Michishige Sayumi’s e-Hello! DVD Titled “homey”

3 02 2011

The title for Michishige Sayumi’s e-Hello! DVD has been revealed to be homey.

When I found out there was going to be an e-Hello! DVD for Sayu I though that it would have a cute name to match up with her cute looks, but I was a bit disappointed when I found out the title would be homey since it sounds a bit too different from her image.

From what I understand the title might refer to the DVD having a “home” theme, and it seems that it will since the picture on the e-lineup site features Sayu smiling while on a bed in a comfy house, but I would have liked to see them use a different title since the title sounds a bit strange (not bad, but slightly different in a way).

We should get the preview for the DVD in the following days so I look forward to finding out if the DVD will have a “home” theme or something similar.

The DVD will be up for preorder from now until 2/11.

e-Lineup Page For Michishige Sayumi’s DVD




One response

3 02 2011

I just saw the title and I thought why homey? it sounds so gangster… haha, but when i read why it sort of makes sense… but i don’t get why they’d name it homey just because it has a home feeling…

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