Maeda Yuki – “Busan Hatsu” PV Released

24 05 2011

The PV for Maeda Yuki’s Busan Hatsu has been released.

The PV starts off at 2:14 after a comment by Maeda Yuki to fans on Youtube.

I don’t usually listen to Maeda Yuki but I checked out the PV for her most recent single and I am very impressed with what I saw since the song was more upbeat than what I imagine Enka would be like and apart from the song we also get to see some pretty amazing scenes that match the song perfectly.

There are only two scenes in the PV but they are pretty impressive, the most impressive of them being the shot of Maeda on a boat watching the sea while the music plays since they were great additions that matched the PV perfectly, and while not much happened she did change location frequently which gave it some variety.

The other shot features Yuki singing to the camera and there are only two angles for this shot, and even though they were pretty overused sometimes I liked how she sang with emotion and didn’t dance that much since it went perfectly with the mood of the song.

As for the song I am now convinced that Yuki has an amazing voice and knows perfectly how to use it since there were some notes in the song that not many members from H!P could sing, and while the song is still Enka I am amazed at how well the vocals for the song turned out.

Hopefully enka fans can check out the PV since this is a great song and an amazing PV, and they are one of the best releases I have heard from Maeda.

The release date is set for 5/25.

Video uploaded by: UpfrontEntertainment



One response

5 06 2011

beautiful i always liked her. glad she came back with another song.

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