Hello! Project 2010 Winter Concert Tour Kachou Fuugetsu ~Shuffle Deeto~ Setlist Released

5 01 2010

01.Uwaki na Honey Pie / All
Member VTR
02. Pen Pen Kyoudai / Shin Minimoni
03. Mini Strawberry Pie / Shin Minimoni
04. GOING ON! / Guardians 4
MC (Kamei Eri, Michishige Sayumi, Tanaka Reina)
05. FIRST KISS / Aa!
06. Yume to Genjitsu / Aa!
07. Pira! Otome no Negai / Pucchimoni V
08. Chokkoto Love / Pucchimoni V
09. Oujisama to Yuki no Yoru / Tanpopo #
10. Umbrella / Tanpopo #
11. Bravo☆Bravo / Buono!
12. Renai Rider / Buono!
13. BE ALL RIGHT! / Niigaki Risa, Jun Jun, Lin Lin, Tokunaga Chinami, Okai Chisato, Hagiwara Mai, Mano Erina, S/mileage, Saho Akari
MC – Makoto
14. Suki Sugite Baka Mitai / Michishige Sayumi, Tanaka Reina, Sudou Maasa, Yajima Maimi
15. LOVE LIKE CRAZY / Takahashi Ai, Kamei Eri, Shimizu Saki
16. Shiroi Tokyo / ZYX-α
17. Iku ZYX! FLY HIGH / ZYX-α
18. ONLY YOU / Zoku Biyuuden
19. Koisuru Angel Heart / Zoku Biyuuden
20. DESTINY LOVE / High King
21. Diamonds / High-King
22. C\C (Cinderella・Complex) / High-King
MC (Unit Introduction)
23. Renai Revolution 21 / All

Source: 2ch

The setlist for Hello! Project’s 2010 Winter Concert Tour Kachou Fuugetsu ~Shuffle Deeto~ has been released.

For the most part the setlist looks fantastic since every group gets a chance to perform a few songs from their respective groups, but we also get a chance to see a random set of girls perform other shuffle songs such as BE ALL RIGHT! and Suki Sugite Baka Mitai.

I’m particularly interested in the 15th track LOVE LIKE CRAZY since it features 3 of the best dancers from H!P: Ai-chan, Kame and Shimizu and also in the 14th track Suki Sugite Baka Mitai since it’s one of my favorite H!P songs.

It seems that most groups got a chance to perform two songs before they moved on to another song, which is great news since it means that all of the members got plenty of time to shine.

The fans at the concert also got a chance to listen to Guardians 4’s new song GOING ON! which is great news for us since we will probably also get a chance to hear the song when the concert rip is released.

Overall I’m satisfied with the setlist since it features some of the best shuffle songs and it also gives everyone a chance to appear for at least two songs.

The rest of the tour dates for ~Shuffle Deeto~ are:

  • 1/5 Nakano Sun Plaza (19:00)
  • 1/6 Nakano Sun Plaza (19:00)
  • 1/7 Nakano Sun Plaza (19:00)
  • 1/8 Nakano Sun Plaza (19:00)
  • 1/17 Osaka Kouseinen Kinkaikan (15:00 & 18:30)
  • 1/24 Nagoya Shimin Kaikan (15:00 & 18:30)

Official H!P Schedule For ~Shuffle Deeto~


Buono! – “OUR SONGS” Tracklist Released

5 01 2010

1. Our Songs
3. Our Songs(Instrumental)

The tracklist for Buono’s 10th single titled OUR SONGS has been released on the official Pony Canyon site.

The c/w title MIRACLE HAPPY LOVE SONG is most likely an upbeat song because of the words they used, and although the name sounds a bit like it will be another generic happy idol song it will most likely combine Buono’s great rock sound in to make an impressive song (if it turns out to be a ballad then I have no idea what they were thinking).

The rest of the tracklist was expected since most of their singles have had instrumentals for both the main song and the c/w, so there weren’t that many surprises overall.

The covers will most likely be released sometime soon and hopefully we will get a preview of one of the two songs sometime soon (either as the anime opening or radio preview).

The release date is set for 2/3.

Pony Canyon Site With Tracklist Info for “Our Songs”