Shuukan Yoro! Vol 20

1 01 2010

Recommended: I just wanted to make a quick addition to the regular Shuukan Yoro section where I wanted to recommend a video to everyone:

Buono – Bravo Bravo (APXmusic KlubMix)

It’s a great remix of Buono’s latest single and I highly recommend everyone to listen to it. The remix has a great beat and overall the voices fit in perfectly with the beat of the techno music.

If you liked the remix please check out more of apxmusic’s other remixes at his Youtube page (link HERE).

Site Updates: Hopefully everyone had a great New Year’s Eve. I actually had to put a lot of stuff on hold since many relatives came to visit my family during the holidays so I didn’t have much time for much else.

I did a special “Best Of” post where I choose my favorite Momusu single, favorite Berryz PV, favorite PB, etc. I initially had planned to had it done before the year was over but family got in the way so I couldn’t work much on it, but I finally got a chance to release it and I think it came out well.

I also had planned to do a special “Year in Review” where I summarize the main news of the year, and I have most of it done, although I am still debating whether to release it.

I also finally got a chance to work on the “Upcoming Releases” page and I have the basic layout figured out. The list will have covers and buttons instead of worded link so that it is easier to find what you are looking for.

I just have to work a bit on cleaning the layout and linking all of the items to the products, which should take about a week. I still plan to have the old text only page as well so people who don’t like the new layout can still use it (I will update on that more when I release it).

Polls: The winner for this poll was Natsuyaki Miyabi with 191 votes (42%) so congratulations Miyabi! Shimizu Saki came in second place with 84 votes (19%), Okai Chisato came in third place with 81 votes (18%), Tokunaga Chinami came in fourth place with 63 votes (14%) and Sudou Maasa came in fifth place with 32 (7%). There was a total of 451 votes for this poll.

I let the polls go one more day since I wanted to do a “H!P Poll 2009 Results” post, which I will release this weekend, where I will show you how many votes each person got and what position they had.

It might not be that informative (this is just a fan site and not a poll of all fans, Hello! Blog’s yearly poll is more accurate for English speaking fans since it has more visitors) but it’s just a post to see how each member ranks according to the fans who visit this site.

I decided to go on doing 3 person polls for the year since it has just the right amount of choices for people to choose from. So this poll will include Morning Musume member’s Michishige Sayumi and Lin Lin with C-ute member Yajima Maimi:

Please vote!

Reviews: Since I had no time to work on the site because of family visiting I couldn’t release all of the reviews before New Year’s as promised so sorry if anyone was waiting for an update.

I did get some few chances to work on the Chinami PB review though and I expect to have it done by this weekend. I also got some small chances to work on the other reviews, but I couldn’t finish much, mostly just the review of the unboxing, so they will probably take some time to finish.

I will probably work on the H!SU 2nd order review and the Kumai PB review next since they are the one’s that are more complete, but I don’t expect to release them until next week.

I will update with more on the Review page.

Shuukan Yoro: It’s the first day in Niigaki’s week about “Coming of Age ceremonies”.

We get a chance to learn from Gaki about the many coming of age ceremonies in Japan during this episode.

For the most part the episode is more informative and it features a lot of interesting information about the ceremonies and the practices of some of the prefectures of Japan.


Top Favorites In Hello! Project For 2009

1 01 2010

Seeing that everyone was making their own lists of their top 5 of the year I decided to join in as well (peer pressure), but since I don’t really have a bad opinion about anything from H!P I decided to just do a “Best Of” from each group with many various categories.

The list is a bit long so I decided to put it after the break:

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