[Update] Song Requests For H!P Summer Concert Is Back!

23 05 2011

H!P’s system of voting for songs at their summer concert has returned.

For any new fans unfamiliar with this, last year H!P asked fans to vote for their favorite songs and the songs with the highest votes were used at the 2010 summer concerts. Well this year they have decided to do the same with a few changes to the system. The new system this year has 8 keywords and fans submit two songs in each category. I’m not too familiar with Japanese but thanks to SweetBene at JPY the words are Egao, Genki, Yuuki, Party, Love, Renai, Sexy, and Kawaii.

Also new this year is a member voting. Fans vote for 2 members for each category and a reason must be provided so this gets a little tricky for everyone who doesn’t understand the language. From the google translation some of the member categories I can make out so far is “best lover”, and “most likely to care for a family.”

So far looking at the system I’m really excited for the summer concerts. First there will most likely be multiple setlists, which makes me happy because more songs are being performed and it’s a different variety. Also since fans are voting for the songs there’s a possibility that our favorites songs will be performed. Finally the new member voting category seems really fun, especially since it’s fans voting. There was one MC where the members discussed a best lips category and it seems like it was H!P members voting for each other. The results for that MC was quite interesting and this time with fans I’m sure it will be more exciting.

I don’t understand Japanese too much so I can’t vote for now. However once a translation of the page is released I will update with the translation since I’m sure everyone wants a chance to vote. Please look forward to it!

The voting for songs ends on 5/27 and the member voting ends on 6/6.

H!P 2011 Summer Page

[Update] A translation for the categories have been found thanks to S-N-I-P-E-R at H!O and feelmymind at JPY. For anyone interested please read on after the break.

 The image below is where you’ll start. The pink side leads to the song voting while the green leads to the member voting. The member voting gets a bit tricky since you’ll need to provide a reason for each member. This will require you to have some Japanese language knowledge so I can’t help much there, but I will try though.

Each category is numbered on the site, however it’s very small. See the image below to see where the number is located.

Song Keyword Translations:
1. A song which has the image of a smile
2. A song which has the image of love*
3. A song which has an energetic image
4. A song which has the image of romantic love*
5. A song which has the image of courage
6. A song with a sexy image
7. A song with a party image
8. A song with a cute imgage

 * They both mean love in translation but fans say there is a slight difference between the two, #4 which is renai is said to be a deeper love or something more affectionate.

 Now what I suggest for the voting is fans use wikipedia or j-ongaku.org then copy and paste the Japanese from that site onto the voting form. I prefer the j-ongaku site since it’s much easier to find the Japanese and all. When your ready click the left button at the bottom of the page to send your votes. The page that appears after you send your votes just thanks you for voting. See below for an example.

 The next portion isn’t numbered however #1 starts on the left and moves to the right.

Member Translations:
1. The person that tries to be a “scary mom”
2. The person who will try to own their own shop
3.  The person who seems most fitting to say “Welcome home, husband”
4. The person who thinks in their head: “I’m prettier than Michishige Sayumi”
5. The person you want as your lover
6. The person who will play good as pretending to eat a hot plate of oden
7. The person who seems important to the family
8. The person that wants to say “I’m going to spank you (like at little young child)” is…/Who would you want to say “I did a fart?” **
9. The person who wants to say “Big brother is stupid
10. The person that most like to say, “I enjoy the school entrance ceremony”
11. The person that most suited to say “Excuse me” with an annoyed tone is/ Who would be great at saying “I’m sorry” in an angry sort of way**

 **There were two very different translations for #8 and #11. I’m not sure which is correct or if there’s another meaning to it so if anyone knows please do correct me.

Again for this voting process I recommend copy and pasting the member’s names from either wikipedia or using j-ongaku.org. I highly recommend everyone use j-ongaku since it’s much easier to find the member’s names.

