Sayashi Riho – “Sayashi Riho” PB Cover Released

22 08 2011

The cover for Sayashi Riho’s 1st PB titled Sayashi Riho has been released.

I am very impressed with the cover of the PB since unlike the DVD cover, we don’t get to see a close-up picture of Riho but a full-body shot of Riho in a blue and white school uniform landing from a jum in the air with a backpack on her back and smiling widely.

The freshness of the cover immediately catches the eye since the overall white setting with the daylight, the white street and her pastel colored uniform all add up to give a pure and fresh feeling to the PB which is maybe it’s purpose since it’s Riho’s 1st PB and she’s only 13 years old.

Apart from the amazingly cute picture of Riho smiling, the title of the PB is written in the same style that on the DVD cover but it’s bigger and in blue to match her uniform, and the nice touch seems to be that they gave the title a shadow on the picture which is nice since it could be taken as a full part of the picture, and even though I personally don’t like the phrase “Photographs by Tstsuo Watanabe” that’s been put randomly, I don’t think it bothers that much the cover.

Overall, I’m really impressed by how fresh and cute the cover looks, and even though I’d have liked the title to be somewhat smaller, I still think it fits the theme thanks to it’s color.

Hopefully every Riho fan can score themselves with a copy to enjoy a nice release from her since she hasproven us through magazine pictures that she is a real photogenic girl.

The release date is set for 8/27.

WaniBooks page about product

EDIT: Some scans from Up To Boy magazine are featuring previews from Riho’s PB so check them out below (Credits to Amped @JPLOP)



6 responses

22 08 2011

Riho is really pretty! Light blue really suits her :)

22 08 2011

Even though I’m not really a Riho fan, I think she does look great on this cover :)

22 08 2011

It looks great! ^0^

22 08 2011

What’s with the skirt blowing up in the back on the front cover? I’m not sure how I feel about that particular image as a cover…

22 08 2011

It’s because she jumped in the air and in the picture she’s just landed, but I agree it’s quite high. I guess it was windy? ^^;

23 08 2011

I’m not sure how I feel about those bikini shots of Riho. They aren’t particularly suggestive but they’re hardly appropriate for a thirteen-year-old girl, either. While I do love H!P and Japanese idols with all my heart, I really think they should just avoid bikinis for these girls until they’re at least sixteen. >__<

(But I suppose that's just my take on it… On another note, I really love the cover picture. It has such a nice, summer-y feel to it. Makes me sad that summer's almost over, haha.)

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