H!P Releases July 20

20 07 2011

A great day for Buono and Berryz Koubou fans since today there is a concert release as well as a long awaited single release!

Today’s releases include:

  • Berryz Koubou Concert Tour 2011 Haru ~Shuukan Berryz Times~ (DVD)
  • Buono! – Natsu DAKARA! (Regular, Limited A, Limited B)

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Berryz Koubou Concert Tour 2011 Haru ~Shuukan Berryz Times~(DVD)

2. Heroine ni Narou ka!
3. Special Generation
4.HAPPY! Stand Up
5. Joshikai The Night
6. Onna no Pride
7. Tsukiatteru no ni Kataomoi
8. Munasawagi Scarlet (Natsuyaki, Sugaya)
9. Sakura wa Raku sa (Tsugunaga, Tokunaga, Shimizu)
10. Grand Demo Rouka Demo Medatsu Kimi (Sudou, Kumai)
Heroine ni Narouka corner~Who’s the heroine today?
11. Darling I LOVE YOU
Heroine ni narouka corner~Who’s the heroine today? The heroine can do whatever she wants for 3 minutes.
14. Sakura→Nyuugakushiki
15. Jiriri Kiteru
16. Shining Power
17. Icchoume rock!
18. Otakebi Boi WAO!

18. 7shuunen kinen special medley:
Koi wa happiridako→Berryz Kobo Koushinkyoku→Maji Natsu sugiru→Sayonara hageshiki koi→Yume wo Hitotsubu ~Berryz Kamen Ending Theme~→Kimi no tomodachi→Magical Future!
19. Girls Times

Bonus Footage
1. Kokuhaku no Funsui Hiroba


Berryz Koubou have been one of my favorite groups from H!P since I first heard them due to their more modern look along with interesting songs with new styles that vary from time to time, so I’m always looking forward to seeing their concert releases since everyone is guaranteed to love them due to their large variety of songs they usually contain, and for me this DVD doesn’t disappoint at all since they do just that.

The tracklist for this DVD is full of songs from their recent releases such as Heroine ni Narou ka! as well as album releases such as Girls Times, and while there are a few songs that seem to appear over and over again in concert setlists (Special Generation for example) I am glad to see that for the most part there’s mostly new content since fans can check out the current Berryz.

I wasn’t that impressed with the cover since it had a somewhat bland look at first glance, since the brown colored background along with thin pictures of each member at the bottom made the cover look a bit too crowded, although after a while I started to like it since it has a unique look that focuses more on the members instead of the concert.

As for previews there aren’t that many available for now, the concert was up on Youko but previews on Youtube are nowhere to be found but I hope everyone who is interested decides to get the full DVD in order to check out and enjoy it in the comfort of their home, since it’s a great concert release due to it’s large amount of power from the fans and the members.

For now the tracklist of the DVD seems perfect since it contains a large amount of songs with newer and older releases mixed in, and I was happy to see that they focused more on newer releases since it gives fans a chance to check out the current Berryz. The cover wasn’t as impressive since it had a somewhat average look at first, although it’s the content that matters, so for this release I give Berryz a 5.


For 7 years Berryz Koubou has really come a long way, I wasn’t a an H!P fan when they first debut but looking at them then and now you can really tell that they’ve worked hard and all of them have improved very much.

The cover features everyone in a coat type outfit and while I’m not a fan of that outfit and wish that they would’ve used another one. However I’m sure that underneath that there’s another prettier outfit they use so I’m looking forward to seeing that.

The concert has a lot of unfamiliar songs to me, I haven’t been following a lot of their releases lately so I’ve been out of the loop however this concert provides a great opportunity for me to catch up on that. They also have a mix of Berryz Koubou’s older songs in here too so fans that have followed them since the beginning can see the growth through the years.

Overall this DVD release is a great addition for all Berryz Koubou fans and I encourage everyone to reserve a copy to support them. For this release I give them a 5.

Buono! – Natsu DAKARA! (Single)

  1. Natsu DAKARA!
  2. Ice Mermaid
  3. Natsu DAKARA! (Instrumental)


Since their return from their short hiatus Buono has shown us that they are more than just a happy rock group by releasing a somewhat calmer but still powerful release with their 11th single and I was among the many fans that loved that single since it had 3 unique tracks each with their own sound.

For this release it seems that they decided to change things up a bit by releasing a ballad, which is quite a change since they seemed like the only group in H!P to feature a live group among their releases, and while their sound might have tuned down a bit their voices continue to be as impressive as always.

Video uploaded by: buonochannel

I somewhat expected to hear a rock filled song with lyrics about how great summertime is, but I was surprised to hear that it was instead a 70’s styled ballad, and while I prefer their more energetic releases I have to admit that I really liked this song since it has a sound that fits the theme of finally enjoying summertime after classes are over.

The PV was one of the best I have seen from Buono since it features the group singing from a beautiful garden with white dresses, and with the garden featured in almost every scene it made this a pretty interesting release since the song fit perfectly with every image that appeared, from the girls singing in front of the wide open window to the scenes of them on a sofa in the outfits of the single.

The c/w on the other hand is full of energy since it features trumpets with upbeat lyrics, and while I didn’t like it as much as the a-side (probably because I haven’t heard it enough) I was glad to see that they are using more varied sounds for their songs since it gives them a more versatile look.

Fans have discussed about what kind of genre the group is and my answer would simply be “They are Buono” since every song they perform has the distinctive Momo, Airi, and Miya vocals which gives the song a bit more of a catchy style, whether it be a ballad or a guitar filled song with heavy drums and bass, each of their releases have some kind of a hook that appeals to fans and for me I say that I really liked this single, but I would have preferred a more upbeat release so I’m giving it a 4.


This is one of my favorite singles from Buono so far. The covers look amazing. It looks almost like they took a candid shot and fits the summer theme pretty well. The logo and song title aren’t too big either so it fits perfectly well and the outfits matches well with everything.

Next is the single’s content. On the Limited Editions it features 3 Shot Lip Ver Sofa and 3 Shot Lip Ver White and while I was hoping for a dance shot but these 2 alternate versions of the PV will make up for that. I haven’t seen it yet but parts of it was included in the PV and I’m looking forward to seeing the 3 Shot Lip Ver Sofa.

Video uploaded by: drarioCL

For the song itself a lot of people have said it’s similar to Take It Easy at first I didn’t like that thought since I was hoping for a more upbeat-rock sound but Natsu Dakara isn’t bad at all. The chorus where they harmonize really stood out for me and that’s what made me really love the song. Ice Mermaid, the b-side is the complete opposite and has that more upbeat sound and they both go very well with each other. I don’t really enjoy a lot of c/w songs however this one really caught my attention and for that I give this single a 5.

Berryz Koubou
Concert Tour 2011 Haru ~Shuukan Berryz Times~ (DVD)
Natsu DAKARA! (Single)
Natsu DAKARA! (Single+DVD)
Limited A
Natsu DAKARA! (Single+DVD)
Limited B




2 responses

20 07 2011

I like what ado said about Buono!’s style. Simple but clear words. I agree, and am honestly tired of people saying that Buono! should stick to strictly rock and that they’re losing their selves when they venture out into other music. Ugh! XD That small rant aside, great reviews as always!

22 07 2011

I agree. I like Buono! as it is, because yeah it is the best Buono. Buono has its own style and I see that everything it does is going well and even if it does not rock as expected their combination is perfect, because all of them are working hard ♥

I will buy Buono´s Partenza. I love Buono! and I want to help them too ^-^

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