Up-Front Girls Official NicoNico Channel Opened

9 06 2011

An official NicoNico channel for Up-Front Girls has been opened.

I don’t know if any other H!P groups or members have a channel on NicoNico since i’m not too familiar with the site, but it seems like another nice way to introduce the girls to the people who usually spend their time on this site and check out the channels in it.

Their channel has a nice banner of their recent pictures with many colors and pancakes and sweets on the background which is a nice touch to the look of the channel overall, and it features so far 3 videos (more should be uploaded): their latest dance cover of Dance de Bakoon!, Romantic Ukare Mode which they performed during their FC event as well as Akari’s announcement about joining the group.

I have to say that I’m happy to see that they aren’t taking the K-pop dance covers too seriously since they seem to start doing H!P dance covers too, and I’m pretty much impressed with Dance de Bakoon! since they seem to be easily dancing around with the music and the outside setting is very promising for future dances.

Hopefully everyone can take a look at the channel!

Up-Front Girls Official NicoNico Channel



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