Michishige Sayumi To Voice A Character In An MMO Titled “Dragon Nest”

15 08 2011

Michishige Sayumi attended a convention for an MMO RPG game titled Dragon Nest where she cosplayed as a character she will voice called Harori.

I didn’t expect to see a Momusu member voice a character for an MMO sometime soon so I was quite surprised about this news, even more because it’s Sayu, although I’m really happy to see that she will since it give’s her a chance to promote herself a bit more by voicing a character in a game.

Her character seems to be based on the name for Hello! Project (the Haro in Hello! Project) although I’m not 100% sure that it is, but the description of the character is that she’s an “Idol God” which is a pretty impressive description since it really gives her character an amazing look, and while we haven’t seen any other images of the character apart from the cardboard cutout at the event and from the site I really look forward to finding out just what kind of role she will play in the game.

Her cosplay of the character is really precise and while she could have simply attended the convention without really dressing up as her character I am glad to see that she did since it gives fans who play the game a chance to relate her voice to the character.

If anyone is curious as to how the character will sound then please check out the Hangame link at the bottom of the post and click the pink button so you can hear a sample of Sayu introducing herself to everyone in her character’s voice (which not surprisingly sounds almost exactly like her normal voice).

Hopefully anyone who is interested or who is already playing the MMO looks forward to the update with Sayu’s character, although for now I’m really happy to see that Sayu gets to voice a character in a game.

According to the GirlsNews report the new character will be available by 8/24.

Girls News Site

Hangame Site

Oricon Site

Nikkan Sports Site

Famitsu Site


Daily.co.jp Site

Mantan-web Site

TV-Asahi Site

Sponichi Site



13 responses

15 08 2011

Not a fan of Sayu but I must admit, she never ceases to be cute!

15 08 2011

I’m also not a huge Sayu fan but she does look adorable! ^0^

15 08 2011

The name may also be a play on the Loli(con) fetish or Lolita fashion. There is no distinction between L’s and R’s in Japanese, but the Hangame link has it listed as Haloli. With that kind of costume, I could see either ^-^;

Anyway, good for Sayu!

15 08 2011

Also, I distinctly remember Momoko calling herself the God of Idols on a TV show very recently. Personally, I find Momoko annoying, and this is almost like a slap in the face to her, considering that! Very sorry to any Momoko fans! I just found it ironic :)

15 08 2011

I like Sayu so I’m glad she’s getting this opportunity :)

15 08 2011

i have to say though, she looks good even in cosplay. kawaii!!

15 08 2011
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16 08 2011

owh sayu…you always my favourite~proven you r so famous…..

16 08 2011


16 08 2011

is she doing the english version too

17 08 2011

I’m not sure, but probably not since the game most likely involves some kind of dialogue at some point, and I don’t think they would ask Sayu to read pages of English dialogue if she doesn’t speak fluently ^_^;;;

17 08 2011


16 08 2011

She looks super cute :)

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