Furukawa Konatsu Has Completed Her H!P Egg Traning

31 01 2011

It was announced on H!P official FC website that Furukawa Konatsu has officially completed her H!P Egg training.

The news of H!P Egg trainings ending are being a little bit too repetitive and each announcement is closer to the other, so I’m starting to wonder what H!P is really planning for all those accomplished Eggs… Many speculations about a new unit or even a group are being said, but until an official announcement, we cannot assure it.

Apart from that, tis is really a great news for Konatsu, and even though I don’t follow her that much, I’m sure that she is very talented for being in the firsts to complete her training.

Her next activity is same to Minami and Saki’s which is starring in a stage play, and even though I am happy for her to see that she is having something to do, I’m kind of disappointed to see that every girl gets the same activity after her completed training.

Until now, 5 girls have officially completed their training with only Kikka and Mizuki starting official careers, so hopefully Konatsu, Saki and Minami will have an official career started soon.

The stage play will be held from 3/9 ~ 4/10 and it will be titled Worsal Theater Produce Jikan Souzoubu~Super Time Management~.

H!P FC site’s official announcement

Omedetou Gozaimasu Konatsu!




10 responses

31 01 2011

^^ she was in the Cutie Musical :D

31 01 2011

I’m really getting the feeling that something is about to be announced in the short to middle term, what with all these Eggs completing their training. Also, don’t forget that Jang Da Yeon is in Japan and working with the Eggs. She may be part of this as well. Who knows?

31 01 2011

I have that feeling too but I want to know what they’ve got planned. I’m thinking a new unit for H!P because they need something fresh for H!P, they can’t keep C-ute, Berryz, S/mileage and Mano forever….

31 01 2011

But S/mileage hasn’t even been around that long yet. xD Neither has Mano, really.

But either way, Mori Saki has always been one of my favorite Eggs, so I would love to see a Sengoku Minami x Mori Saki x Furukawa Konatsu group come around later.

It’s interesting that all of the stage plays run around the same March/April time frame as well.

31 01 2011

Hopefully because of these similar dates, the girls will start something new together right after they finish their plays around late April…

31 01 2011

With Kikka’s solo career, I’m really not worried about this announcement.

I’m really hoping for a new group with Sengoku, Mori, and Furukawa. Maybe cool or mature to foil S/mileage’s cute image. :)

31 01 2011

I LIKE how the eggs are completing their training! Some of them have been eggs for years! Those eggs have TALENT, at least some of them do! It’s a complete waste for them to be back behind the curtains when their just as good as HP members!!

31 01 2011

Awww, I always though Konatsu was really pretty and talented, so I’m happy to see that she’s next.
I really wonder what’s in store.

31 01 2011

I hope that they will form a new unit! These are after all some of the best eggs and it would be great if H!P got a new unit :)
If they do I hope Saho gets in too :3

31 01 2011

I don’t keep up with Nice Girl! Project, but along with writing songs for Momusu, Berryz, C-ute, S/mileage, and maybe Kikka? (I don’t think he’s involved with ManoEri’s music.) That’s a lot of work. And Mano and S/mileage are still kinda new groups. That being said, I do really want more groups. The more groups the better; like the old days, the larger H!P is, the better. And I don’t mean the Eggs dancing in the backround. -A-
All-star fully-trained Egg Group, go!…After Saaya is trained and ready!

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