New Berryz Koubou Profile Pictures For “Aa, Yoru ga Akeru!”

20 07 2011

Berryz Koubou’s official profile page has been updated with new profile pictures for their 27th single titled Aa, Yoru ga Akeru.

The outfits for this single are really cute and fresh which doesn’t seem to match with the preview of the song that we got to hear some time ago, but even though it might be the case, I still like how they all look since if we judge the outfits by themselves, they really are fresh and summery, and I always like it when they give each member a difference in their outfits (weither it’s the color or the design) since it still looks similar for everyone but with some special touches.


Captain is wearing a very sweet and simple soft pink dress that is tightened on her chest to make her little figure pop out, and she has a very cute ribbon in her hair, and even though she doesn’t have the most unique or beautiful outfit, she still shines thanks to her hair color and the simplicity she brings to the outfit.

Momo looks as cute as always, specially wearing pink, but weirdly enough, I had expected her to have the most pink outfit of them all and the girlyish, but instead she gets a soft pink top and shorts with her hair slightly lifted up with a silver bandana matching her heals, and I have to say that I really like how she looks.

Chii is the only member along with Miya and Risako that caught my attention since we were never used to seeing her that cute and sensitive before, and she has a very bright pink outfit which is a ruffled dress, and along with her hair that is cutely curled and her birhg tpink hair accessory, she really stands out amongst the others and catched my attention.

Maasa as usual is one of the most beautiful Berryz in pictures since her natural looks with soft make-up and her long black hair match her soft and bright pink outfit perfectly, and I think that they picked the right dress for her since it suits her perfectly. The bandana in her hair looks really soft and I like what it adds to the overall look.

Miya looks definitely like a little doll in her outfit since her brighter hair color and the hairstyle that she matched to it just look amazing with her pink outfit that has bright touches all over it, and her hair accessory only add to the sensitivity and cuteness that this look gives her, and for once I’m really glad that she did a big change to her style since this time it suits her outfit perfectly.

Many might have noticed Yurina’s new haircut which is really shot compared to the lenght of her hair before, but in my opinion I think it gives her a very soft and cuter look since she has a very simple light pink dress that puts her silhouette in advance and I really like her pose in the full-body shot since she looks extremely cute and soft.

Risako also dyed her hair to brown recently but it’s nice to see that she kept her unique hairstyle with a straight fringe, and along with Chii and Miya she really catched my eye thanks to the change and to her very cute outfit made of a long top and puffed shorts, and I have to say that I particularly like her expression in the close-up shot.

Overall, I really am astonished by how beautiful the girls all look, specially by Chinami, Miyabi and Risako as I mentionned above, so hopefully fans will enjoy seeing the profile pictures and get a little bit more excited about the upcoming single.

The release date is set for 8/10.

H!P official profile page for Berryz Koubou




11 responses

20 07 2011


20 07 2011

They all look so cute!

But the outfits kinda remind me of something you’d wear to bed. Like pajamas in a way… Lol I don’t know why.

But they all look good, so it doesn’t matter really. :D

20 07 2011

that’s cuz their outfits are lingerie ha

20 07 2011

las amo!! XD
i love them!! when I posted it in my Blog I wrote “it seems like if leave of a dream” the are so much pretty in this photos!!!

20 07 2011

I think Momo does have the girliest!! And Maasa makes me melt!!! :)

20 07 2011

Whoa :O! I didn’t recognize Yurina at first! She looks amazing!!!!

20 07 2011

Kuma and Risako look great with their new looks. Idk who looks the best generally though!

20 07 2011

i’d have to say, they look like they’re wearing one of those fancy lingerie. but they’re not so it’s all good. Miya looks lolita-ish with her hair that way, and I love the way that they made Momo wear shorts since it’s not what you would’ve expected her to wear. i liked the simplicity of Captain and Yurina. I think they wanted to accentuate their hair since it’s a new style and all. i still like Risako’s hair. It’s brown!! but now only Maasa and Momo have black hair (please don’t change that). I do have tosay though, Maasa really popped out in this set of profile pictures. Her long black hair and kind features with that cute pink (lingerie-like) dress with pink lace made her even more prettier. Chinami, she didn’t really grab my attention unlike the others, but she looked wonderful.

20 07 2011

They all look so pretty! Especially Risako! : )

Btw, Maasa & Momoko are wearing headbands, not bandanas.

20 07 2011


And Yurina, NOOOOOO! Your gorgeous long hair! ;___; But she still looks amazing!

And RISAKO!!! I love how they brightened up her hair color!

This is gonna be the BEST SINGLE EVER! They all look like angels!

Im sorry, but in my opinion Berryz is the best group in H!P.

They are the only group that REALLY stayed together! (lets forget Maiha)

22 07 2011

Chinami!!!! <3
Maasa looks amazing too!! I'm not really sure how I feel about Miyabi's hair though.. Hmm.. Maybe if it were a different style? But Yurina looks amazing! I love her new look!! I'm really looking forward to the PV, I wanna see if they have a cute dream sleepy sequence or something!! lol <3

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