Saito Hitomi Has Married Hachimitsu Jiro

3 08 2010

Ex-Melon Kinenbi leader Saito Hitomi has just announced that she has married Hachimitsu Jiro from the comedy duo Tokyo Dynamite.

Here is a translation of the article and a comment from the couple (translation by Philosoranter):

It was announced that Saito Hitomi, formerly of Melon Kinenbi, married comedian Hachimitsu Jiro of Tokyo Dynamite.

They entered into the family register on August 3rd, recognized by the Japan Apiary Honey Society and the Japan Honey Union as “Honey Day (Hachi-Mitsu no Hi). There are no plans for a service or reception, nor are there plans for a press conference. Hachimitsu Jiro’s official comment will stand in place of other official announcements.

Saito announced at Melon Kinenbi’s break-up concert that she would be leaving show business. Since then she has appeared happily on the blogs of other former members who have begun solo work. Let’s support this beginning of Saito’s second life!

Official Comment from Hachimitsu Jiro & Saito Hitomi
We announce our wedding on this day.

I asked her, “What are you going to do once you’ve split up?”
She said, “Go back to Niigata.”
I said, “I’ll take care of you for the rest of our lives. Don’t go back to Niigata,” and gave her a ring.
Please watch over us from now on.

Hachimitsu Jiro & Saito Hitomi

When I read the article I was a bit surprised since it somehow came out of nowhere, but it somehow makes sense that such a big announcement would come since she is the only member to not have announced any future plans after her graduation (unlike Ayumi, Megumi, and Ootani).

Her soon-to-be husband has had a somewhat questionable past (mainly that he has dated a famous AV idol) but it also seems that Jiro has attended many Melon Kinenbi concerts which is somewhat surprising but still a great sign that he is a fan of her work.

According to articles and Tweets it seems that they have gotten married today, which is understandable since they most likely wanted a bit of privacy before announcing the news to everyone, and while we will most likely not see any pictures of the wedding we will hopefully see pictures of the happy couple sometime soon.

Hopefully more info is revealed soon about their future plans, but for now both of them have made a important step in their lives and I want to congratulate them both in their decision:

Congratulations Hitomi and Jiro!

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3 08 2010




3 08 2010

Yay! That is one awesome chick. I’m happy for her

3 08 2010

Hahaha he’s adorable <3 best wishes x

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