Gatas Brilhantes – “Gatas Long Interview” DVD Announced

3 05 2011

1. 序章
2. 紺野スタメン事件
6. 一回目の卒業
7. 勃発!ハワイ事件
10. 激闘!十条FC戦!!
11. 卒業!!」紺野あさ美

A DVD for Gatas Brilhantes titled Gatas Long Interview has been announced.

As the title suggests it seems that this DVD is basically full of interviews with the current and former members of the team, including Yossie, Fujimoto, Ishikawa, Konno as well as a few others.

While I’m not that familiar with Gatas Brilhantes I do look forward to seeing the interviews with all of the members since it seems like a nice bonus for fans of the team to enjoy, and even though it seems that there isn’t much content about the teams games it is a great way to find out more about the team.

Hopefully fans of Gatas Brilhantes can reserve their copy of the DVD.

The release date is set for 5/18.

E-lineup Page For Gatas Brilhantes’s DVD




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