C-ute’s “SHOCK!” Debuts on Oricon Daily Chart At #1

6 01 2010

C-ute’s 11th single titled SHOCK! has debuted on the Oricon chart at #1 with 8410 sales (3485 more copies than #2).

Oricon Confirmation

The #1 position is most likely due to the somewhat low competition, and while that may be true it is still great to see that they got #1 for their first day of sales.

The sales number is somewhat low when compared to their other singles (some 312 copies more than Edo no Temari Uta II on its first day) so it might not be their best but at least it’s a start.

Congratulations to C-ute on their #1 spot, and hopefully they can continue to sell well throughout the week and get a chance to get higher sales.

Oricon Single’s Chart