Buono! – “partenza~Lets Go!!!~” Preview Released

20 07 2011

A preview for the theme song of Buono!’s upcoming mini-album titled partenza~Lets Go!!!~ has been released.

The preview is taken from a radio show so it’s not the full song, but still it’s in good quality and you can get the theme of the song, and I have to say that I was very surprised with what I heard since it’s something absolutely not done before by other groups within H!P and many fans have different opinions about this.

The song is really hard to describe since it’s not rock neither pop. It starts off with the girls saying repeatedly “B.u.o.n.o let’s go!“, and this line keeps on being sung in the background while the girls start off singing lines mixed with electronic vibes which gives an electro and rap feel to the song.

The instrumental all along is something very similar to the robotic and metallic sounds we hear in rap and electro songs, which isn’t really disturbing when you get used to it since the lines that the girls sing aren’t too off-beat and actually fit well with the rythm.

Even though many might find this a bit disturbing since it’s something new and that might not fit the image we have of Buono!, I personally think that the girls pulled off this style perfectly since they were able to sing along the heavy rythm, and they also were able to add their special touch with the many let’s go during the song, making even the casual “rapping” sound like Buono! in some kind of way.

I highly recommend everyone to listen to it carefully many times and ignore the beginning since it’s quite disturbing before making an opinion about the song, and please support Buono! by reserving a copy since this mini-album seems to be full of surprises.

Overall, I personally really like this song and the whole original sound it got, so watch it since the video might be taken down soon.

The release date is set for 8/10.

Video uploaded by: xEriJunLinx
Audio ripped by: Amped



18 responses

20 07 2011

I hear K-Pop?

But I like it :D

20 07 2011

yes it definetly has a kpop feel to it!

20 07 2011

Wow, that sure is a different sound for Buono!

20 07 2011

I’m really surprised by this… this doesn’t sound like the usual Buono! we’re use to hearing. I wonder if all the other songs will have a similar theme?

I though it would be worse than it was the the word “disturbing” being used so much in the discription, so I’m happy it’s not that bad! :D lol But I like it… the part where they’re kinda rapping almost reminds me of Gwen Steffanie. I have NO idea why, it just sound like a song off of one of her albums that I got when I was younger (like 10 or 11)… But anyways I like this song, it’ll be one of my favs for sure.

21 07 2011

Oh sorry if I confused you with the word “disturbing” but that’s the feeling O got during the first listen xD

i’m glad you like it!!

20 07 2011

Didn’t expect this. I expected hardcore metal or extreme rock when I read “something absolutely not done before by H!P”. A bit of rap. I like it a lot. This mini album is full of surprises!! And then autotune… How will this sound live?
Partenza=parting from their old style? I mean Natsu Dakara is really different and it’s part of this mini-album and then there’s this and two cover songs. This is lookin’ like another good release from Buono!

20 07 2011

This is VERY different! But I LOVE IT!!
reminds me of k-pop. has a nice electro vibe.

20 07 2011

Very reminiscent of Perfume, if you ask me. I can hardly wait to get the album.

21 07 2011

This new style is just amazing!!! Can’t wait to listen to the new album, so exited!!! :)

21 07 2011

This totally remind me of 2NE1! xD (a k-pop girl group).And in fact I love 2NE1 and Buono!,this song is PERFECT!IT’s different but I really like it!~

21 07 2011

I have to get the new ALBUM! :D

21 07 2011
Solo Kazuki

Interesting music… I must say that i’m little shocked. And in good way. For me it’s somehow similar to Namie Amuro, but in good meaning. Who knows what’s be next?

Btw: I’m still waiting for good happy hardcore style music or rave. ;)

21 07 2011
Jeneva Kawasaki

Dude, this sounds hella awesome!!! It reminds me of kpop though, lol xD But wow it really is a different sound for Buono! I really love it!

22 07 2011

This is the Buono! I fell for. Always surprising in a good way! :D

22 07 2011

I*will*buy*it! ^o^

24 07 2011

VERY VERY different from Buono, I wasn’t expecting this sort of music… Hope to hear more previews though :)

24 07 2011

I so freaking hope that when they do the dance in the concert, it would be an awesome type of choreo. :OOO

7 08 2011

I’m REALLY addicted to this and it’s not even the whole song!! XD

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