Melon Kinenbi – “MELON’S NOT DEAD” Full Tracklist Released

11 01 2010

メロン記念日 / MELON’S NOT DEAD [DVD付]
[Disc 1]
01. Melon Kinenbi no Theme (Rock Ver.)
03.Pinch wa Chance, Baka ni Narouze! (Album Ver.) (Melon Kinenbi×NEW ROTEKA)
04. sweet suicide summer story (Melon Kinenbi×Midori)
05. Seishun On The Road (Melon Kinenbi×THE COLLECTORS)
06. Melon Tea (Melon Kinenbi×GOING UNDER GROUND)
07. Romantic wo Tsukinukero~Break it now~
09. Ai Da! Ima Sugu ROCK ON!

02 Pinch wa Chance, Baka ni Narouze!! (PV)
03 sweet suicide summer story (PV)
04 Seishun On The Road (PV)
05 Melon Tea (PV)
-Bonus Features-

The tracklist for Melon Kinenbi’s album titled MELON’S NOT DEAD has been released. This is the full setlist released by on Melon Kinenbi’s site.

The tracklist is bumped up to 10 tracks instead of the original 8, with 4 new tracks (the rock ver of Melon Kinenbi no Theme and the album version of their collaboration with NEW ROTEKA are new versions of already released songs) which sound like a great addition.

And among the three newly announced songs (not counting the other two that were already announced) there is ALWAYS LOVE YOU, a 2nd collaboration song between Melon Kinenbi and BEAT CRUSADERS, which was somewhat surprising since it is the only other song Melon Kinenbi did with one of the 5 bands.

The DVD will include all of the PV’s which was already expected since they are adding all of the collaboration tracks on as well, although the promise of “bonus features” seems promising.

Overall this looks like a great way to own all 5 of their collaboration singles along with their respective PVs, plus 5 new tracks and some bonus features, so hopefully the sales are high when it is released.

The release date is set for 2/17.

UFA New Post With Tracklist For Melon Kinenbi’s Album “MELON’S NOT DEAD”


Melon Kinenbi – “Melon Tea” PV Released

11 01 2010

The PV for Melon Kinenbi’s 5th collaborative single with GOING UNDER GROUND titled Melon Tea has been released on Dohhh-UP.

The PV had a different theme from the others since it was filmed in the recording studio where Melon Kinenbi and GOING UNDER GROUND are recording the song.

For the most part I liked how it turned out since it was a nice change from the live performances and it was overall entertaining, even though it only features the recording and a few scenes from them laughing while recording.

Hopefully we get a chance to see more Melon Kinenbi PVs which are actually PVs and not footage from a live or a recording session, but despite that I really liked how it turned out.

I will update with a Youtube link when it is uploaded.

Dohhh-UP Link To Melon Kinenbi’s PV For “Melon Tea”