Noto Arisa’s “a piece of Romance” Album Tracklist Released

14 12 2010

  1. Sekai de Hitotsu wo
  2. Wonderland wa Sugusoko ni!!
  3. Mayoi no Mori
  4. Konbini no Oniisan ni Hatsu Date wo Kokoromiru Uta
  5. Time Capsule

The tracklist for Noto Arisa’s 4th mini album titled a piece of Romance has been released. The album can only be purchased through STUDIO CUBE WEB SHOP.

I’m not that surprised to see that the album will only be sold in one store since that is what most of her past releases have been like, but despite that it is a great way for fans to buy a copy and to enjoy five more great songs with unique titles.

As for the tracks, they feature great names such as Time Capsule and Wonderland wa Sugosoko ni!! which sound interesting, and since the album was released a few days ago it should give fans a chance to buy the album immediately to enjoy the tracks.

Hopefully fans buy a copy of the album to support Noto.

The album was released on 12/12.

Studio Cube Web Shop Site For Noto’s Album



3 responses

14 12 2010

Time capsule :) That picture creeps me out…the hands o.o

14 12 2010

Do you think time capsule might be a cover of the C-ute song of the same name? I hope so I love that song.

16 12 2010

I don’t think it will be a cover of the C-ute song, but we will have to wait to find out for sure ^_^

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