C-ute Participating In A New Show Titled “Int’l After School”

3 04 2011

C-ute will be participating in a new show hold by NHK World titled Int’l After School.

The info listed on the site is:

Int’l After School is a new show aired on NHK World. It asks viewers around the world to send photos and videos, share the latest local trends, and request topics to be addressed in the program. With the fun and casual feel of an after school club, Int’l After School shares everyone’s reports from Japan to the world!

From what I understand, this show is based on the public and viewers’ daily life after school; meaning everything they listen to from music, to pictures they like of sceneries, videos about them or videos they like,etc…

The concept of the show seems very new and interesting since we will get a chance to see C-ute not only being interviewed as usual, but also interact with everything the fans and viewers share, hopefully giving their opinion about them and sharing what the like on screen, and the show being aired worldwide, it gives a chance for everyone to catch up with C-ute on TV and hopefully new fans to get attracted by their natural presence.

Apart from that, from the info listed on the official site, it seems that before the show is aired, the guests and hosts want the viewer’s to reply to a few questions by sending pictures and videos, and the questions C-ute have posted are for boys and girls (you can click on their picture for more info):


– Hey guys! If you were to go on a date with us, where would you take us?

– Hey girls! Tell us about your latest fashion item!


I find both questions really interesting since they will definitly be able to interact well specially with the question to girls where they will be able to discuss about something they have in common, and probably also helping guys by giving advice on what are the good places for dates or so…

Hopefully we will be able to catch a preview of the show soon to get an idea of what it’s really about.

NHK World’s official page about show




10 responses

3 04 2011

Wow!! Can’t wait for this to air. :)

3 04 2011

wow it sounds so interesiting!XD
makes me think how cute it would be to talk with C-ute members about my newest Hello Kitty tank top XD

3 04 2011

OMG this seems really cool!

3 04 2011

This is interesting. I assume they’ll be getting more than just Japan’s responses on times.

3 04 2011

The questions seem really interesting! I can’t wait to see the responses. Oh, and the show itself of course!

Also, I don’t know if this would count as news or not, but Murakami Megumi is back in the business; She’s signed to a dance agency called WANTS. Maybe you could do a post on it? I’m sure that people who don’t know would want more information on it, especially if they’re fans of Megu-chan (Like me XP). But even if you don’t, that’s okay since this blog would still be awesome without it! XP

3 04 2011

Sure, I was just about to do a post about that ^_^
Thank you for reminding me ^o^

3 04 2011

Is there a website to watch NHK world online?
I would love to follow that show… :D And ofcourse send in my own questions and pictures to C-ute

4 04 2011

Well you can send now a picture or video tk respind to their questions but there was no info about an online cocerage of the show…

13 04 2011

@Miki you can try Keyhole TV, just google it. im fairly sure iv seen NHK world as part of the channels available there, it got loads of japanese radio and a few channels, kind of decent all in all.

28 04 2011

hey guys, what time does it starts?

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