“UP-UP GIRLS” – New Name To Up-Front Girls And Details Released

27 06 2011

The new group from the H!P Eggs called “Up-Front Girls” had its name changed to UP-UP GIRLS instead, and many details about the unit from this group UFZS’s performance at the Super Star K 3 auditions have been released.

First of all, since the group was previously announced as unstable and the name Up-Front Girls was temporary, it seems that they changed it to something more catchy and easy-to-remember via their Ustream show which is UP-UP GIRLS, and I have to say that I think it’s more appealing and easier to remember, as well as having a somewhat cute feeling to it which might please many fans, and this way, it’s not too related to UFA with just keeping the “UP” part as a hint that they belong to the agency.

The group’s name and activities are still instable and may vary again, but at least the members seem to be stable for now, and also to note that they changed their twitter tag from #ufgirl to #uugirl to match the current name of the group.

Other informations are in about the Super Star K 3 audition that the unit named UFZS taken from the group which has the exact same members as UP-UP GIRLS participated in (this was their first announced activity when the unit was formed), and it seems that the girls are doing pretty well since they have passed the 2nd round of preliminaries for Japan (the audition is held in Japan, Beijing and New York) which means they made it to the finals for the Japanese section of the auditions, and their manager will be announcing the results of them passing to the final round of the contest in the end of this month.

Apart from that, thanks to the success and popularity that the girls had during their FC events, more have been planned for them on 8/20 at the Tokyo FM Hall for 3 performances that day.

Overall, I have to say that I’m pretty impressed with what the girls have pulled since their debut since they managed to attract people’s attention as well as going far in the competition, and more details about their activities should be released soon once they officially debut.

Hopefully everyone can support them in one way or another and we’ll see them debut soon!

Their events will take place on 8/20 at the Tokyo FM Hall.

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