the usual horror movies we got used to, and thanks to the many different characters and personalities in the film, it’s set to be a very fun release to enjoy with Kikka, Konatsu and Morisaki on screen, each having a unique character to play.

Hopefully we can get a longer preview once the movie is released since I’m quite interested by the story and concept of this movie, but enjoy the trailer below since the 3 girls get to appear at least once.

The movie will air on 10/22.

Video uploaded by: universalmusicjapan

Cinematoday info page about movie

New K-Pop Dance Project For 5 H!P Eggs

3 03 2011

A new project have been announced for 5 of the H!P Eggs which are Satou Ayano, Arai Manami, Sekine Azusa, Furukawa Konatsu, and Mori Saki (respectivley from left to right on the picture).

I’m a little confused about the title of “Eggs” being attributed or not to Mori Saki and Furukawa Konatsu since both of them have finished their training previously, but since they are not officialy in any group or solo project and working currently with fellow H!P Eggs members, I’ll go with this naming.

The project that was mentionned is really special since it consists of these girls forming atemporary dance group called UFZS that will represent Up-Front Agency in this particular type of dance covers that other Japanese groups and artists are also doing, where each agency/compagny will be represented by a group of their artists.

The mention was about the girls debuting officially at an event called DREAM ON! vol.2, and even though the description of their activities are vague, the overall idea is as following: the girls now forming this group will perform several K-Pop dance covers in a competition that will most probably not be held in one day (they mentionned their debut only at one precise date).

Overall, I’m extremely happy to hear that UFA has chosen talented Eggs instead of their current artists to form a group at this competition and since they are debuting and will probably be active for awhile, it’ll be really interesting to see some of their covers to this special dances.

Even if I’m still unsure about the whole concept of this new project, hopefully we’ll get more precise details soon.

Their debut will be during the event on 3/31 called DREAM ON! vol.2 at Shibuya O-East.

Furukawa Konatsu Has Completed Her H!P Egg Traning

31 01 2011

It was announced on H!P official FC website that Furukawa Konatsu has officially completed her H!P Egg training.

The news of H!P Egg trainings ending are being a little bit too repetitive and each announcement is closer to the other, so I’m starting to wonder what H!P is really planning for all those accomplished Eggs… Many speculations about a new unit or even a group are being said, but until an official announcement, we cannot assure it.

Apart from that, tis is really a great news for Konatsu, and even though I don’t follow her that much, I’m sure that she is very talented for being in the firsts to complete her training.

Her next activity is same to Minami and Saki’s which is starring in a stage play, and even though I am happy for her to see that she is having something to do, I’m kind of disappointed to see that every girl gets the same activity after her completed training.

Until now, 5 girls have officially completed their training with only Kikka and Mizuki starting official careers, so hopefully Konatsu, Saki and Minami will have an official career started soon.

The stage play will be held from 3/9 ~ 4/10 and it will be titled Worsal Theater Produce Jikan Souzoubu~Super Time Management~.

H!P FC site’s official announcement

Omedetou Gozaimasu Konatsu!

“2010 Hello! Pro Egg Norimen Live Ni-gatsu” Concert Setlist Released

28 01 2010

1. Koko ni Iruzee! – All
MC 1
2. Suki Sugite Baka Mitai – Kitahara Sayaka
3. Kiiroi Osora de BOOM BOOM BOOM – Sainen Mia
4. Boogie Train ’03 – Saho Akari
5. Oshare! – Kikkawa Yuu
MC 2
6. Otona ni Narutte Muzukashii!!! – S/mileage
MC 3
7. Suki-chan – S/mileage
8. Asu wa Date na no ni, Ima Sugu Koe ga Kikitai- S/mileage
MC 4
9. Ne~e? – Takeuchi Akari
10. Senkou Hanabi – Mori Saki
11. Bokura no Kagayaki – Sengoku Minami
12. Scramble – Furukawa Konatsu
MC 5
13. Yuujou Junjou oh Seishun – All

The setlist for the 2010 Hello! Pro Egg Norimen Live Ni-gatsu has been released. The site for the Norimen Live Ni-gatsu concert has confirmed that it will feature 8 H!P Eggs plus S/mileage:

  • Sengoku Minami
  • Kikkawa Yuu
  • Furukawa Konatsu
  • Sainen Mia
  • Mori Saki
  • Kitahara Sayaka
  • Saho Akari
  • Takeuchi Akari
  • Guest: S/mileage

For the most part the setlist looks perfect because of the great variety of songs they included, such Koko ni Iruzee! and Suki Sugite Baka Mitai.

While we don’t have the opportunity to see who is singing what we do get a chance to find out which songs S/mileage are going to sing, which are two of their singles: the upbeat Suki-chan and the somewhat more laid back Asu wa Date na no ni, Ima Sugu Koe ga Kikitai.

Hopefully all of the members get a chance to shine and show of their talents with great parts in the songs (especially Mori Saki who has a lot of talent).

I will update with the list of who is singing what when it is released.

The concert is scheduled for 2/28.

Official Site For 2010 H!P Egg Norimen Live Ni-gatsu

EDIT: Updated with singer information for a few songs

“2010 Hello! Pro Egg Norimen Live Ni-gatsu” Concert Announced

15 12 2009

The next Hello! Pro Egg concert, titled 2010 Hello! Pro Egg Norimen Live Ni-gatsu has been announced. This concert will be different from the others since it will include only a few H!P Egg’s, the one’s selected for this concert are:

  • Sengoku Minami
  • Kikkawa Yuu
  • Furukawa Konatsu
  • Sainen Mia
  • Mori Saki
  • Sayaka Kitahara
  • Saho Akari
  • Takeuchi Akari
  • Guest: S/mileage

The list includes the first 7 eggs plus Akari, with S/mileage as a special guest. They probably added S/mileage to give more chances to the H!P Egg fans to see them perform before they debut (or to get more people to come to the concert).

Overall this is a great decision since the amount of H!P Egg’s included is somewhat small, which was probably done to give the girls a better chance at standing out.

Hopefully we get to see more opportunities for the H!P Egg’s to stand out since most of them have potential to become great singers.

The concert is scheduled for 2/28 with two performances at Yamano Hall in Tokyo.

Official H!P Announcement About “2010 Hello! Pro Egg Norimen Live Ni-gatsu”