Shibata Ayumi-1st Mini Album Titled Changed To “Natural” & Released Date Postponed

6 06 2011

Shibata Ayumi’s 1st mini album title has changed to “Natural” and the release date is being postponed.

The title was originally All but is now changed to Natural, there’s no reason listed as to why the title was changed but either title would’ve been fine. Though I like Natural a little bit more since it hints that she’ll be natural, she won’t be digitalized or edited of any sort.

The release date has also been postponed and no reason was given for it either but I’m thinking since the title changed they may also be changing something in the tracklist.

Unfortunately a new release date hasn’t been announced and CDJapan is the only place that has the listing up. Other sites have removed the listing so we don’t know how much longer the album will be postponed for.

I’m not a big fan of Shibata Ayumi and I don’t follow her too often but I hope everything goes well for her since this is her 1st mini album and her 1st time working solo. Hopefully it will be released and everyone can support Shibata Ayumi by purchasing a copy.

CDJapan Listing





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