[Update] H!P 2011 Summer Concert Member Voting Continues

10 06 2011

Member voting for the H!P 2011 summer concert continues with a new set of categories.

I’m very surprised that they released more categories for the member voting. I pretty much thought that the categories released last time was good enough but I’m glad they added even more categories since the themes last time was very interesting.

This one follows the same format as last time, a keyword is given and you  must vote for a member who fits that category with a reason as to why you voted her. A translation hasn’t been released yet so I’m not sure what the categories are yet but I will update once the translations are done.

If any of you want to go ahead and vote using the translation from Google (which is not very accurate) I would suggest using the same methods as last time. Which is using Wikipedia or J-ongaku for the member’s name and then using Yahoo Babel Fish to write a reason. The previous post regarding the voting has more details on how to vote so please see here if your interested.

Other than that I’m very excited to see the results of the member voting and I can’t wait for the concert to start!

The voting for this phase will end on 6/22.

H!P Member voting

[Update] Thanks to S-N-I-P-E-R from H!O here’s the translated phrases.

1: Someone who you think is very bad at waking up
2: If someone were to lose their way on a road/path who would be a kind and helpful guide?
3: Who do you think would be great at acting to eat a very sour plum?
4: Who do you think would be great at comforting a baby.
5: Who do you think would have a messy room?
6: Who do you think would wear sexy pajamas?
7: Who do you think would wear very cute pajamas?
8: Who do you think would kill a cockroach in one blow?
9: Who do you think would be funny at pitching a baseball?
10: Who do you think would be great at being angry at a person who just says “sorry” when being late for an appointment?






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