Matsuura Aya’s “Futari Osaka” Will Be The Theme For “Sakura to Satsuki”

31 03 2011

Matsuura Aya will perform the title song for her movie Sakura to Satsuki which will be titled Futari Osaka.

The song is a ballad (like most of her previous releases) which is somewhat disappointing since most of the song seems to be the same, but I did like the way it sounded since we got a chance to check out her great voice as well as a somewhat catchy beat.

The preview features scenes from her movie as well, which is a great way to check out the movie while enjoying the song, and even though there are only a few scenes we also get a chance to check out the Making of for the movie which should give fans a chance to see how she acts during the short scenes we saw.

Hopefully fans can check out the song and the preview below since it gives us a great look at her upcoming movie, and while the song isn’t that memorable I am glad to see that she gets a chance to sing another song.

The song will only be available through iTunes.

Video uploaded by: upfronttunes

iTunes Link To Ayaya’s New Song




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