For the reason part I’m not sure if this will be counted or not but I’m using Yahoo Babel Fish to help write a reasoning. What I did is insert the member name and write in English why I voted for them. I’d try to stick with very simple reasons so that the translation isn’t altered. In my example I simply wrote “Momoko Tsugunaga is very cute.” See the image below.

From there I took the above phrase and insert it into the vote I want to send. See the image below.

Finally click send at the bottom of the page, the button on the left is the send.

Hopefully voting this way will have our votes counted. I hope this guide helps and I apologize for getting it out sort of late. Happy voting and remember to submit your votes before the deadline.

The member voting ends 6/6 and the song votes end 5/27.




18 responses

23 05 2011

This was and is a great idea. Nice to see them bringing it back and refining it.
It seems like a great way to engage the fans.

23 05 2011

Kool! Hey why isn’t yuu up on the pic? Isn’t yuu an h!p soloist?

23 05 2011

Yuu is under UFA, but she’s not consider as a H!P soloist

23 05 2011

Thank you so much! I just voted for songs!! I’m so excited! I picked a few W and Melon Kinenbi, I hope at least one of them makes it! I’d probably die with happiness if they did Onegai Miwaku no Target!!! <3

23 05 2011

This is such a good idea! I really really want to vote @ -@ Will english votes not be counted?

23 05 2011

I’m working on finding a translation for that page (since I only know English) and i’ll update this post with a guide to vote so you’ll be able to vote in Japanese and they’ll be able to count it :)

23 05 2011

1) What song makes you think “smile” (egao)?
2) What song makes makes you think “LOVE” (the English word)?
3) What song makes you think “energetic” (genki)?
4) What song makes you think “love” (renai)?
5) What song makes you think “courage” (yuuki)?
6) What song makes you think “sexy” (sekushii)?
7) What song makes you think “party” (paati)?
8) What song makes you think “cool” (kakkoi)?

Left column first
1) Who do you think would be a scary mother?
2) The person who is likely to say “welcome home, husband”?
3) Person who wants a lover?
4) Who is likely to take care of their family?
5) “Stupid brother!” Who is likely to say that?
6) Who’s most likely to say “excuse me” in annoyance?
7) Person who is likely to become wife of small restaurant owner.
8) “I’m cuter than Michishige!” Who thinks this in their heads?
9) Who’s really good at eating hot oden? (<- not sure about this)
10) "I'm gonna spank your butt!" Who is likely to say that?
11) "I like the (school) entrance ceremony!" Who is likely to say that?

23 05 2011

If you want help, I know enough Japanese to translate the pages. It’s not too difficult <3

23 05 2011

I wish I saw this before I finished the post >.< I studied Japanese when I was in high school but I forgot it by now. If there's anything above that is incorrect please correct me. i want the post to be as accurate as possible.

23 05 2011

Haha sure thing! It all looks good! So no worries! <3

23 05 2011

I’ve voted for the songs, but I’m gonna wait for the translations for the Members choice, since I’m too lazy -u-;

Anyone else submit a Coconuts song? XD

23 05 2011

Definitely me! Jounetsuyuki Miraisen!! <3

23 05 2011

hi hi^^ you can you use google chrome for translation you just have to you just have to check the button for “Offer to translate pages that aren’t in a language I read” (I hope It helps).

PERSONAL MESSAGE: awee hehehehe super thanks for all the updates! we use your post to update our morning musume site on facebook (I hope you dont mind) you really saves us. again thank you for everything^^

23 05 2011

I use google chrome translation and their translations aren’t always accurate but they have some of the funniest translation. I believe one was like “pen pen… something” it was really funny.

Thanks for reading the blog! :)

23 05 2011

vote for buono songs >_< I LOVE BUONO! to perform

24 05 2011

I’m voting many Buono! songs too :)

24 05 2011

Thanks a bunch for the translations :). I just voted for songs of different artists and groups. Former ones as well as current ones.

10 06 2011
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