Fujimoto Miki To Open Up A Restaurant

24 02 2011

Fujimoto Miki has opened up a Yakiniku restaurant in Yokohama.

According to Miki all of the menu will be 99% off as a special discount on opening day.

After Yaguchi announced the opening of her restaurant a few months ago I somewhat expected to see other members follow into the restaurant business and set up their own places as well, and I’m glad to see that Miki did since fans can enjoy a great meal while showing their support at the same time.

The offer at opening day with 99% off seems incredibly tempting and it was most likely done to attract customers and make sure everyone gets a chance to try the Yakiniku so that they become regular customers, and I’m happy to see that they decided to offer the discount since everyone can go and try out the food without having to worry about paying that much to sample.

Hopefully fans around the area get a chance to attend the opening event for the restaurant since the offer is too good to pass up.

The restaurant will open on 2/26.

Official Site For Miki’s Yakiniku Restaurant




2 responses

24 02 2011

O gosh!

If I ever go to Japan, I’m SOO going!!

25 02 2011

I totally agree with Lulu. If I ever have a chance to visit Japan, I’ll definitely visit this place. :D

Though I wonder… Is a 99% discount a really good idea? I mean a 20 or 30% discount would already attract a good amount of customers. 99% is like a steal ._. That huge of a discount is bound to attract a huge amount of customers but perhaps, too huge? Even if the food is great, I tend to avoid places that are too crowded… >_> Nonetheless, I wish the best of luck for her. :)

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