Konno Asami Officially Leaves Gatas

4 04 2011

Konno Asami has officially left Gatas Brillhantes to start her new job as an announcer for TV Tokyo.

Her message appeared on the official Gatas site alongside a message from the team captain Yoshizawa Hitomi, and even though it is a basic farewell message about how she enjoyed being a member for seven years and how she will miss being a member it is a great message from Konno for fans to read.

Since Konno is already pretty much a TV Tokyo announcer it was a matter of time until she announced that she was going to leave the Gatas Brillhantes team since she is no longer an Ongaku Gatas member, and it’s great to see that she had a chance to leave a farewell message to fans who have supported her for so long.

I look forward to seeing how Konno does in her TV Tokyo announcer job since she will start this month, so hopefully we get a chance to hear her soon.

Good luck Konno!

Official Announcement on Gatas Site



One response

4 04 2011

Who ever thought little Ojamarushe would make it as a TV Tokyo announcer?

Looks like our brainiac pulled it off.


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