Matsuura Aya’s “Click You Link Me” Album To Be Released In LP

21 12 2010

Matsuura Aya’s latest album titled Click You Link Me will be release in LP.

For those who might not know, the LP is the ancestor of the CD we use nowadays, it was played on both sides and differed by it’s diameter.

I was very surprised to say the least by this announce since this is a one-of-a kind release for Ayaya, but since the cover of her album has a 70’s look to it, this exclusive idea will definitely promote the album and drag fans’ attention.

Along with the announcement, the tracklist was released and it features the songs on both sides A and B:

Side A
01. The Difference
02. Feel Your Groove
03. Suna wo Kamu You Ni…NAMIDA
04. Yokohama Rondo
05. Home Nite
06. Hitori
07. Click you Link me

Side B
01. Kataritsugu Koto
02. interlude~Okay~
03. Watarasebashi
04. dearest.
05. only one
06. Minna Hitori
07. Omoi Afurete

As you can see, each side contains 7 songs for a total of 14 (each side can play for as long as 45 minutes), although the album only contains 13 songs (the last one Omoi Afurete is added to the LP), and a special bonus is added for those who reserve this copy of the album, which will include a B5 sized signed portrait as a gift.

Apart from that, there isn’t much to say since the tracklist is almost the same but the news itself is already a pleasant surprise that will definitely help promote Aya and her album a lot more.

Hopefully everyone who have a Stylus that is used to read the LPs will be able to reserve it since it seems like a great release for everyone who liked the album, or for those who are interested by this type of release.

The release date is set for February.

E-Lineup page for Matsuura Aya’s LP album




3 responses

21 12 2010

For a minute there I thought it was an iTunes LP.

Still, nice way to go retro, hope it sells well.

22 12 2010

Great job on your first post Ayuchii ^_^

22 12 2010

Thank you =)

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