Michishige Sayumi’s e-Hello! DVD Announced

2 02 2011

Michishige Sayumi’s e-Hello! DVD, currently untitled, has been announced.

I’m impressed to see UFA release the DVDs so fast since just yesterday we got to see a preview for Reina’s DVD and now we get the announcement for Sayu’s e-Hello! DVD which is great news since all of Sayu’s DVDs are amazing and while we don’t have a title or a preview yet I am looking forward to finding out what outfits she will use.

There doesn’t seem to be any description of the DVD on the site, which is somewhat strange since even Reina’s DVD had a small sentence with a few hints about the content, but the amount of DVDs being released might have made it easier to just add “Please enjoy the footage carefully” instead of a description.

It’s great to see that we still get a chance to enjoy a picture from the DVD since a picture is worth a thousand words, and I am amazed at how great the picture looks since we get to see Sayu in a shirt and short shorts (an outfit to sleep in during the summer days) on a bed, and like always Sayu doesn’t disappoint with her great pose and her pretty looks.

There wasn’t a description but the picture makes up for it by giving us a small taste of the DVD and I am amazed at how well the DVD looks so far, but hopefully we get to see a preview and a title soon so we can find out more about the release.

If they follow the same pattern as Reina’s DVD we should see a preview in a few days (about four) so I look forward to finding out what outfits she will use and what kind of theme it will have.

The DVD will be up for preorder on the e-Lineup page from now until 2/11.

e-Lineup Page For Sayu’s DVD




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