Shibata Ayumi’s “ALL” Will Be A Mini Album

16 05 2011

  1. believe
  2. Genki
  4. Himawari
  5. Omoide no Yukue
  6. YOU&I
  7. Untitled


According to CDJournal, Shibata Ayumi’s recently announced release titled ALL will be a mini-album, and not a single.

This was confirmed by HMV.

We first found out about Ayumi releasing her first material since her graduation from H!P, UFA, and Melon Kinenbi back in late April, and while most of us thought it was a single I am glad to see that we get a confirmation that we will be getting a mini album instead since that means fans can enjoy more songs from Ayumi.

So far we have 7 confirmed songs, but it seems that there will be quite a bit more according to HMV (they mention 8 more, but most likely it’s one or two) which is great news since we can expect to see a pretty full mini album release from Ayumi, which will allow us to check out what kind of sound and genre she will go after now that she is with a new label.

The title’s sound pretty interesting since most of them seem to hint at a ballad sound (believe, LOVE ME MORE, and YOU&I sound like good ballad names) although there are a few which might refer to a more upbeat sound (Genki for example), but it’s safe to say that Ayumi will try a bit of everything since this is her first release but we might see her lean towards one genre.

For now we have no clear idea what to expect from Ayumi but I hope we get a chance to hear some previews since her album will be released in a little bit over a month, so hopefully we get previews, cover, or other things that can help us find out what to expect.

Hopefully Ayumi fans have reserved their copy of the album since it seems like this release will be a great one.

The release date is set for 7/6.

CDJournal Site For Ayumi’s 1st Solo Release

HMV Site For Ayumi’s 1st Solo Release




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